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EURUSD Prediction During The Next 24 Hours

EURUSD is starting Wednesday at 1.2473 where first rsis is 1.2486 and first supp 1.2458 and a jump above 1.2486 might take the price to retest second resis at 1.2567 and a jump above that level will give…


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How To Control Greed And Fear When You Trade

Greed & Fear are the engine of human emotion which let traders take decisions in the market, and let price jump up and down on chart as a reflection of supply and demand based on greed & fear

Usually greedy traders are…


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EUR/USD DAILY as of Wednesday, 26 November, 2014


*** Intra-Daily Trading Strategy: BUY Euro Dollar / US Dollar

Buy Target: 1.2511

Buy Stop:   1.2372 

Enter New BUY on OPEN and exit BUY positions at Target price or at Stop price.

(NOTE: Adjust Stop Loss Price according to your trading risk.)

Do not reverse after exiting. This is a recommendation for INTRA-DAY…


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The Week Ahead in the Forex Market

Our new administrator Tony sent me his Week Ahead report. You probably have received it already by e-mail but just in case, here you have it

Happy trading week!


View PDF Version…


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AUDUSD Elliott Wave Analysis: Corrective Rally

As expected, AUDUSD fell to a new low of the year last at the start of the month after we recognized a sideways price action which was wave four. After wave four you will see wave 5, which means that an impulse from 0.9500 is probably done, so traders must be aware of a new rally but of a larger degree, possibly even back to 0.8900. Ideally that will be wave B) correction, now already in progress with its three legs.

AUDUSD Daily Elliott Wave Analysis…


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FOREX forecast 24.11.2014-28.11.2014

EUR dropped heaviliy again last Friday following mr.Draghi's speech. It reached 1.2360 again and currently has formed a 'double bottom' formation. However this formation is still unconfirmed. I will consider it confirmed once the price breaks above 1.2465. On double bottom confirmation we shall have a signal for a powerful profit taking and upside recovery to 1.2620. Once above it the upside will continue to 1.2740. For now first strong resistance comes at 1.2470, followed by 1.2510. If the…


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Euros Double Base At 1.2360

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Boursajee Currencies Outlook

Currencies Outlook: Thursday 20/11/14 03:00 AM UK
USD/CHF: Already (LONG) bought the pair from 0.9610 with TSL 0.9515 & TP on 0.9950.
AUD/USD: Already (SHORT) sold the pair from 0.8725 with TSL 0,8720 & TP on 0.8340.
NZD/USD: Already (SHORT) sold the pair from 07950 with TSL 0.7940 & TP on 0.7460.
USD/CAD: Already (LONG) the pair from 1.1275 with TSL 1.1280 & TP on 1.1640.

Added by Pierre Chahine on November 20, 2014 at 3:01am — No Comments

Gold Price Is Trapped Between Historical Support Levels

A new snow storm is expecting to hit the majority of US states similar of what happened during last winter season, where the US Dollar lost momentum as a result for a slowdown in Economy because of a sever weather and where EURUSD reached 1.39, GBPUSD 1.72 and Gold price was holding between 1240 and 1395.…


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Thanks for the Job Done Dao! I am in debt with you

Hi everyone

Starting tomorrow Thursday November 20th a new administrator for forexstreet.net will take over the position that our community member and good friend Daologic has been holding over the last year.

The new administrator is a former member of this community. His name is Tony.

After growing extremely fast and imploding due childish fights over a year ago, I had to step down as an administrator of this community as I had other projects in hands that required of…


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EURUSD Daily Forecast Nov 19 2014

The EURUSD Maintained a bullish momentum yesterday , printed support at the 1.2442 levels and topped at the 1.2546 levels .This development leaves the pair targeting the 1.2576 levels , a halt is likely , but a breach will turn focus on the 1.2638 levels where strong rejection is suggested . If this important resistance is taken out , expect the pair to strengthen further towards the 1.2770 levels ahead of the 1.2886 levels.

On the downside , support comes at the 1.2442 levels ,…


Added by Haitham653 on November 19, 2014 at 7:44am — No Comments

USD Majors Analysis

1. Dollar Index:

If failed to close above 87.7966 and close below 87.2032, further weakness to 85.7498 /85.5890 is possible.


