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FX Set-up: Adding to USD Gains-TD: Morning FX Outlook, 12 November 2013


Markets became more active after yesterday’s partial holiday in North America, and more USD gains has been the broad theme that’s been helped along by a number of different factors.  From a macro perspective soft inflation data out of Sweden and the UK pressured the SEK and GBP, and the surge in the Nikkei helped lift the dollar…


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Majors-Beyond the Noise-BoAML FX Weekly


FX: Our US economics team estimates that the fiscal episode will trim growth slightly, but should not have a more direct persistent impact. However, the indirect impact has been USD-negative for FX markets

in helping to push off Fed tapering that much longer. We remain fairly optimistic about the medium-term prospects for the U.S. economy, which we believe will be positive for USD.

Rates: The market has already pushed out tapering expectations and priced in a dovish…


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Expected market moves and levels for the week 04-08 November

Dear All

After the downward moves on Friday,the market appeared gaining levels during early japanese session.Suddenly EURO made the extended downward move below initial low and confused the traders that there could be further sell off.But in 30 min they gained the levels to initial low 1.3480 and stayed there for another 1:30 Hrs and gained above initial low .A perfect example of extended move.This has to be alternate with upward intentional move - so we can predict their moves before…


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UK Q3 GDP preliminary estimate: +0.8%, as expected-RBSM

"(...)Overall, the acceleration in UK economic growth reinforces the sense that a more sustainable recovery is taking root. 2013 has brought something of a normalisation in the data, in contrast to the previous period between 2011-12 where there were short bursts of growth but expansion was rarely sustained. The Q3 outturn leaves the UK on track for full-year expansion of close to 1½%, still a sub-trend pace but the fastest expansion since 2010 (1.6%) and the first year where all four…


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GBPUSD Could Attack 1.6260 High-Elliott Wave Analysis

GBPUSD spiked down to 1.5890 last week but then reversed strongly to the upside, above 1.6120 swing. If we take a look on the latest decline more closely then we can actually count 7 legs down from 1.6260 which is the number of subwaves in corrective retracement. With that said, we suspect that GBPUSD will remain supported and attack 1.6260 high and probably extended up to 1-6300 while 1.5892 holds as a support.

GBPUSD 4h Elliott Wave Analysis…


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GBP-TD Global Daily

"GBP Today we have the Bank of England decision, which should be non-event. Rates and QE are unanimously expected to remain unchanged, and we don’t expect the BoE to issue a statement.…


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The day ahead-Rabobank Global Daily 10 Oct

"We expect today’s Bank of England policy meeting to pass without event. The lack of fresh upside in market rates in recent weeks has reduced the pressure on the BoE to explain its policy position while the better tone in UK economic data suggests the voting pattern of September, in which there was no support for additional QE, is likely to be repeated. At 13:00 CET the Bank of England will announce its bank rate and asset purchase target. Barring any significant shock we do not expect the…


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AUDUSD What to Expect Next

We are expecting more sideways price action in AUDUSD. First test of 0.9485 C=A 100% failed to breach; a possible ABC Flat correction underway.

The uptrend channel is still intact. A breach of 0.9485 fib 100% can extend gain to 1.618 extension towards 0.9550 area. While EUR, GBP are selling off against…


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EURGBP - Bullish outside week to lead higher this week

3 weeks of fluctuating price action in EURGBP were followed by a rejection of initial lows and strong buying in the last 5 days. The resulting gains, using a Marabuzo line from January as a platform, created a Bullish Outside Week.

This positive pattern often signals a change in market sentiment and with the daily Keltner channel trending positively now and the 13 day mvg avg exceeded for the first time in a month, we look for demand to continue.

.8532 and towards .8591 are valid…


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HSBC - Sterling rally on shaky foundations

HSBC - "It is tempting to believe that the strong UK economic data will continue as the housing market comes back to life and consumers continue to increase their spending. If this were the case, then the Bank of England would find it very difficult to keep rates at a record low for a further long period, and the recent rally in sterling could continue. However, the more likely case is the upside surprises in the UK turn into downside surprises as the reality of negative real income growth…


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EURGBP - Key Average broken. Rally to build

Wednesday’s rejection of 8 month lows extended yesterday. The strongest performance of this month resulted with a rally that took the cross marginally through the key 13 day moving average that has capped prices throughout September. Despite overbought extremes, intraday signals are also supportive and so we look for this demand to extend.

