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EURGBP - Weak rallies and negative Keltner channel dominate

This week's consolidation continued yesterday. Little net movement has been seen over 3 days of trading but it is the weakness of profit taking attempts coupled with a still declining Keltner channel than emphasises that the underlying tone remains negative with potential through .7427 to .7405.…


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GBPUSD - Temporary Rally potential but market targets 1.4912/4813 this week

Sellers continue to govern CABLE with last week producing the 6th weekly decline in succession – tracking the lower end of a declining Keltner channel. But last week was dominated by Thursday’s price action – initial gains rejected near the key 13 day moving average then followed by the most aggressive fall of the month. The lows, posted Friday, were not held as some profit taking, from oversold extremes, was attracted but allowing for a temporary stronger bounce there remains potential to…


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EURUSD - Bounces to be limited. Potentail to 1.1282

Wednesday’s bearish Inverted Hammer pattern was…


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USDCAD breaks key levels. Longer term investors will target 1.2470.

Today's powerful move higher has taken USDCAD to the most positive levels since Q2 2009 and also recovered more than 76% of the fall from that year's peak.

Although some profit taking will be attracted as the dust on today's news settles, longer term investors will remain bullish of this currency pair targeting 1.2470 or even 1.2601 in the coming weeks.…


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EURUSD - Keltner channel points lower. 1.1540 immediate target

Monday’s minor net gains were overturned yesterday. But the resulting downside was still muted – keeping prices near the bottom of a negative Keltner channel but without threatening Friday’s bullish Hammer pattern. This price action does not supply strong signals for sentiment but, despite Asian gains, 3cA studies are left negative for this morning with potential through 1.1561 to 1.1540 or even towards 1.1493. The risk is above 1.1642.…


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GBPUSD - Keltner channel leads prices towards 1.5035

Yesterday's price action resulting in limited downside- a 3rd such day in a row. This kept prices near the base of the Keltner channel and selling pressure has extended in Asia. Oversold extremes are a growing concern and a reaction to the Asian move may well be seen but sentiment is negative targeting 1.5058 and 1.5035.…


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USDCAD - Powerful bounce targets levels above 1.2000

Early gains Thursday failed close to 1.2000 but the key factor is that the powerful subsequent decline of almost 2 big figures was equally aggressively reversed into the close. This rejection of levels beneath the 13 day moving average emphasises the relevance of the positive Keltner channel and we look for the upside to continue to develop towards 1.2018 and 1.2042.…


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GBPUSD - Potential for bounce to test 13 day avg

Tuesday’s rejection of the downside extended yesterday. The upside was not extensive but these gradual counter trend gains are now supported by intraday momentum and strength indicators (RSI) and there is scope, in our assessment, for the medium term trend defining 13 day moving average to be tested.

This comes in at 1.5291 with interim levels at 1.5251 and 1.5270. Only below 1.5171 negates this scenario.…


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EURUSD - Temporary, counter trend, profit taking to extend towards 1.1897

There was limited net movement in EURUSD yesterday. Both overnight highs and subsequent lows were rejected and the market continued to consolidate after 4 negative weekly performances. This price action does not provide strong signals for sentiment but despite the underlying tone remaining negative, intraday studies are more positive with scope to 1.1872 and 1.1897.…


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Nzd/Jpy. January 12 2015

This pattern looks interesting to me. Wait for the point D and evaluate.

In the chart above you can see the calculation of the point C, in the chart below the point D. I forget drawing…


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GBPUSD - Sentiment assessed as negative. Rallies to attract sellers. 1.5077 targeted

This year has begun as last year ended – with CABLE being sold to lower levels. Last week's decline was the 4th in a row, continuing to track the lower end of the daily/weekly Keltner channels and reaching the most negative prices for 18 months. This underlying bias will remain the backdrop but failure to maintain the lows and Friday’s profit taking gains from oversold extremes is likely to influence early price action. Therefore, our call is modestly Bearish with a rally near to…


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It's Not For Everyone! Online Currency Trading

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New Revenue Stream - Currency Trading

It is also about buying foreign currency, the most traded in the

international market such as the US dollar, UK pound or the Euro, on a

daily basis from the open market. It is sold either the same day or

two-three days later when the demand for the particular currency is

higher. Though the fluctuation in the currency rates is marginal, the

earnings can be on the greater side since currency trading is carried

out in the form of bulk. Only registered organizations and…


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How Does Forex Currency Trading Work? Forex Currency Trading

Forex currency trading (or Foreign Exchange trading) is one of the most

lucrative forms of stock trading today. The Forex market was once

limited to lending institutions and government banks, but is now open to

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USDCAD - Tracking positive Keltner channel towards 1.1674/95

An aggressive sell-off in late trading proved temporary yesterday with the bounce taking prices back near to opening levels. This rally keeps USDCAD close to the upper band of a rising Keltner channel and although an almost unchanged close reflects uncertainty intraday momentum and strength indicators are positive targeting 1.1655, 1.1674 and 1.1695.…


Added by Alan Collins on December 18, 2014 at 6:59am — 1 Comment

USDCAD - Keltner channels to lead USDCAD higher this week

The previous week's rejection of the lows extended last week. 4 of the last 5 days posted positive performances with the 13 day moving average supporting. This latest upside took USDCAD to the top of both daily & weekly Keltner channels, momentum is bullish and strength indicators positive and so although signals for sentiment are overbought there is no sign yet of anything other than temporary and limited profit taking and we look for gains to develop further with potential to 1.1628…


Added by Alan Collins on December 15, 2014 at 7:34am — 1 Comment

EURGBP - Capped by key Average - .7832 targeted

Overturning the preceding week's improvement selling interest returned to EURGBP last week. 3 week lows were posted last Wednesday but almost half of the initial downside was regained the following day. This volatility means signals for sentiment cannot be clear but with the market consolidating below the 13 day moving average and the daily Ichimoku Cloud the focus is on the downside targeting .7832 and .7799.…


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EURUSD - Key average caps - 1.2332 targeted

Against a background of bearish signals for sentiment for this week, the capping of the topside at the 13 day moving average proved important. Using that point as a cap, yesterday saw renewed selling pressure. Steady downside resulted and even though last week's low went untested and prices are approaching oversold extremes, the decline leaves sentiment negative targeting 1.2332 and 1.2289.…


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EURGBP - Capped by average and Marabuzo line

This week's price action has been caught within a narrow range. Around the 13 day moving average and the daily Ichimoku Cloud this is a consolidation after last week's powerful decline. A lack of follow through in either direction means that immediate signals for sentiment are not strong but it is the upside failure that means 3cA intraday studies are negative with potential to .7907 and .7897.…


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GBPUSD - Through key average - Immediate potential to 1.5849

Demand for sterling continued the rise from this month’s low yesterday. In fact, the upside accelerated – producing the most bullish performance of the month. These gains also took CABLE back above the 13 day moving average for the first time in November. Latter, and overnight, trading has seen consolidation but sentiment remains positive with potential to 1.5849 or even 1.5872.…


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