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EUR/USD continuation of the trend.

It's now pretty clear that the larger impulsive wave 1/A from near 1.40 is still in force. I was too early calling the larger correction and that was indeed wave 4 of 5.

On the daily chart i have outlined the possible target for this impulsive wave to end. At 1.208 wave 5 would be 1.618 times wave 1 and this would be likely target for the end of larger wave 1/A.

When this impulsive decline is finally exhausted there is going to be a larger corrective move and if this whole move…


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EUR/USD bigger correction or not?

EUR/USD is tricky one to call right now. I am still favouring the corrective count because the low of the 5th wave has not been breached and the thrust from 1.257 was caused mainly on news.

I have taken account the alternative  which can be seen in the alternative H4 chart. This count suggest that the large impulsive wave is not finished and there should then be lower prices to come. The move from 1.257 would then be wave 1 of 5 and the next move is wave 2 to the…


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EUR/USD Correction over and more dollar strength?

I think that EUR/USD is not going to continue downward much longer.

Dollar strengthened since yesterday and recent move is testing my analysis. This is still viable correction but if the current wave extends further, i will have to review the wave count.

Prices should next rise considerably as the next corrective wave takes this pair at least 1.26…


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EUR/USD correction continues

Volatility picked up today and EUR/USD continued it's corrective path. There should be 5 waves up from the b wave that ended at 1.237 and a larger B wave decline after that.

There lies another wave count if this correction is larger but i will stick to this count for now. Both counts carry the same message so as for now it does not make any difference.…


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EURUSD Elliott Wave Analysis: Impulsive Downtrend

EURUSD has been falling sharply for the last couple of months and forming an extended decline from 1.3700 which we think it represents wave 3) within a larger bearish trend. As such, current recovery from the lows is just another correction within ongoing weakness. We see it as a wave 4) of a higher degree that may stop around 1.2800-1.2900 area.

EURUSD Daily Elliott Wave Analysis…


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EUR/USD Elliottwave Analysis 03 Sep. 14

If 1.3147 resistance level holds on Hourly basis we can expect Fifth wave downside. Target's 1.3112 and 1.3083.

EUR/USD Elliottwave Analysis 03 Sep.…


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BofAML - We are Bearish and Short EURUSD

Bank of America Merrill Lynch - "€/$: We are bearish and short. The impulsive, intra-day decline from the Jul-01 high at 1.3701 says the medium, potentially long term, bear trend is resuming after a 2 month hiatus. Initial targets are seen to 1.3212 (swing target) ahead of 1.3104 and then the 1.2777/1.2685 zone and eventually below. Our bearish view would prove incorrect on a move above the 1.3701, Jul-01 high."

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EURO FX -- Trade Setup

A break of 1.3580 may setup a test of the 1.3500 level.

Closing above the 1.3695-1.3705 level may setup a test of…


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TD Securities - EURUSD tests a broad band of key resistance in the 1.3650/00 resistance

TD Securities - "Thin conditions through the month, quarter and half year-end have helped produce a pop higher in EURUSD in today’s session to test a band of resistance in the upper 1.36 area—1.39 double top breakdown point (April low), early June high, top of the June channel, 40 & 200-day MAs and 38.2% retracement resistance from the 1.39/1.35 drop. Trend momentum studies do not show a lot of directional intent on the daily and weekly charts at the moment. That suggests it may be…


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EURUSD Eyes New High: Elliott Wave Forecast

EURUSD has turned bearish at the start of the week and fell to a new swing low on Wednesday when market found a support at 1.3773. Notice that from that low pair turned impulsive to the upside, slightly above wave b) swing high which suggests that a three wave set-back from, 1-3904 is complete and that pair is heading to new highs of 2014.

EURUSD 4h Elliott Wave Analysis…


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RBS - What drives EUR higher?

Royal Bank of Scotland - "What drives EUR higher is potentially some combination of: a late flood of money into Southern Europe; tightening liquidity in Euro zone money markets unless/until ECB actually eases; a robust Euro zone current account surplus; and the possibility of more reserve manager diversification demand for EUR.

