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AUD vs JPY Bearish Gravestone Doji

The daily time frame of the AUD vs JPY has closed on Friday creating a gravestone doji at the resistance level between 94.090 and 94.457. This candlestick is a representation of supply and demand being equal as price opened and closed near the low of the day. What is significant is how high price moved up but the bears overpowered the bulls and pushed the price nearly 90 pips down from the upper resistance zone…


Added by ChaosTrader63 on March 8, 2014 at 9:11pm — 10 Comments

Will AUDJPY Change The Gears?

AUD/JPY's price action during past 2 days is suggesting a possibilities of a short-term reversal. The wide gap in the lows and close/open price is clearly indicating a fear for the downside. However, the pair has been engaged in a very volatile sideways mode for past 15 weeks even if the lows have been getting lower. This has been a classic example of push and pull when both the currencies of the pair have been…


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BofAML - AUDUSD Looking beyond the next two months

Bank of America Merrill Lynch - "Last week, we recommended buying AUD/USD as a short-term opportunity with the delay in Fed tapering and fiscal risks likely to be supportive for carry trades (Buy now, but don't get carried away). Our flows suggested that longer term investors were still relatively short AUD, adding to the near-term upward pressure on the currency. We recommended buying a 2m 0.9750 call against selling 2x 0.9900 calls. Despite the recent fall in the AUD - in our view, due to…


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AUD/JPY Short term targets point @ 98.76!

Hello, I am going to share some of my observations on the Aussie Yen pair today. It looks very profitable in the short term, say by the end of next week. We are talking about a possible 400 pip move on the pair! 

I had written a very basic update on the same when the pair was @ 93.90. Please take a look at it. The patterns we are going to talk are still the same.

Lets start with the Daily time…


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The pair is looking to work out the harmonic pattern on the daily. If it manages to break and close above 94.34, it may well be in course to…

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ANZ - JPY Retracing, Not Reversing, But Still Painful

ANZ - "· The pronounced 25% slide in JPY, which accelerated from 3Q’12, may have based in May, but JPY rebounds should be seen as corrective

· Indicator divergence has been building since March. Corrections of 10% should be considered as standard after such a sharp and persistent downtrend, but the market is bound to fear a reversal

· Long term profiles still favour a cyclical trend of JPY weakness and so the technical bias will be to rebuild a portfolio of JPY shorts



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Westpac - We look for AUD/JPY to fall back to 94 by end-2013

Westpac - "AUD/JPY is likely to be volatile in coming months. Our base case is for a pullback to around 98-99 over the next month as the BoJ doesn’t announce any new easing measures and investment outflows from Japan remain patchy. By mid-2013 however there is likely to be renewed upward pressure on AUD/JPY, with scope for 107/108, as BoJ easing in full swing encourages Japanese life insurers and others to invest abroad. To reinforce the potential volatility, we look for AUD/JPY to fall back…


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Societe Generale - EUR/JPY and AUD/JPY likely to move to the upside soon

Societé Generale - "EUR/JPY and AUD/JPY technical patterns show that the consolidation period is coming to an end, and the pairs are likely to move to the upside soon. The EUR is a bit cheap from a PCA view, suggesting a short covering is possible, but the strongest signal is long AUD/USD and EUR/SEK. Our systems are currently sending softer signals but remain long USD, AUD and NZD and short EUR, GBP, JPY and NOK."

Added by Francesc Riverola on April 7, 2013 at 9:08am — No Comments

JP Morgan - JPY has room to extend its latest gains within its broader 4th wave recovery

JP Morgan - "The JPY has room to extend its latest gains within its broader 4th wave recovery

Given the break below first Fib.-support at 119.41 (minor 38.2 %) in EUR/JPY we see additional downside to 117.25 (38.2 % on higher scale) where the market would offer the perfect risk-reward to bet on a still missing 5th wave advance towards 132.04 (50 %). Similar setups are given in USD/JPY and in various JPY-Crosses where we see good JPY selling opportunities against 89.78 and 88.78/04 (int.…


Added by Francesc Riverola on March 4, 2013 at 12:01pm — No Comments

JP Morgan - USD/JPY targets have been raised to 94 for Q1, 97 for Q2 and Q3, and 96 for Q4

JP Morgan - "USD/JPY targets have been raised to 94 for Q1, 97 for Q2 and Q3, and 96 for Q4. The main driver of JPY weakness has been an “inflation expectations bubble” spurred by unrealistically high hopes for Abenomics. We expect the JPY will continue to decline in trade-weighted terms, but in a choppy fashion. In particular, investors are likely to be disappointed by the modest outcome we expect from the BoJ’s April 4 meeting (the first under the new Governor and Deputy…


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Westpac - Too early to call a top in AUD/JPY

Westpac - "While AUD has looked tired on some crosses lately, USD/JPY resilience suggests it is too early to call a top in AUD/JPY. Potential investor disappointment over the BoJ meeting mid-Feb could see a pullback to 93.00/50 but then the pair should resume its upswing towards 96.50/97.00. By H2 2013 however, the pair is likely to be considerably lower, mostly due to USD/JPY reversal.

