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TD Securities - $EURUSD We think the 1.3259 point is the key pivot for the market now

TD Securities - "Price action in EUR/USD remains soft, without (yet) becoming outright bearish. EUR/USD has eased through trend channel support after failing around the 1.35 area mid-week. However, the 40-day MA at 1.3332 has managed to contain weakness more or less though late trading Friday. We think the 1.3259 point is the key pivot for the market now. We can allow for a modest infraction of the 40-day MA from a short-term perspective but sustained losses and particularly weakness below the… Continue

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Spanish Debt grows by EUR 146 Bln, largest ever recorded

Key Points

  • The public debt exceeded €882 billion at the end of 2012
  • Debt Grew by €146 Billion in one year
  • The increase in the first year of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is the  largest ever recorded
  • Debt-to-GDP is highest since 1910
  • Interest expense is at record high

For more click on the chart.…


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Deutsche Bank - USD/JPY Following Path of Strongest Past Uptrends

Deutsche Bank - "The chatter from the G7 and G20 meetings appears to allow Japan to maintain its policy of raising inflation expectations through a more aggressive BoJ. Therefore, the policies that have helped yen weakness are still on track. The main area of caution, then, is whether the yen move has been too far, too fast. Indeed, the past 3 months has seen the second largest rally in USD/JPY in history – only 1995 saw a bigger decline. We therefore look at previous instances of rapid rallies… Continue

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GBPUSD - 4 Hour ; Inside Bar Pattern !

As shown on the 4 hour chart posted below, the GBPUSD has formed a breakout pattern, support at 1.5460, resistance at 1.5550, four hour close above 1.5550 will call for a rebound towards 1.5640 and 1.5730 levels, while a four hour close below 1.5460 will extend the bearish move  towards 1.5370 and 1.5280  levels...

Recommendation 1 # : Buying the pair with a 4 hour closing above 1.5550 targeting 1.5640 and 1.5730 levels, stop loss below 1.5460…


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RBS - The downside risk for USD/JPY is underappreciated in the street

Royal Bank of Scotland - "We should continue to expect Japan officials to attempt to manipulate the JPY through their comments on both sides. Talking JPY down if it rises and up of it falls. My preferred strategy for the short term is to expect a range between 88/95 with a view to buy for the longer term as the relative fundamentals continue to argue for a weaker JPY over the medium term.

(...) The downside risk for USD/JPY is underappreciated in the street. Adding to downside risk is…


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Goldman Sachs - Euro area risk premia to decline further

Goldman Sachs - "The sovereign crisis led to deep-rooted market concerns about the political viability of the Euro area. Many investors initiated tail-risk hedges, often in the form of short EUR/$ positions. Since the ECB’s OMT announcement, the need for these tail-risk hedges has diminished and risk premia in many Euro area assets have declined since last July. This process can continue further. Several benchmarking exercises suggest a move to EUR/$ 1.40 is likely but we would assume that…


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Do Not Miss Some of the Best Forex Webinars of the Week. Register Now!

While trading, please do not forget about your education. Here you have a selection of some Forex Webinars (online seminars) that you should not miss this week. Register to those you like the most now!


Monday February 18th:

Multiple Time Frame Analysis In Forex Trading, Sam Seiden, 16.00 GMT



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JP Morgan - Technical Strategy: Stay long EUR/AUD, CAD/JPY, TRY/JPY, USD/NOK and EUR/CZK

JP Morgan - "NZD maintains the bullish price action with the break through several key levels against the USD and crosses; still, the factors calling for a corrective phase have not been>
The recovery for AUD/USD over the past week argues for additional upside retracement, but the setup on the crosses remains mixed. Stay long EUR/AUD.

While the short term range action continues to develop for USD/MXN, the failure at important resistance levels is consistent with the…


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RBS - GBP/USD rallies should be sold and the downside target remains the 1.53 level

Royal Bank of Scotland - "7 Consecutive weeks of ‘lower lows’ and ‘lower highs’ in GBP/USD; the bias strongly remains that rallies should be sold and the downside target remains the 1.53 level.

