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FOREX forecast 29.06.2015 - 03.07.2015

EUR dropped once again following the failure to reach any agreement between Greece and European partners. Prepare for another drop tomorrow evening when is the deadline for Greece to pay the money. This week we have plenty of economic data but it all doesn't matter in the current situation. Markets are close to a panic state, and you should be extremely careful. If Greece is kicked out of the eurozone, EUR will drop dramatically to 1.04 and even below 1.0000 and GOLD will be reborn with…


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FOREX forecast 08.06.2015-12.06.2015

EUR consolidates again just above the important support 1.1050 after Friday's drop caused by a lot better than expected US NFP. The situation right now is quite difficult to forecast because the chances of going up again or break below 1.1050 are almost equal. Today some data from Germany will be released and the expectations are for worse values than previous, this will prevent the EUR from going up i think. On Thursday US jobless claims will be released and some more economic data for the…


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FOREX forecast 01.06.2015-05.06.2015

EUR failed to stay above 1.1000 last week beacuse of the fears about the rumors of Greece leaving the Eurozone soon. Everybody is waiting to see what will happen this month. Of course such move will throw markets into panic for several days and this will affect badly all pairs with much unpredictable moves, so i doubt that someone has interest of Greece leaving now. Greek's prime minister knows this and i must confess he is using it well against his partners. In this difficult situation it…


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FOREX forecast 25.05.2015-29.05.2015

EUR has closed last week at 1.1000 level, currently it trades a little below it but we have a good support at 1.0960-80 area where is the Daily Senkou Span B price of the negative cloud. This serves as a strong support line. I do not expect this to be broken easily because this week's economic data not seem much dollar positive. Today is a non-working day in Germany, UK and USA, and some other countries and the markets will remain closed, so i expect low volatility and tiny range moves for…


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FOREX forecast 18.05.2015-22.05.2015

EUR has broken above the 1.1250 reversal point last week after weak US retail sales data on Wednesday and closed the week above 1.1400 as Michigan's consumer confidence index was a lot worse than expected. This gave some fresh air to amlost all dollar pairs. Today markets start the week calm with no gaps and sharp moves through Asian session. EUR's bullish continues with next Daily target at 1.1600. However i expect some range trade today in small range around 1.1400 because the market will…


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FOREX forecast 11.05.2015-15.05.2015

EUR has made an attempt to break above 1.1370 resistance last week but it was not successful so the price is currently back to support area 1.1140-1.1150. Some 100 pips below is the Daily Sekou Span B price which now serves as another support. If we break below 1.1000 this week the next support will be 1.0860. To the upside we have to deal with 1.1360-70 resistance first. As long as we are closing the day above 1.1150 bullish outlook won't be changed. Currently on H4 things some kind bearish…


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FOREX forecast 04.05.2015-08.05.2015

EUR has broken the negative daily cloud as expected however staying far from the negative cloud will be hard, and staying above it will be even harder. We have been below this cloud for almost 10 months. Weekly, H4 and H1 indicators are mixed to bullish, only Daily ones show possible downside move ahead. The pair is now supported by 1.1130 and the resistances are 1.1240 and 1.1290, finally 1.1400. If the current support is broken, the pair will look for support in the area 1.0950-1.1000. It…


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GOLD Is Expected To Continue Higher Towards 1240

Despite recent decline to new swing low we see gold trapped in range so our view remains unchanged. We see three legs from 1220 so price is expected to continue higher, especially after recent strong rally from 1175 and slightly above the upper line of a corrective channel. That said, we assume that wave b) is completed and that we will see higher prices within wave c) of (b) that can be targeting 1240 once 1220 is taken out.

GOLD 4h Elliott Wave Analysis…


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FOREX forecast 27.04.2015-01.05.2015

EUR continues consolidation below 1.1000, but Daily indicators are turning to bullish, H4 ones are bullish also, and we have a huge potential of making a sharp move higher which may reach 1.1240 and 1.1530 so be very careful when leaving opened positions through the weekend, huge gaps are possible. Correction is needed and this can happen by the end of this month or beginning of May. First signal will be breaking of 1.0930, and this will be confirmed if we have a break of 1.1000. We have…


