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Bill Gates to High School students ( or was it to us as well?)

Rule 1 : Life is not fair - get used to it.
Rule 2 : The world doesn't care about your self-esteem.
The world will expect you to accomplish something
BEFORE you feel good about…

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RBS - AUD outlook: stable but weaker medium term

Royal Bank of Scotland - "The AUD has ground its way gradually higher over the last three months, this has occurred despite further steady declines in its yield advantage as the RBA has cut cash rates to revisit the 2009 lows, and the market continues to predict further cuts this year, around 50bp of cuts.

(...) The prevailing sentiment is that the strength in the AUD is more permanent, but that it will struggle to rise further, already very expensive in a purchasing power parity sense.…


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S&P500 Is Aproching 1500 Psycho Level-Could See A Pullback From There

We are sure that stocks traders have some very good time these days when markets are up day by day. We were successfully tracking this impulse up on S&P500 over the past few days which may not end anytime soon. But you however should be aware of a possible corrective pull-back from 1500 psychological level.

From an Elliott wave perspective we have five waves up in wave 3 which may end at Fibonacci some of the extension levels as shown on the chart, around that 1500 figure.…


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HSBC - CHF: Off the floor but nothing more

HSBC - "EURCHF has moved off the SNB floor, but further gains will be difficult to sustain. Stabilization in the Eurozone and normalization elsewhere has encouraged CHF sellers back into the market, creating a new environment for EURCHF away from the 1.20 floor. However, it is not clear that this is the start of a sustained rise in the cross. The exchange rate is merely playing catch-up to the earlier reduction in the Eurozone risk premium as reflected in declining periphery spreads. This…


Added by Francesc Riverola on January 23, 2013 at 3:00pm — No Comments Most Viewed Webinars for the Week of January 15h-21st 2013: Sam Seiden, Carol Harmer and Sean Lee

Most Viewed Webinars of the Week of January 15th - 21st 2013:


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Currently we are at 126.30  and in a bear flag. There is also a trend line that was respected but  a breakout is possible.  The target area up is 1.2703  and the Down target is the .double bottom @ 1.2557. The average daily trading range (ATR) is 102 pips.…


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USDJPY: Corrective Pull-back May Extend To 86.80

USDJPY reversed lower in the past 48 hours from a new high printed above 90 figure. Notice that pair extended slightly through the impulse channel support line (connected from blue wave three and four) and is now testing levels of 87.80 support. Typical the former wave four will be ideal zone for a continuation of a larger trend, which in our case that would be to the upside. However, decline from 90.26 was made only in one leg that can be counted impulsively, which means that pair will…


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EUR/USD Jan 23 – Steady After Strong Euro Economic Sentiment Data

EUR/USD is steady, as the pair was trading  just above the 1.33 line. The pair was supported by excellent economic sentiment numbers out of the Eurozone and Germany. In the US, Existing Home Sales disappointed, falling well below market expectations. We could be in for a quiet day on Wednesday, with only two minor releases on the schedule.



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EUR/JPY Analysis..expecting 120.00 !!

Added by Shaun Powell on January 23, 2013 at 12:26pm — 4 Comments

Deutsche Bank - Europe is beginning the "Great Exit". Stay long EUR

Deutsche Bank - "Each week - beginning with an announcement this Friday - Euro-area banks will have the option to re-pay part of the more than 1 trillion in 3-year LTRO liquidity drawn a year ago from the ECB. Many observers play down the FX impact of these prepayments as insignificant. In contrast, we think it is a major milestone.

First, the ECB will now stand out as the first central bank in the world where exit…


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EJ - ONLY....


Added by Tahir Khan on January 23, 2013 at 11:41am — 1 Comment

S&P Rises Again, But Can We Break 1493 And Send Us Higher to 1505

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AUD/CAD: Loonie Falters to Aussie After Earlier Gains

After failing to surpass the 1.0500 mark and falling 53 pips in earlier exchanges, the Aussie-Loonie pair is making another hike. The Canadian dollar is projected to pare earlier gains from its Australian counterpart as investor sentiment favors the Asian commodity dollar. Trade sentiment has favored the riskier Aussie in the New York exchanges as the US equities market carries the demand from the nascent corporate earnings season, while the Loonie is beset by the interest decision…


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EURUSD Daily forecast 23 01 2013

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GBPUSD Daily forecast 23 01 2013

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ASSALAM O ALEIKUM my dear fellows

first of all thanx to ALLAH

by the grace of great ALLAH we recover our loss and target hitted

as we know yesterday we had big moves and as i told yesterday EU was played big games

but yesteray moves was…


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Is This The Top For Eur/Gbp

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