A running theme in this currency pair is that the market still seems attracted to this 1.5300 level just as it was In June ’12, January ’12, October’11 and September ’10. This is still the main support level to be aware of and still the level that I think that this GBP sell off will run out of…


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Don’t Waste Your Time

From observation here are the most active times of the trading day. They will not always be the most active times of the day in the currency market but they regularly are.  

01:00 to 01:30 GMT

06:30 to 07:00 GMT

08:25 to 09:15 GMT

11:30 to 12:00 GMT

13:00 to 13:25 GMT

14:00 to 14:30 GMT

16:00 to 17:00 GMT

19:00 to 19:30 GMT

The frustration of not being around when the market moves or waiting endlessly for action can be…


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EUR/USD Feb 18 – Under Pressure As GDP Fallout Continues

EUR/USD continues to remain under pressure following last week’s release of weak GDP numbers out of the Eurozone. Growth rates throughout the Eurozone declined, and fell below market expectations. In the US, the trading week wrapped up on a high note, as consumer confidence and manufacturing data beat the forecast. The G-20 wrapped up its meeting in Moscow, and as expected, issued a mild…


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Trade Setups EUR/AUD and EUR/JPY

The week has begun with a US Federal Holiday. We have TWO high probability trade setups for you. Take advantage of it as we analyse them  and you trade them !!…

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Societe Generale - We remain short GBP with a chance of consolidation

Societe Generale - "We remain short GBP with a chance of consolidation, short JPY and (structurally) CHF. The USD and Nordic currencies are the main winners of this battle for the bottom. Vega in usd crosses and this mainly vs em are a friend, gamma is not yet (G20 non event). US labour is not strong enough to see a more pronounced stance in Fed policy. For now they are only sending out the hawks to manage tail risks."

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Expected market moves in this week 18-22 Feb

Dear All

I have presented today during my webinar the expected market moves for this week 18-22 Feb.The recording of the webinar is available in the given below link.

Webinar video link:


You can view the webinar and understand how forecast,market…


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UBS - EURUSD Only a closing break below 1.3270 would trigger deeper sell-off to 1.3187

UBS - "EURUSD NEUTRAL There is strong support at 1.3270. Only a closing break below this would trigger deeper sell-off to 1.3187. Resistance is at 1.3393 ahead of 1.3520.

EURCHF NEUTRAL Resistance is at 1.2387 ahead of 1.2449. Support is at 1.2256 ahead of 1.2191 EURGBP BULLISH As long as support at 0.8537 holds, the risk is for extension of the uptrend. A break above 0.8717 would open the way to 0.8831.

EURJPY BULLISH Bullish trend conditions persist. A break above 127.92 would be… Continue

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Rabobank - We continue to view rallies in sterling as selling opportunities

Rabobank - "The sheer size of sterling’s recent fall means there is scope for some near-term correction. Another positive set of UK employment data, due later in the week, could be the trigger for a slightly better tone in the pound. Also on Wednesday is the release of the minutes of the February MPC. This is likely to again confirm a clear majority of the committee in favour of steady rates, with perhaps just vote in favour of more QE. The minutes are also likely to highlight upside risks to… Continue

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Weekly Wrap-Up & Outlook

Reviewed: $es_f $nq_f $gc_f $audusd $nzdusd $usdcad $eurjpy $gbpusd $eurusd

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GBPUSD Now Below 2009 Trend-line; Sharp Fall To Come?

A decline from 2008 peak to 2009, 1.3500 low was in five waves, which in Elliott Wave theory indicates a direction of a larger trend. This is called an impulse wave, and once this leg is complete you will see a reversal in price, against the trend, normally into a slow, choppy and overlapping price action which is personality of a correction. Well, this is exactly what has market experienced since 2009 lows. As such, we are very confident that pair made a corrective pattern in wave (B)…


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5 Days 500 Pips Is it possible??

Greeting friends!

As I discussed in my last blog EURJPY and GBPJPY has picked up the momentum however considering monday it is not likely to be so active. Tuesday,wednesday and thursday are the main days of trading for major pairs.

One interesting thing came up with looking at the chart on a 4h scale is AUDUSD is heading towards parity very soon. There has been immense pressure on the pair and the pair has not been able to break above 1.0400…


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