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EurUsd is just great on respecting Fibonacci levels

I'll just show you the 5m charts of today/yesterday dip. For a pullback i will consider whenever the candle break above the 20 EMA. To improve the accuracy of the method SR study of higher TFs is appreciated ;)

I will start with the late Assia session / pre-London open:…


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EurUsd: 25th of October price action review

This is the chart with the arrows I posted in the previous post (don't forget the comment that every SR level could turn the price direction).

There was a turn at the 61.8 fib retrace of the last 4h swing down in line with (almost) with a weekly CP…


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EurUsd: bullish divergence on H1 TF

Hi all! I'm back again. There is a bullish divergence on all oscillators I use. EU found support in the 2927 to 2937 4H support area. There is price action a dividing line @1.2974 zone on the 1H TF. Here's the first 4h chart with all the trend lines and the mess. I'll clean it up later.

Cleaned up 1h chart (bullish divergence):…


Added by Pipomatic on October 24, 2012 at 10:15pm — 6 Comments

EurUsd: daily analysis for 19th of October

EurUsd found resistance on the weekly R2 pivot and now support on the weekly R1 level. In the zone also a daily S1 pivot and the 38.2% fib retrace of the last swing/move up on the 1h TF. There is also a completed HS formation .. not so pretty one, but still it is an HS.

From current price level @1.3060 supports:

  • 1.3015 50% fib
  • 1.3000
  • 1.2992
  • rising trend line


  • 1.3080 / some pips above a daily central…

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EurUsd, GbpUsd, AudUsd, EurNzd: possible trade setups


No doubt there is a nice bullish momentum right now. But are we facing a buy the rumors - sell the news scenario in anticipation of the EU summit? Let's take a look what the charts are telling us:




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EurUsd: short term/intraday SR levels and some possible trade setups for 15th October

Check also this two posts for other fundamental and technical views:

1.2992 first…


Added by Pipomatic on October 14, 2012 at 8:30pm — 2 Comments

EurUsd: consolidation between 50% and 38.2% fib

After yesterday's straight forward rally the pair is consolidating in a 30 pip range between 1.2950 and 1.2920. The key to turn it short term bearish is around 1.2900 level. Breaking the 1.2950 targets/resistance are: 1.2960 / 1.2973 / 1.3000 zone / 1.3028 / 1.3080.

Around 1.2900 sitting the daily CP and a 38.2 fib retrace of yesterday's rally.

The arrows don't represents the…


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EurUsd: will be 1.2750 zone (plus/minus some pips) the ultimate fight zone between bears and bulls?

October 10th: price action overview

It was a slow day for EU. Almost all day long in pullback mode. I was out most of the day so I opened the charts now and see that my analysis from this morning was 100% correct. Too bad I wasn't able to trade it .. well most part of it. I took only a long position on the…


Added by Pipomatic on October 10, 2012 at 10:07pm — 3 Comments

EurUsd: technical overview for 10th of October 2012

Just some chart as I don't have a lot of time now ..




I'll be happy to short again anywhere near daily central pivot @1.2911. The last resistance for…


Added by Pipomatic on October 10, 2012 at 9:52am — 2 Comments

EurUsd: technical overview for 8th of Ocotober 2012

After US NFP report the pair has topped some pips below the 1.3080 to 1.3097 4h SR zone and the fall after the top was about 135 pips. The fall was stopped today at the 50% fib retrace and 1.2937 SR zone/line.

Now from the chart above there are some possible trade setups. On the 1h chart the price try to change the trend. Currently it made a lower low and now we need a lower high and…


Added by Pipomatic on October 8, 2012 at 3:39pm — 2 Comments

EurUsd: technical overview in anticipation of NFP

Yesterday's rally stopped exactly at the 61.8% fib retrace of the 4h move down from 1.3171 to 1.2805!

If US data will be bad we can expect a volatility spike down to some support and then a continuation back up. On the other side if data will be good down to retest some support levels. If the price will break (at least sustained 1h break) the rising trend line some more down fall may occur.

Chart below:…


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EurUsd: resistance 1.2960 - 1.2974

Some trade options ..


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EurUsd: 38.2% fibs rock n' roll

Let's do less talking and more rock n' rolling charts starting with the weekly:

Beside the 38.2% fib retrace of the move down on the weekly charts we have also a nice three inside down bearish reversal pattern on weekly charts. And until the price don't break the 1.3485-1.3490 zone we are still having…


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EurUsd: daily analysis for 26th of September

The price is currently covering/consolidating in the SR zone between 1.2885 and 1.2858. In the zone are also a daily S1 pivot @1.2867, weekly S1 pivot @1.2872 and a fib extension. Above the zone we should look to buy, below to sell.

First the chart with the previous fib study:


Daily: up

4H: down

1h: down

3rd touch for confirmation…


Added by Pipomatic on September 26, 2012 at 8:06am — 3 Comments

EurUsd: weekly overview (17. to 21. Sep.) and some trade ideas for the next week

The Septembers rally finally found some resistance. Where? At the 38.2% fib retrace of the move down on from 1.3940 to 1.2042. Because the market has memory I will look on the chart back in time to see if this price level (1.3150 - 38.2 fib) has some major importance.

First of all we should answer the question what is the trend now on a daily chart? Is it an uptrend or the change of trend still needs to be confirmed?

The uptrend scenario:…


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EurUsd: where the rally could find some resistance?

Hi all! I will do less writing and more charts .. so let's start:

Weekly chart:

Daily chart:

Notice the monthly R3 pivot crossing the falling trend line and some SR zones at that level in the past .. The MR3 is treated as an extreme .. so at least some pullback can happen.…


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EurUsd: tech overview

Hi all. Here’s also my 5 cent tech view .. I will break it from the daily chart:

On the 4h chart I usually mark the SR zones .. as there is impossible to say this horizontal line is the key ..

As you can see there is another rising trend line crossing the minor 4h SR zone and there the price stopped for today. I still see a good chance to hit the next bigger SR zone between 2415…


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EurUsd, GbpUsd: possible trade setups

EurUsd: slight change of trend on h1

The pair is trading around daily S1 pivot ATM. Break of blue trend line.

I would like to see a pullback to Asia session high and 50% fib and then try to resell to the next major support zone between 2335 and 2320 (38.2 fib of last Friday rally right in the middle of the zone).…


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EurUsd: the Bulls aren't so strong after all

I have a nice resistance zone between 1.2415 and 1.2441. On daily chart the trend is still down and the fibs are still holding. Yes I know there was a nice bullish engulfing on a weekly chart but fundamentals just don't back it up .. not yet.

Here's the daily chart and this seems to me another bear flag but I could be also wrong:

Now a wide 4h chart to point…


Added by Pipomatic on August 7, 2012 at 12:05am — 2 Comments

EurUsd: intraday technical update and overview

Let's make a nice update after yesterday's dip on the EurUsd pair. First things first  so I will star with a daily chart and my loving fibs :P

Where is the threat to this scenario? Well on the 4h chart and the support zone between 1.2165 and 1.2180:…


Added by Pipomatic on August 2, 2012 at 11:36am — 2 Comments

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