Added by Vladimir Mihaylov on April 27, 2015 at 5:17am — 1 Comment

FOREX forecast 20.04.2015-24.04.2015

EUR continues to be under downside pressure because of the financial problems with Greece and speculations that it mey leave the Eurozone next month. Of course such a move will throw financial markets in panic and the pair will drop below 1.000. This will make the dollar very expensive and the price will have a negative impact of the US export too. Above 1.0750 some limited upside is possible to 1.0900 for example where we shall meet the Senkou Span A price level of the Daily cloud. For now…


Added by Vladimir Mihaylov on April 20, 2015 at 4:40am — 1 Comment

FOREX forecast 13.04.2015-17.04.2015

EUR dropped again below the main support 1.0800 and reversed the bullish recovery to bearish continuation. Currently indicators on all time frames are bearish and i expect the downside to continue soon. Breaking below 1.0550 will signal that the pair starts a fresh move to the downside with target 1.0460 and then 1.0420. We have now a strong resistance area at 1.0790-1.0800. Only a Daily close above will reverse the bearish outlook. As long as we are below 1.0650 you may open SHORT…


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GOLD May Face Resistance At 1240-1255

Gold moved to a new swing high after very bad NFP figures on Friday, so metal is already in wave c) now, final leg of a zigzag from 1142 low. As such, upside can be limited as corrective rally can be in final stages. We however see Fibonacci resistance area at 1240/1255 from where new bearish impulse can show up

GOLD 4h Elliott Wave Analysis…


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FOREX forecast 06.04.2015-10.04.2015

EUR has recovered a bit and reached 1.1030 again, but it seems we have not enough power to break this higher. Currently the price is locked within the range 1.1030-1.0850. This week we haven't so important economic events and data releases. The most important thing will the the FOMC minutes and it is expected the dollar to loose some price, but it won't be much. EUR will try to take advantage and to preak above 1.1030. This week's upside target will be 1.1310 and 1.1030 will remain the…


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FOREX forecast 30.03.2015

EUR climbed up last week and even reached 1.1000 but quickly dropped back. The pair is now supported on Daily at 1.0790, however Daily and H4 indicators point to the downside and it seems for now the pair does not have anough power to break the 1.1000 resistance. So all eyes are now at the support area 1.0810-1.0790, breaking of this will test 1.0660 and 1.0520. Today we shall have the Germany's CPI and some not so important data from the USA. If the economic data from Germany is positive…


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FOREX forecast 23.03.2015-27.03.2015

Dollar has made some pullback after last week's mrs.Yellen's speech and gave other currencies some fresh air. However the recovery is just too small to change the bearish outlook across the markets. Most of the pairs are currently stuck at the resistance levels and need some fundamental data to break them or bounce back to the downside. Later today mr.Draghi speaks, and EU's economic sentiment index will be released may be these two will push the EUR to the downside again, but not so strong.…


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STRATEGY : SELL ON BOUNCE AROUND $1175 - $1177, AND THEN BUY ON DIPS TILL $1161 - $1163... STOPLOSS @ $1182...

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HIGH: 1177.85

LOW: 1170.22

LTP: 1170.55


HIGH: 16.138

LOW: 15.961

LTP :…


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GBPUSD & GOLD: Elliott Wave Morning Reivew

Gold in the sideway consolidation pattern which we see as a triangle formation. Therefore we see lower levels soon for this metal. On other metals, corrective pullback was anemic and very small. Lower levels ahead.

GOLD 1h Elliott Wave Analysis

We have to put in line other major currencies…


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FOREX forecast 16.03.2015

EUR has lost 1.1000 support last week and then dropped for another 500 pips. So we are now another step closer to parity. The pair is bearish on all time frames except H1, where it is trying to consolidate and to build support around 1.0500. It will be difficult today, but tomorrow we have the ZEW data from Germany and if it is better as expected this may help the EUR to clumb up to 1.0650 and 1.0690. but for now we remain bearish with support 1.0460. However the recovery can be quite short…


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FOREX forecast 09.03.2015-13.03.2015

EUR dropped heavily last week and is now trading far below 1.1000. Current conditions show the pair is extremely bearish with no signs of correction higher. Indicators on all time frames are bearish and the pair is going to drop further. It has reached some support area between 1.0800 and 1.0830 which probably will stop further downside for now and the pair may also recover a bit to 1.0900 till Thursday, when i expect another downside and breaking the 1.0830 support. Bad times for the EUR…


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