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Is market looking uncertain?

Dear All

There was a nice rise in EUO and GBP during early part of Japanese session and now they are making lower level might create uncertanity to many whether EURO and GBP to rise or fall...both side arguments might be seen in net.

I have explained my expected market moves for the week during mytoday's (17th Nov)  Asian session live market analysis webinar.Fx street has recorded the webinar and is displayed in the given below link:…


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Unassuming moves

Dear All

This week 10-14 November - every one is trying to derive the market differently.After witnessing quick drop and slow rise in EURO and GBP after NFP ,people are uncertain whether there will be reversal and rise or further drop in EURO and GBP.

I have explained the expected market moves for this week during my Asian session :Live market analysis webinar.The recording of the webinar is available in the given below link:…


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TD Securities: EURUSD

"EURUSD’s bigger technical picture tells a similar story to the weekly chart. The underlying trend still looks quite powerfully bearish and there is a broad band of congestion between the low 1.26s and upper 1.27s which should serve to reinforce the short-term resistance point noted above. Weekly price action…


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Month beginning time-prime events could bring more surprises

Dear All

This week 03-07 November  being first week of the month ,we expect very volatile moves in the market.Already big moves are seen in majors  and commodity pairs.We could see lower level consolidation with frequent downward stop hunt followed by good rise in EURO and GBP.

I have given the session wise expected moves in the five days of this week and also the range in which the currencies could swing in this week during my Asian session: Live market analysis…


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Month end surprise has come true.!!!!!!!!

Dear All

In my Blog post and Asian session webinar given on 27th October

I have given the expected market moves for the week - the month end surprise being big drop in WEURO and GBP after FOMC ( released on 29th Oct).The forecast has come true.Hope you are all benefited in your trades.

You can follow the above link and get the…


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Month end surprise !!!!!!!!!

Dear All

Now we have come to last week of October.The players are expected to make some big volatile moves to earn more from the traders.

Today (27th Oct) I have explained the expected market moves during this week 27-31 Oct  and also the levels in which they could swing,when I presented Asian session : Live market analysis webinar.The recording of the webinar is available in the given below link :…


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JPM: EURUSD technical strategy

"The EUR bears are in full control so that a re-test of the 2012 and 2010 lows has become likely.

The defense of the main T-junction at 1.2502 (76.4 %) in EUR/USD opened the door for an internal 4th wave recovery to 1.2959 (int. 38.2 %), where a fresh selling opportunity would be given. Yesterday's failure to clear first resistance at 1.2797 (monthly breakout line) could however be an indication that the internal 3rd wave decline is not done yet, which keeps 1.2418 (wave 3 projection)…


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TD Securities:EURCAD technical outlook-28 Aug

EURCAD retains a weak bias after yesterday’s break under key support at 1.4420 and the market is making good progress already towards our 1.40/1.42 target zone. Given the generalized strength in the CAD and broader weakness in the EUR, we may have to lower our sights a little still. There is solid, bear trend momentum…


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Unassuming slide

Dear All

EURO and GBP are making very slow unassuming slide.Whether the US data is negative or positive EURO and GBP pretend to firm up but slide.EURO and GBP cannot make the moves on upside or down on their own,the banks have to move them by making volume buying or volume selling.The bankers place the orders based on the order flow from their high net worth clients.So the high net worth clients feel that EURO and GBP could make further slide as they have built up huge sell positions…


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EURO FX -- Trade Setup

A break of 1.3580 may setup a test of the 1.3500 level.

Closing above the 1.3695-1.3705 level may setup a test of…


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Market prediction has come true

Dear All

I have given here on 01st July  the market prediction - for NFP and ECB press conference market is expected to show USD gaining moves.Also on 30th June and 1st July the players made the upward moves to build sell positions creating a bullish feel to buy later when the traders sell in distress after the drop.

Now the prediction has come true.

We could see more USD gaining moves in coming days.

All the best in your…


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UBS FX Comment - Insidious Interest Rates

"The European Central Bank's decision to adopt negative interest rates, undertake new Targeted Longer-Term Refinancing Operation loans and increase liquidity is set to cap the euro in its current 1.35-1.40 range against the dollar. In order for the single currency to make further losses in the near term, the Federal Reserve will need to keep tapering its asset purchases and signal its willingness to start raising interest rates in 2015.

 But while the ECB's actions this month may not be…


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RBS:Viewpoint about recent ECB and RBNZ actions

"The ECB have eased policy significantly and implied rates will stay low much longer than the Fed. Price action in the EUR suggests it may firm short term, but it is hard to see a sustained rally. We continue to remain constructive on the USD though admit a broad risk asset rally near term may work against it. As occurred post-BoJ policy easing in April last year, we watch for evidence that the Fed worries more about excessive financial instability risks and stronger US economic data build…


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month beginning volatile moves - Trade during NFP

Dear All

The players yesterday quicklyas expected   dropped for the ECB rate decision but reversed quickly to go above that of the initial high in EURO and GBP.They normally do this sort of quick reversal move for NFP.For a change they have done the day before for ECB rate decision.

Today they are expected to swing and slowly slide all the day as intentional move.Small swing and slide moves they may do for NFP and continue the slide during US session.

They donot make…


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BBH CurrencyView: Dollar Softens Ahead of BOE and ECB Decisions

"Barring a significant surprise from the ECB, we suspect the knee-jerk reaction will be to sell the euro, but that the pullback is likely to be limited and seen as a new opportunity to buy the euro and European assets.  We argue that underlying causes of the euro's resilience are tied to two factors the at the ECB will not be addressing:  1) the large current account surplus and…


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Deutsche Bank: Today's ECB action

"Looking back, in August '07 the ECB injected €170bn into markets after money markets had seized up as banks basically refused to lend to each other. The point of today's intervention must surely be more directed at the underlying economy. However there will be many (including us) that would say that the ECB's success will likely depend on how much they can push the Euro lower. Will today be enough? Probably not on its own but…


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BBH:The main event of the week is the ECB meeting

"The main event of the week is the ECB meeting.  Inflation, or indeed the lack thereof, is understood to be a key spur for official action.  At the end of last week, both Spain and Italy reported soft CPI figures. Yesterday Germany did too.  The fact that the flash euro area estimate came in today at 0.5%, down from 0.7% in April and below the prior consensus of 0.6% is not…


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RBS:"Waiting for Mario"

"Today and tomorrow are about 'Waiting for Mario' For EUR FX that means assessing how much of what ECB will do Thursday is already discounted. We suspect the answer is most, if not all. Street analysts generally want to be short EUR/USD so we marginally prefer the long side – but it is marginal."

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BMO FX Strategy Daily - USDCAD

"Support 1.0800 Resistance 1.0875

Looks like it should be a quiet start today to what should be an important week ahead. Friday’s GDP data was weaker than expected but the topside resistance near 1.0875 once again held and we put this supply down to continued EURCAD selling which has stabilised around 1.4800 for now. No data from Canada…


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EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDCHF mid term strategy


Build shorts at every 100 pips starting with 1.3660 for a target at 1.35-1.34-1.33.


Build shorts at every 100 pips starting with 1.6770 for 1.64 target.


Build longs at every 100 pips starting with 0.89 for 0.91-0.92 target.

Estimated time 2-6 months.

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