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FOREX forecast 24.11.2014-28.11.2014

EUR dropped heaviliy again last Friday following mr.Draghi's speech. It reached 1.2360 again and currently has formed a 'double bottom' formation. However this formation is still unconfirmed. I will consider it confirmed once the price breaks above 1.2465. On double bottom confirmation we shall have a signal for a powerful profit taking and upside recovery to 1.2620. Once above it the upside will continue to 1.2740. For now first strong resistance comes at 1.2470, followed by 1.2510. If the…


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GBPUSD - Channel remains negative, targeting 1.5573

There was limited movement in GBPUSD yesterday - producing an 'Inside' day that reflects a degree of investor indecision. But for a 2nd day in a row, the upside was rejected and this, coupled with a declining Keltner channel and 13 day moving average keeps immediate sentiment negative with potential through 1.5599 to 1.5573.…


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GBPCHF - Temporary bounce has further to run

With signals cautious near the 200 day average rate, Monday’s trading saw sentiment improve by just over ½ Big Fig on the day. The buying has also come from close to the lows posted in June, Sep & Oct, but so far it hasn’t offered a bullish reversal pattern, or has it ended a sequence of lower daily highs. With this in mind, the outlook for Tuesday is just cautiously and temporarily bullish with potential through 1.5105 to 1.5150.…


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FOREX forecast 17.11.2014-21.11.2014

Last Friday EUR made some recovery to 1.2550-60 resistance area. Today EUR reversed to the downside again and has cleared all the progress made on Friday. Currently EUR found support at 1.2450 which is also the H4 Senkou Span A price. For now we are still just above the support but i think there is a huge possibility for it to be broken soon. H4 indicators are bearish, and the Daily ones are going bearish too. First target is 1.2380 and then 1.2325. To the upside we need to break above…


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Is market looking uncertain?

Dear All

There was a nice rise in EUO and GBP during early part of Japanese session and now they are making lower level might create uncertanity to many whether EURO and GBP to rise or fall...both side arguments might be seen in net.

I have explained my expected market moves for the week during mytoday's (17th Nov)  Asian session live market analysis webinar.Fx street has recorded the webinar and is displayed in the given below link:…


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Rabobank FX:GBP - too bearish?


Relative to its July high, GBP/USD is currently trading around 7.5% lower.  We do not expect that this adjustment has any further to go near-term.   Even though we see no need for the BoE to rush into a rate hike (we expect no move until May at the earliest), equally we do not expect the Fed to have to hurry to adjust policy.  Wage inflation and disinflationary pressure are also evident in the US and we do…


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Unassuming moves

Dear All

This week 10-14 November - every one is trying to derive the market differently.After witnessing quick drop and slow rise in EURO and GBP after NFP ,people are uncertain whether there will be reversal and rise or further drop in EURO and GBP.

I have explained the expected market moves for this week during my Asian session :Live market analysis webinar.The recording of the webinar is available in the given below link:…


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GBPUSD - Marabuzo Line caps. Selling resumed

The market attempted to extend Friday’s profit taking yesterday. However, this demand was limited – failing, and reversing, above a Marabuzo line created by Thursday’s net decline. Resulting losses were minor but it is the upside rejection, coupled with a declining Keltner channel, that is likely to influence today’s sentiment with potential to 1.5791 and towards 1.5757.…


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FOREX forecast 10.11.2014-14.11.2014

EUR reached a fresh low last week at 1.2360 then some profit taking appeared on Friday and the pair returned back at the important 1.2450 support. Currently we are above it and the H1, H4 and Daily indicators show some recovery signs. However we have some strong resistances ahead, and this recovery may be just some profit taking and not a real recovery process. First resistance comes at 1.2520, the second one is at 1.2565 and finally 1.2650. Only above the last we shall have a real recovery…


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GBPUSD - Powerful rejection of the lows leaves sentiment positive

Initial powerful selling yesterday took GBPUSD to the most negative levels traded for 12 months. But that downside was almost equally aggressively reversed to leave prices only marginally lower from open to close. Overall in fact, there has been only minor movement over the last 5 days. Although this means that sentiment is not strong, yesterday's bounce sets the tone for intraday signals with a move above the key 13 day moving average increasing positive momentum. Our targets are 1.6024 and…


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Month beginning time-prime events could bring more surprises

Dear All

This week 03-07 November  being first week of the month ,we expect very volatile moves in the market.Already big moves are seen in majors  and commodity pairs.We could see lower level consolidation with frequent downward stop hunt followed by good rise in EURO and GBP.

