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FOREX forecast 22.05.2014

EUR continues to trade inside the support area between 1.3650-1.3670, Daily and H4 indicators are pointing to the downside. Recovery is limited by two resistances - 1.3705 and 1.3740. If we break 1.3630 to the downside with more than 40 pips, and close the day below 1.3630, the returning back above 1.3650 will be almost impossible. Market prefers to wait for today's PMI data from Germany and Eurozone, and also for the US jobless claims data later today. It is quite possible for the EUR to…


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FOREX forecast 19.05.2014

Full text is here

For today:

LONG EUR above 1.3700 SL 1.3690 TP 1.3730-1.3750-1.3765

SHORT EUR below 1.3690 SL 1.3700 TP 1.3660-1.3630-1.3610

LONG GOLD above 1309 SL 1306 TP 1318-1322-1331

SHORT GOLD below 1280 SL 1283 TP 1272-1266

Good luck!

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FOREX forecast 16.05.2014

EUR has made a quick test of the 1.3650 support yesterday, but quickly recovered above 1.3700 again, however Daily indicators are mixed and signal of a possible recovery to 1.3770 but only if 1.3720 is broken to the upside on H4. Below 1.3700 the pair is bearish. Upside may be restored only above 1.3810 and there is no way to happen right now. Daily support is at 1.3620 where is the SMA200, if broken the downside pressure over the EUR will increase dramatically and the price may test even…


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UBS: BoE and GBP


Exchange rate a factor, but BoE only vigilant on 'persistence'

On balance, the result of the QIR was probably better for sterling longs rather than rate shorts. Although there was an explicit acknowledgement that currency strength was exerting downward pressure on inflation, Carney said the BoE was willing to 'look through' this development for now, and revisit if strength became 'persistent'. In contrast, there was much greater caution on the prospect of a higher base…


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ANZ Fx Insight: Sterling


That said, we have argued recently that sterling's appreciation against the USD may be close to reaching maturity and that over the long run it has difficulty sustaining moves above the 1.70 area. This is not to say that the pound cannot test that level and move higher for short periods of time. But it is our view that better value is to be found in buying sterling against the euro (in the short term), yen and Commonwealth currencies (AUD, NZD and CAD) where the pound…


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GBPUSD - Rallies capped by Average and Marabuzo line

The background in GBPUSD remains last week's Bearish Inverted Hammer. Monday’s rally proved limited – unable to close above the 13 day moving average and failing at Friday’s Marabuzo line. The subsequent renewal of selling produced a 4th down day from the last 5 and although oversold extremes have produced profit taking in Asia we currently look for bounces to be limited with potential for renewed downside to focus on 1.6819…


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FOREX forecast 14.05.2014

Full text is here

For today:

SHORT EUR below 1.3720 SL 1.3730 TP 1.3690-1.3670-1.3640

LONG EUR above 1.3730 SL 1.3720 TP 1.3770-1.3790-1.3810

LONG GOLD above 1309 SL 1305 TP 1318-1326

SHORT GOLD below 1274 SL 1278 TP 1260-1252

Good luck!

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FOREX forecast 13.05.2014

Full text is here

For today:

LONG EUR on H4 close above 1.3770 SL1.3755 TP 1.3810-1.3825-1.3835

SHORT EUR below 1.3835 SL 1.3850 TP 1.3750-1.3720-1.3700

SHORT EUR below 1.3750 SL 1.3760 TP 1.3720-1.3685-1.3660

LONG GOLD above 1296 SL 1293 TP 1303-1308-1315-1321

SHORT GOLD below 1290 SL 1293 TP 1285-1280-1276-1272

Good luck!

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TD: Morning FX Outlook-Will EUR’s Demise Catalyze A Strong USD?

"The outcome of yesterday's ECB meeting and press conference hammered the EUR, which has continued to lose ground overnight and is down roughly 1.3% against USD and JPY, and by a lesser 1.0% against GBP.  However, it still remains to be seen whether EUR's demise will prove the catalyst for the broader ascent of the USD.  Since…


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FOREX forecast 09.05.2014

Full text is here

For today:

SHORT EUR below 1.3870 SL 1.3885 TP 1.3810-1.3780-1.3760-1.3740-1.3720

LONG EUR above 1.3830 SL 1.3820 TP 1.3850-1.3870-1.3885 (on your own risk)

LONG GOLD above 1296 SL 1293 TP 1304-1309-1315-1325

SHORT GOLD below 1285 SL 1288 TP 1274-1269

Good luck! 