Bullish need to close above 1.2511/08, next target will be 1.2585-1.2647, where should cap the price at least in the first time.

Daily close below 1.2484, my re-test 1.2372 zone.


Short term support near 1.5640/42, above 1.5725, further…


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FOREX forecast 17.11.2014-21.11.2014

Last Friday EUR made some recovery to 1.2550-60 resistance area. Today EUR reversed to the downside again and has cleared all the progress made on Friday. Currently EUR found support at 1.2450 which is also the H4 Senkou Span A price. For now we are still just above the support but i think there is a huge possibility for it to be broken soon. H4 indicators are bearish, and the Daily ones are going bearish too. First target is 1.2380 and then 1.2325. To the upside we need to break above…


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GBPCHF - Temporary bounce has further to run

With signals cautious near the 200 day average rate, Monday’s trading saw sentiment improve by just over ½ Big Fig on the day. The buying has also come from close to the lows posted in June, Sep & Oct, but so far it hasn’t offered a bullish reversal pattern, or has it ended a sequence of lower daily highs. With this in mind, the outlook for Tuesday is just cautiously and temporarily bullish with potential through 1.5105 to 1.5150.…


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GOLD Technical Analysis as on 18-11-14

The yellow metal entered in to critical price zone since yesterday. Gold firmed against the US dollar on Friday and placed high 1193.40. This metal is strongly supported above the price level 1180. Today this metal placed high 1187.54/oz and low 1183.21/oz in early Asian Session.

Technically this metal is in a bullish trend for day trading.

SMA100 and 200, Ichimoku cloud and the parabolic SAR signal is also bullish in h1 as well as in h4 graph. gold is also consolidated below the… Continue

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Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/GBP

   USD/CHF to head higher, breaks must occur at 0.9658, 0.9663 and 0.9669 then comes the big break at 0.9700. Friday prices hit the 0.9660 level and dived back to 0.9551. What holds the downside from 0.9300's is 0.9523 and 0.9518. But big level at 0.9436 must first break. Prices for the past 10 hours sat literally between 0.9653 - 0.9642. Currently USD/CHF is severely oversold but its fighting against EUR/USD oversold and the EUR/CHF resolution is not yet settled.



Added by Brian Twomey on November 18, 2014 at 1:23am — 56 Comments

FX Light - I've Sold Gold & EURGBP

I am viewing the rallies late last week in EURGBP, EURUSD and Gold as opportunities to sell and have done just that.


GOLD – While gold has managed to retake $1180 I don’t see this in isolation but rather in conjunction  with EURUSD as it managed to take back 1.25. Should EURUSD continue higher in the next few days then yes there is further upside in Gold however I have sold some today.

EURUSD – So we have taken back…


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EURUSD Weekly Forecast Nov 17 2014

Despite recovery we witnessed last week , outlook in EURUSD remains on the downside as long as resistance 1.2613 holds on a weekly closing basis , stability below the 1.2613 levels on a weekly closing basis could mean a return to the 1.2485 levels , a clear break would open 1.2393/1.2357 levels , a cut will bring free fall towards the 1.2200 levels , further losses will aim the 1.2042 levels .

On the upside , resistance comes at the 1.2613 levels , sustained trading – weekly closing –…


Added by Haitham653 on November 17, 2014 at 10:48am — 3 Comments

EURUSD Will Turn Up For Correction: Elliott Wave Forecast

EURUSD is in a nice downtrend from 1.4000, but recent decline to a new low is already fifth wave, final leg of the pattern so current impulse wave I can be near completion. However, there is room for 1.2200 in a short-term, but divergence on the RSI suggests that sooner or later EURUSD will turn up for a bigger corrective rally, in three legs back possibly back to 1.2880.

EURUSD Daily Elliott Wave Analysis…


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EURUSD - Further profit taking expected. 1.2686 targeted this week

Trading in EURUSD last week was trendless with direction changed on each of the first 4 days.This ended sharply on Friday with the week's lows tested and a powerful turn in sentiment that took prices to week's high.This ended a sequence of 3 down weeks and although this rally is tentative signals indicate scope for the bounce to extend temporarily in the coming days targeting 1.2623 and 1.2686.…


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