.8454/65 is the immediate target area. .8481 behind that.…


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Rabobank - CFTC speculators’ FX positioning report: EUR net longs continued to rise, edging up to a high since May 2011

Rabobank - "IMM Net Positioning as at 27 August 2013:

- EUR net longs continued to rise, edging up to a high since May 2011.

- Yet again USD longs fell slightly but they still remain in positive territory. We expect our structurally bullish USD view to be reflected by market positioning going forward.

- JPY shorts increased by more than the prior week’s reduction. USD/JPY continues to flirt with the 100 handle but has not stood north of there since late July.

- Sterling…


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Expected upward move is happening

Dear All

After yesterday week beginning false move we now see the visible gaining moves in EURO and GBP.

More new highs may be seen during this process.

I will explain more about this move tomorrow during my monthly twin webinar " tracking the forex market together " part I  and part II.

The link to register are displayed in home page of .




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BTMU - Pound rebound vulnerable to reversal if BoE signals unease over higher rates

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi: "The pound may continue to strengthen modestly in the near-term on the back of strengthening UK cyclical momentum. However, those gains are likely to prove limited and remain vulnerable both in the near-term and medium–term. In the near-term those gains could quickly reverse should the BoE choose to strengthen its forward rate guidance. One upcoming key event which poses some downside risk for the pound is on the 28th August when Governor Carney is next scheduled to…


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Visible gains

Dear All

The market made the big extended stop hunt again before making visible gains.This time the story of USD positive data was used to drop quickly EURO and GBP.later the Gold story is used in the absense of any other data to give a big pull back and further visible gains in EURO and GBP for the week end.

Players are here to continue giving such sentiment change stories to be published by others so that common traders tend to accept the story and book loss or stop…


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UBS - This Week's Key Points: Stronger US data likely in the week ahead

UBS - "The summer weakness of the dollar has extended further this month. The greenback ended the week around 1.33, 96, 1.55 and 0.92 against the euro, yen, pound and Swiss franc respectively. America's currency has been undermined by stronger data in the Eurozone, UK and China. But its current soft patch also reflects investors reducing positions and seasonally lower volumes in the currency markets. That suggests dollar weakness has been exaggerated. The Treasury market is also signaling…


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Shift in trading zone is in the process

Dear All

Good day.Yesterday you might have seen the extended downward stop hunt in GBP - a drop from 1.53 area to 1.52 area and quickly reversed and rise to 1.54 area in a short time frame with in the European session.This indicate the upward shift in trading zone in EURO and GBP.

EURO and GBP are expected to make less dip and more rise moves in coming days to go above all the so called immediate resistances.

Next USD/YEN and USD/CHF are to make sudden upward shift in…


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BofAML - FX Views for the next 3 months

Bank of America Merrill Lynch - "USD: We continue to expect USD to strengthen against G10.

There is a risk that the USD rises past our shorter-term targets. Our year-end target for EUR-USD remains 1.25, and 1.22 for the end of 2014. We also look for USD-JPY to move up to 105 for the end of the year as well. In general, we forecast the USD to strengthen against G10, with risky currencies absorbing further downside.

EUR: We see the euro weakening further as the euro zone is in…


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Goldman Sachs - FX: The Euro to appreciate in a world of depreciation pressure

Goldman Sachs - "EUR/$: Our positive stance on the EUR is due to the stronger BBoP trend for the Euro area. In contrast to the weaker balance for the US, this structural imbalance implies a gradually weaker USD and a stronger EUR. Downside risk remains in the Euro area, with growth remaining weak and the ECB signaling that it expects to keep rates low, with a downward bias, for ‘an extended period’. However in the longer run – and after more ‘muddling through’ – we expect…


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BBH - EUR, JPY and GBP Positioning and Technical Outlook

Brown Brothers Harriman - "Euro: After recovering from $1.2755 on July 9 to $1.3200 on July 11, the single currency has been consolidating. In that consolidation, it has been carving out what appears to be a flag, which is understood as a continuation pattern. However, we are skeptical of the pattern's validity as it is getting too close to the apex. Nevertheless, the relative strength index and the MACDs are constructive and the 5-day average crossed above the 20-day…


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