(...) A global FX pain trade for the next few weeks is still EUR/USD higher to/through 1.40. (...) Any EUR/USD upside over coming weeks is likely to be limited…


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EURUSD Elliott Wave Analysis: Correction Within Uptrend

EURUSD has turned slightly lower in this week from around 1.3880 which makes decline from 1.3900 more complex than on the first place but still corrective. We are looking at a three wave pullback now to to 1.3760 area where pair could be looking for a base and new turn to the upside. Keep in mind that larger trend is bullish since pair reversal up from 1.3671 at the start of April so we think that sooner or later that direction will resume.

EURUSD 4h Elliott Wave…


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EURUSD Elliott Wave Analysis: New Highs In View

EURUSD has turned bullish after a completed triangle pattern in wave B). Ideally price is now in wave C) that may reach levels even around 1.4200 if we consider that wave C) may unfold in extended five sub-waves. With that said, there is room for even stronger EUR in the next couple of weeks while 1.3640/1.3700 support zone is not breached. From a bigger perspective, we think that EURUSD is moving in to the final stages of a complex corrective retracement in wave E, and that trend will turn…


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EURUSD Elliott Wave Analysis: Correction Within Uptrend

EURUSD has turned bullish at start of the month from 1.3670 where we called end of a double zigzag. From there market recovered clearly in impulsive fashion through the upper trendline of a corrective channel which is very important sign for a change in trend. In fact. even a decline from latest swing high is in three legs at the moment and approaching 61.8% Fibonacci level where we expect a new turn to the upside. Ideally market will revisit 1.3900 in this week, while 1.3671 low is now…


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Elliott Wave Wave Analysis: EURUSD Intraday

Interestingly, the EURUSD is moving up with US bonds and not falling with the S&P. At the moment we do not see any shift of that EUR uptrend so we will continue to look higher. Pair however gaped lower, but most likely only pulling back within a corrective retracement. 1.3790/1.3800 looks like a nice technical support from where uptrend may resume.

EURUSD 1h Elliott Wave Analysis…


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EURUSD Looks Bullish Above 1.3671: Elliott Wave Forecast

EURUSD moved even higher yesterday, up to 1.3870 which makes first impulse from the low more extended than firstly anticipated which just confirms the fact of a very strong bullish sentiment. However, nothing moves in straight line, pullbacks will always occur, and the first deeper one could already be unfolding. We may see wave (ii) retracement back to 1.3780 region before uptrend resumes. In either way trend is now clearly bullish as long as 1.3671 stays in place, while any downward…


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MY orders:

1 # EUR/USD sell @ 1.3782 / TP 1.3650

2 # GBP/USD sell @ 1.6647 / TP 1.6528

3 # USD/JPY buy @ 102.65 / TP 103.85

4 # EUR/JPY buy @ 140.98 / TP 142.15 (+6pip)

5 # USD/CHF buy @ 0.8845 / TP 0.8965

6 # AUD/USD sell @ 0.9327 / TP 0.9241

7 # USD/JPY buy @ 102.06 / TP 102.60

8 # GBP/USD sell @ 1.6728 / TP 1.6660

9 # GBP/USD sell @ 1.6776 / TP 1.6730 close earlier…


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Elliott Wave Outlook For EURUSD Intraday

Stock market is  in bearish mode while the US bonds are rallying but USD is not following the pattern. In fact, we have seen a nice reversal up on EURUSD, clearly in five waves while the USD index reverses down from 80.74. We see bearish USD across the board and based and current developments it looks like currency will lose even more value in this week.

On EURUSD, as said, we have five waves from the lows, which means that trend has changed and even if just temporary we need three…


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TD Securities - EURUSD biased lower; we continue to expect a drop to 1.34/1.35

TD Securities - "EURUSD rebounded in the early part of the past week, much as we expected it might after the consolidation late the week before. But despite a very powerful rally Monday (outside range day), the gains did not have any staying power and the EUR traded softly over the balance of the week, falling to test the 40-day MA. The market may be able to consolidate a little longer (and gain a little more) above 1.3775 early next week but the short-term bias towards more corrective…


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