(...) AUD/JPY has left behind all major moving averages. Potential technical resistance lies at 96.45…


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JP Morgan - JPY bearish action to continue in the coming weeks?

JP Morgan - "Medium-term technical view: The bearish action for JPY since November has confirmed a broad-based medium term shift. Importantly, the break of several critical levels against the USD and for the crosses argues for a continuation of this trend in the coming weeks. The highlight of the bearish framework is the extension above the 84.20/85.55 resistance zone (2012/2011 highs) for USD/JPY. The subsequent price action affirmed the medium term base breakout and renewed trending bias.…


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HSBC - Key trade: Buy AUDJPY

HSBC - Key trade: Buy AUD-JPY
Entry: 94.26 Target: 99.30 Stop: 91.70
We see three factors driving AUD-JPY higher in the short-term
1) A risk-on mood bolstered by dovish Fed speakers
2) AUD upside on the back of stronger than expected China data
3) Ongoing JPY weakness in the run-up to BoJ meeting.

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Westpac - AUD/JPY rally but see signs of fatigue

Westpac - "We have been surprised by the extent of the recent AUD/JPY rally but see signs of fatigue. Our base case is for a pullback from the low 86s near term to 84 by year end. Factors to weigh on the pair include a likely RBA rate cut next week and eventual disappointment over what Japan LDP leader Abe can actually deliver in terms of JPY weakness."

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NAB - JPY Forecast Revisions: Up, Up and (not quite) Away

National Bank of Australia - "Since  being  short  yen  has,  along  with  short  euro,  proved  to  be a widow-maker  for  many a macro trader in the past year or more, it does not appear  that  short  yen  positioning  is  significant, notwithstanding the recent  run up from sub-Y79 to above Y82.  As such, if current expectations for  a LDP victory, even if not with an outright majority, continue to…


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NAB - We look to buy EUR/USD at 1.2640 for a recovery to 1.29/1.30

National Australia Bank - "We look to buy EUR/USD at 1.2640 for a recovery to 1.29/1.30. Stop 1.2480. We accept in the current environment any sizeable relief rally may be some weeks away, possibly resulting in 1.2630-1.28 range trading."

AUDNZD 1-3 month target: 1.24-1.26; 6-12 month target: 1.22-1.24

AUDEUR 1-3 month target: 0.75-0.77; 6-12 month target: 0.72-0.75

AUDGBP 1-3 month target: 0.62-0.63; 6-12 month target: 0.61-0.62

AUDJPY 1-3 month target: 82-80; 6-12…


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FOREX VIDEO | New York Session Review | October 12, 2012

The Japanese yen firmed against the Australian dollar during the final European trading day of the week. The AUD/JPY price initial jumped following release of the best US consumer sentiment reading in five years, then fell 40 pips to the 80 level before the London close.

Seeking 1-on-1 mentoring?…


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AUD/JPY on 4 Hour Time Frame

The 5 minute entry now on for over 24 hours, and it is in the money. The reversal is in the cards, for now...

Now that the deal is on, it is a question of management, which means exiting at the best possible…


Added by Jason Justin Macko on September 28, 2012 at 12:00am — No Comments

Danske Bank - Buy AUD/JPY and buy MSCI EM index

Danske Bank - "AUD/JPY - Building for a break above 83.05/55 for 85.25/88.60
Summary - Buy for gains through 83.05/84.55, towards 88.60. Place a stop under 79.55/70.
MSCI EM Index - The 18-month trendline break may fuel an advance
Strategy Summary - Look to buy upon dips towards 1000, for a rally to 1085 and then towards the 1173-1212 region. Place an initial stop below 950."

Added by Francesc Riverola on September 24, 2012 at 10:00am — No Comments

Westpac - AUD/JPY Outlook: The pair looks to be a buy on dips multi-week

Westpac - "The Bank of Japan has lent fresh support to otherwise range-bound  AUD/JPY. The pair  looks to be a buy on dips multi-week, targeting a test of 84, with  a stretch target of 84.70/80.  Dips to the mid-81s are likely to be driven by concerns over China and the prospect of RBA easing in Q4, perhaps as soon as Oct. A broadly positive global risk environment should underpin the pair overall."

Added by Francesc Riverola on September 19, 2012 at 1:54pm — No Comments

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