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FOREX forecast 08.05.2014

Full text is here

For today:

LONG EUR above 1.3900 SL 1.3890 TP 1.3965-1.3990-1.4010-1.4030 you may add to Long above 1.3930 too, if SL hit reenter LONG above 1.3925

SHORT EUR below 1.3850 SL 1.3860 TP 1.3820-1.3800-1.3790-1.3765-1.3730

Drop to 1.3830 then recovery above 1.3870 = risk aversion ->enter LONG above 1.3890 SL 1.3870

SHORT GOLD below 1302 SL 1305…


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FOREX forecast 07.05.2014

For today i expect the dollar weakness to continue but we may have some support testing because ECB and BoE decisions are tomorrow and some profit taking may appear. Any dips will be used for opening new LONGs. My yesterday's forecast is still valid. Above 1.3880 we are extremely bullish. This is the first important support and the second one is 1.3850. Below that we shall have a deeper correction.

GOLD is consolidating around 1315 support/resistance. Below 1320 we are still in a…


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RBS: Sterling Weekly

Last week we saw the price action finally break and close above the resistance that had been capping the market this year.

That resistance was at 1.6820 and while we remain above the 1.6775/1.6825 zone the risk opens up for tests on the next resistance levels located at 1.6960/80 initially, followed by 1.7150 and…


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Forex forecast 06.05.2014

Full text is here

For today:

LONG EUR above 1.3870 SL 1.3860 TP 1.3890-1.3905-1.3920

SHORT EUR below 1.3970 SL 1.3985 TP 1.3910-1.3885

SHORT GOLD below 1316 SL 1319 TP 1305-1300-1296

LONG GOLD above 1318 SL 1315 TP 1326-1328-1331

Good luck!

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FOREX forecast 05.05.2014

Full text is here

For today:

LONG EUR above 1.3870 SL 1.3855 TP 1.3905-1.3915-1.3925

SHORT EUR below 1.3850 SL 1.3865 TP 1.3810-1.3780

LONG GOLD above 1304 SL 1299 TP 1316-1324-1331

SHORT GOLD below 1297 SL 1302 TP 1288-1282-1278

Good luck!

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"Buy GBPCAD at 1.8675

Target of 1.92; Stop of 1.8475

This is not what we would call a “target-rich” environment for trading opportunities. FX investors are struggling to string together winning trades as none of the well-worn—growth, value, momentu —investment themes are delivering returns at the moment. We’ve even noticed some weakening in the usually reliable returns for carry in April. The one thing we are though is bearish CAD. The CAD sell off may have moderated in the past…


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BBH CurrencyView: May Day, Dollar Remains on the Defensive

"(...) The UK's manufacturing PMI jumped to 57.3 from 55.8, which itself was revised up from 55.3.  The consensus had looked for a small pullback; instead it is approaching the cyclical high from last November near 57.9.  This sent sterling to new four month highs of $1.6920.  The $1.70 level beckons.  Even if it does not penetrate it on the initial attempt, given the widening…


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"A very solid UK manufacturing PMI number plays GBP positive. Markets may again romance the idea of Bank of England tightening (eventually!) a little bit earlier and a little bit quicker than the Fed. One possible hindrance to a bullish cable through 1.70 view is positioning, specs are long. Still, a test of 1.70 looks imminent. UK mortgage approvals fall to 67.1k in Mar from 69.6k in Feb, below forecasts but PMI the bigger market mover."

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GBPUSD - Hugging top of positive Keltner channel, targets 1.6933

Tue’s gradual gains accelerated yesterday. The most positive levels since 2009 were posted and CABLE moved to the top of a bullishly trending Keltner channel. Intraday sentiment is overbought but with no signs of demand being exhausted studies remain positive with potential through 1.6901 to 1.6933.…


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RBSM: Volatility RIP

"(...) Re-pricing of front end interest rate expectations in the UK and then the US is the most likely cause (eventually) of some renewed Majors FX market volatility. But tightening is not yet imminent anywhere (outside New Zealand where rate rises are already well discounted in the super expensive level of the NZD). So, a more prolonged period of FX market lethargy is most likely. During any such period, the 'pain' trade for global FX markets is a weaker dollar – EUR/USD higher through…


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