I have given the session wise expected moves in the five days of this week and also the range in which the currencies could swing in this week during my Asian session: Live market analysis…


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FOREX forecast 03.11.2014-07.11.2014

EUR under a heavy downside pressure again after last week's FED meeting and has broken the 1.2500 support, currently trading below it too. Weekly, Daily and H4 indicators are bearish so another push downside is ahead. Seems that the EUR will look for support around 1.2200-1.2140 and finally 1.2000. It may seem too catastrophic but prices below 1.2000 are also possible, but maybe next year. For now EUR is bearish below 1.2530 and first resistance is now 1.2500.

GOLD dropped sharply to…


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Month end surprise has come true.!!!!!!!!

Dear All

In my Blog post and Asian session webinar given on 27th October

I have given the expected market moves for the week - the month end surprise being big drop in WEURO and GBP after FOMC ( released on 29th Oct).The forecast has come true.Hope you are all benefited in your trades.

You can follow the above link and get the…


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TD:GBPUSD Technical Patterns Look Positive ...

"The recent turn up in GBPUSD is catching a little more attention with price action looking potentially positive on the short-term charts. Firstly, Cable is testing three-month trend resistance off the July high at 1.6150 today (the 40-day MA lurks just above at 1.6184– versus today’s high of 1.6183).

Secondly, the rebound from the October low may be forming an inverse Head & Shoulders reversal, the neckline of which (1.6157) today’s push higher has also tested. The formation…


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Share with us your view about GBPUSD. Share and Gain Prizes!

Hello Traders!

Today, we have a fun exercise where you can participate and have a chance to win a GREAT Prize!

All you have to do is read this short GBPUSD analysis from FXStreet's Analyst Valeria Bednarick published today at FXStreet and placed below, and post a quick comment with your opinion. Just share with us your technical view about the GBPUSD.…


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Month end surprise !!!!!!!!!

Dear All

Now we have come to last week of October.The players are expected to make some big volatile moves to earn more from the traders.

Today (27th Oct) I have explained the expected market moves during this week 27-31 Oct  and also the levels in which they could swing,when I presented Asian session : Live market analysis webinar.The recording of the webinar is available in the given below link :…


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FOREX forecast 27.10.2014-31.10.2014

EUR is currently below the Daily resistance of 1.2720, we have two more resistance levels to break after that - they are 1.2735 and 1.2760. Above the last the upside will be fully restored and you may enter LONG. We have the FOMC meeting on Wednesday so i expect some EUR recovery ahead, but not above 1.2900 before the meeting. Weekly, Daily and H4 indicators are turning to the upside so this tells me that some recovery is possible. If we break 1.2900 resistance too then the recovery may…


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FOREX forecast 20.10.2014-24.10.2014

EUR slowly looses positions from last Wednesday's upside jump and is trading currently at the 1.2750 support. Next stronger support is at 1.2700, for which i ecpect to hold and the recovery to continue to 1.2900 and above. However if for some reason we have a Daily close below 1.2700, this will reopen the way back to 1.2540 and below. This week we do not have any so much important news, except PMI data on Thursday and US jobless claims later the same day.

GOLD is locked within the…


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FOREX forecast 13.10.2014-17.10.2014

EUR was unable to reach 1.2350 weekly target as the last downside push has been stopped by the 1.2500 level. A powerful recovery followed reaching 1.2800. Currently we are above the main daily support @ 1.2650 and seems the recovery is going to continue with first target 1.2730 and second one at 1.2800 finally 1.3000. However it is too early to say that any downside is over as the daily indicators are showing unstable recovery. Today is a non-working day for USA, Canada and Japan, markets…


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UBS:FX Perspectives- No Dollar Top Yet

"Broad-based dollar strength to continue, subject to positioning adjustments.

We expect the dollar to continue outperforming within G10 heading into year-end. Policy differentials will consolidate in the dollar's favour and the latest round of data suggest that the balance of risks has shifted towards the Fed becoming more assertive. On top of the strong September payrolls report, our economists note that September ISM figures appeared 'consistent with 5% real GDP growth and 300k'…


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