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Société Générale's Top 10 forex trade recommendations for the second half of 2014

Société Générale's Top 10 forex trade recommendations for the second half of 2014

Here are SocGen's top 10 for the second half of this year. Verbatim.

1- Long USD, NOK and GBP vs CHF, SEK and EUR.

Easy money continues to support risk taking, but the FX carry trade needs to be selective, i.e. avoid trades where valuation is stretched (e.g. risk/reward in NZD/JPY isn't great). This portfolio exploits central bank policy differentiation. An alternative is to be long USD, NOK…


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"Go With the stronger GBP story: currency markets have not yet had sufficient time to re-price the reality that Bank of England is now very likely to run ahead of the Fed vis-à-vis first monetary tightening. The slightly weaker UK Retail Sales data does not change our view on this. Long Cable and long GBP/SEK."

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FOREX forecast 19.06.2014

EUR has made a shy move to the upside following the FED's decision to keep the interest rate unchanged and to continue with reducing stimulus program. This decision was expected and the market was not surprised, so the dollar lost positions against almost everything. However we lack enough power to break through the important 1.3600 resistance. Once above the price will easily go to 1.3660, but for that we need at least one H4 candle closed well above 1.3600. For now the pair seems uncapable…


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FOREX forecast 17.06.2014

EUR has made a test of 1.3510 yesterday before reversing to the upside and breaking of the 1.3550 took the price to 1.3580-85 as expected. However we are still below the important for further recovery 1.3600 resistance. Breaking of the 1.3600 may take the price to 1.3650-60 quickly, but there a storng resistance is placed and moving futher to the upside will be very hard. But first we need to break above 1.3600, until that we are bearish.

GOLD didn't reached my thirs target from last…


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"There may be better opportunities to short the CAD—versus the JPY amid declining expectations of  the need for further BoJ stimulus and safe-haven demand, CADJPY remains blocked below 94.00/10, where the market has been capped for the past month.  GBPCAD remains a candidate to improve in the medium-term amid positive BoE rate comments and a still…


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RBS: Trading strategy

"Stay short EUR/GBP as the EUR under-performs broadly on rate spread moves and GBP finds support from Carney's aggressive intervention in the UK monetary policy debate. Commodity and EM currencies supported by gradual global recovery and pro-cyclical easing by the ECB and to a lesser extent the PBoC. A more hawkish Fed is a risk, so EUR/USD may have more downside. Long NOK/SEK positions vulnerable on the chances of a softer Norges Bank rate profile, but significant NOK falls should be seen…


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FOREX forecast 16.06.2014

EUR failed to reach 1.3600 and to close above so bears took the price back to 1.3520-30 area on last week's close. We are slowly approaching the positive Weekly cloud which is expected to bounce the price to the upside. There are signs of a support formed at 1.3500, but we need to break above 1.3600 resistance to confirm the recovery. There are also some signs of nearby recovey to the upside on Daily and smaller frames, but this is too unreliable as the price is now even below 1.3550.…


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FOREX forecast 13.06.2014

EUR went back above 1.3550 after US data yesterday, but the outlook will remain negative as long as the price is below 1.3600. Possible recovery may extend to 1.3620 or 1.3655, but no more than the last for now. Daily indicators are turning bullish, H4 are already bullish. We are short term bullish while the price is above 1.3550 for a recovery to 1.3600.

GOLD has reached my first target 1268 and almost reached the second 1276 both forecasted yesterday. Now we have support at 1267 and…


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FOREX forecast 12.06.2014

EUR is still above the 1.3530 support and every attempt to break above 1.3550 is not successful. So now we are watching the 1.3530-40 area, break below will increase the downside pressure and first support to come is 1.3500, then 1.3470 and finally 1.3430.Today we have plenty of economic data from EU and USA. EUR is now beraish on all time frames, so it is more likely the downside to continue today.

GOLD is above the support 1254 and the first resistance to battle with is 1268,…


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FOREX forecast 09.06.2014

EUR has reversed losses after testing 1.3500 support and now it is back to the SMA200 resistance at 1.3650. We have also a diagonal resistance line somewhere around 1.3670 and we need to break above the 1.3670 to progress to 1.3740-50. Continuation to 1.3805 is less possible but not impossible. Downside will be restored once the pair breaks below 1.3590. Between 1.3620 and 1.3650 the pair is locked and sideways movements can be expected.

GOLD is blocked by the 1254-1258 resistance…


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month beginning volatile moves - Trade during NFP

Dear All

The players yesterday quicklyas expected   dropped for the ECB rate decision but reversed quickly to go above that of the initial high in EURO and GBP.They normally do this sort of quick reversal move for NFP.For a change they have done the day before for ECB rate decision.

Today they are expected to swing and slowly slide all the day as intentional move.Small swing and slide moves they may do for NFP and continue the slide during US session.

They donot make…


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FOREX forecast 06.06.2014

EUR has tested 1.3500 after ECB rate cut yesterday, but then reversed quickly to the upside reaching 1.3670. Such reversals are always hard to explain and there are several reasons for that. But first of all i think that this is because the market is expecting FED to make additional stimulus to the economic growth like ECB has done, this has put the dollar under downside pressure against all currency pairs and commodities. This is the main reason for the risk aversion yesterday, and the…


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CABLE capped by Marabuzo line

Although the upside extended, in a sharp spike, higher than assessed initially yesterday, gains were not maintained. Instead the market continued to fluctuate above the daily Ichimoku Cloud but without sustaining prices beyond last Wed’s Marabuzo line - the 3rd day in a row that that point has curtailed demand. It is that failure, coupled with selling interest attracted in Asia that means that intraday signals for sentiment are left negative with potential to 1.6693 and 1.6660.…


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FOREX forecast 04.06.2014

EUR is locked within the range between the support 1.3585 and resistance 1.3650. We are bearish as long as the pair is below 1.3630,above 1.3650 further recovery is possible to 1.3750-60, but i think that will be used for opening Short positions at a better price. The market is waiting for the ECB to act, if we have another rate cut the downside move may reach 1.3350-1.3310. Add to SHORT below 1.3550.

GOLD is above 1240, but on Daily is bearish, H4 is also bearish and H1 or smaller…


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FOREX forecast 02.06.2014

EUR is going to consolidate until Thursday when it is expected ECB to make either a rate cut or to implement some new measures to support economic growth and to increase low inflation. This will put the EUR under extremely high downside pressure against all currencies. It is quite possible the downside move to be consumed day or two before the ECB meeting, because there are always leaks of information. It is good to know that every upside will be used to open SHORT positions at a better…


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Charting Trend Reversals


First, take a look at the first 3 charts below:

Chart 1:

Chart 2:

Chart 3:…


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EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDCHF mid term strategy


Build shorts at every 100 pips starting with 1.3660 for a target at 1.35-1.34-1.33.


Build shorts at every 100 pips starting with 1.6770 for 1.64 target.


Build longs at every 100 pips starting with 0.89 for 0.91-0.92 target.

Estimated time 2-6 months.

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EURGBP - Sellers to Return after upside failure

Investors bought the cross to higher levels for a 3rd day in succession. However, although the market traded comfortably through the key 13 day avg, levels beyond that point were not maintained into the close. So despite this week's gains so far, it is the failure to extend beyond that point that signals a weakness of demand.

Coupled with the underlying negative tone reflected by the steady decline from March's high we look for a renewal of selling pressure with scope to .8104 and…


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FOREX forecast 30.05.2014

EUR consolidates just at the support area 1.3590-1.3600, we are currently below the SMA200 @ 1.3640 and through 1.3660 we have a strong daily resistance area, which won't be broken easily. I recommend to SELL EUR on every attempt to test 1.3700 with 20 pips SL. Seems that the EUR is going to make some upside correction ahead of the next ECB meeting in June. As long as the price is below 1.3640 we are bearish.Above 1.3670 we may witness a test of 1.3705-1.3720. Weekly support is at…


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FOREX forecast 28.05.2014

EUR is playing again with the support area 1.3620-30 where is also the Daily SMA200, currently we are trading a little below, but indicators say in several hours we may have a recovery to the upside. We have made some tests of 1.3600 level and a solid support has been built. Recovery will target 1.3675 first and then 1.3710-1.3740. If we reach all these and upside continues i do not expect to go much over 1.3770 so you may enter SHORT around there.

GOLD has finally decided to wake up…


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