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EURUSD - Mid-Term Strategy (Dec 2012)

Pivot: 1.3171

Recommendation: LONG positions above 1.3171 with 1.3360 & 1.3550 as next targets.

Alternative scenario: A rejection from 1.3171 will open the way to 1.2660/1.2400.

Comment:Strong bullish pattern on the weekly chart is under development after bottimng at 1.2661,a weekly close above 1.3171 will open the way to 1.3360 & 1.3550 levels on midterm and 1.4000 in long term, a rejection from…


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EURUSD 16/12/2012

Looking for reasons to long the pair targeting the weekly 200 EMA 1.3350. 

In the short term waiting the price near todays DPP to buy…


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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 17.12.2012

EUR has made a rally last Friday as a result of the 'flag' formation and ended around 1.3170. Today it is time for a correction move to 1.3100 and why not to 1.3050 again. H4 and Daily charts show still strong bullish move, but on H1 bullish power is decreasing and move soon may turn into a correction. First support is 1.3130 second is 1.3100, third is 1.3050. On the upside we have a strong resistance area 1.3180-1.3220. As you can see it is pretty wide, and with some good economic data…


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Uptrend week.... 200 pips with almost no retracement.

We have started a (cautious)  upside view last Tuesday Dec. 11th, which was later confirmed.
What to expect…

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Trade of the Week | 10 - 14 December 2012

I'll start this Trade of the Week (TOTW) post with what I consider to be a universal truth: No one -- and I mean no one -- gets market direction right all the time, every time. We all have days when we swear the euro is going to drop, but instead it pushes higher. A lack of major trends on multiple major currency pairs and lower than normal volatility has certainly made the job of establishing a [bull/bear] bias more challenging for traders.

Having said that, I firmly believe that…


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Week 10-12-2012 Analysis Review

Kiwi trades analysis was good, but did not gave me any entries as planned.




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Goldman Sachs - Top Trade recommendations for 2013

Goldman Sachs - "Top Trade recommendations for 2013

No.Trade / Opening Level / Current Level / Target / Potential Return (%) / Stop / Annual volatility

1 Short AUD/NOK 5.90 5.95 5.00 18 6.35 9.1

2 Long risk on CDX HY 506 bp 468 bp 450 bp 5 550 bp 5.7

3 Long Commodity Carry Basket 100.0  98.0 112.0 12 94.0 15.0

4  Long Spanish 5-yr Sovereign Bond 4.29% 4.31% 3.50% 8  5.50% 12.0

5 Long Large Cap US Banks 49.0  49.5 58.0  18 44.0  23.0

6 Long Current…


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UBS - Fed new policies likely to keep Dollar constrained as the new year starts

UBS - "(...) The Fed's new policies are likely to keep the dollar constrained as the new year starts but will support the currency in 2013 as the US economy keeps recovering. That means the greenback is likely to stay at current levels of 1.30-1.32 against the euro for now but recover back to 1.15-1.20 next year.

(...) In our last comment here for 2012, the key points for currencies are:

- new Fed policies tempering dollar for now, to bolster it later

- ECB watchers should…


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GBP/USD Outlook Dec. 17-21

GBP/USD looked sharp this week, climbing 130 pips, to close at 1.6171. The upcoming week is quite busy, with 12 releases. Highlights include CPI, Retail Sales, Current Account and Public Sector Net Borrowing. Here is an outlook of the upcoming events, and an updated…


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Regular And Extended Divergence(s) !

Hello everyone..

Some members ask me to explain the extended divergence(s), since it was not easy to explain that in 2 words or in a message,so I've written this thread hoping that everybody benefits from it!

What's divergence(s)?!

A regular divergence is used as a possible sign for a trend reversal,if the price is making lower lows,but the oscillator- in our example RSI - is making higher lows , then we have regular bullish…


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EUR/USD Forecast December 17-21

EUR/USD had an excellent week, touching levels last seen in May. At critical resistance, will we see a follow through or a bounce? German Ifo Business Climate  is the highlight of this week. Here is an outlook on the main market-movers this week.

The …


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wHy ChiNa iS nOt CuRReNcY MaNipULaToR ! dEc 17

We are not in the era of 70’s or 80’s. In the early 70’s USD was clobbered as President Nixon decided to cancel the direct convertibility of USD to gold fixed at USD 35 per troy oz that essentially ended the existing Breton Woods system of international financial exchange.

If you go back to the 80 era, the European growth was lackluster ranging between 1% to 2%. Until 1990 Japan’s economy commonly known as “Miracle Economy” lost its gloss, as the economy crumbled…


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EURUSD - Weekly Strategy (17-21 Dec 2012)

Pivot: 1.3126

Recommendation: LONG positions above 1.3126 with 1.3212 & 1.3290 as next targets.

Alternative scenario: The downside breakout of 1.3126 will open the way to 1.3040/1.2970.

Comment:.Last week the pair formed one of the strongest bullish pattern after breaking above 1.3126 levels, eyes will be on 1.3212 and 1.3290 levels , only a daily close below 1.3126 will delay the bullish move and reverse…


Added by Haitham653 on December 15, 2012 at 6:38pm — 7 Comments

Target Trading in the Forex upcoming week of Dec 16th ,2012


What Forex Target Traders See:  We are currently sitting @ 1.3172  after an impressive upside move.  We are right at the day chart trend line so traditional wisdom says look for the bears.  We are not so sure!  Wave 2 was very shallow so that may lend credibility that this is only wave 3 of the up move so it is prudent to prepare for a breakout and trade the longs or the short once it is proven.  Expecting a pullback at current levels and then continuation to the upside…


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BBH - FX Q1 2013 Forecasts: We expect the dollar to remain in broad trading ranges against the euro and sterling

BBH - "We expect the dollar to remain in broad trading ranges against the euro and sterling. The prospects of more aggressive expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet and the protracted fiscal cliff self-created crisis, even as Europe muddles along, could see the dollar begin 2013 in a softer phase. This could see the euro trade toward $1.35 and sterling toward $1.65. We look for the dollar to recover subsequently. We anticipate the US economy will strengthen after Q1 and that the European debt…


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Bank of England stores $315 billion gold !

An inside view into the gold bullion vault of The Bank of England,

which stores about $315 billion worth of gold.

Click on the Gold for more.

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USDCHF- Reverses Gain, Sells Off.

USDCHF: With its one-week recovery reversed the past week to close lower, further price extension is likely to occur in the new week. This development leaves the pair targeting the 0.9041 level where a breach will turn attention to the 0.9000 level. Price hesitation may occur here and turn the pair back up but if taken out, it will aim at the 0.8929 level. Its weekly RSI is bearish and pointing lower supporting this view. On the upside, it will have to return above the 0.9382 level to annul…


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My quest for quality forex education

It has been over a year at the end of which my efforts to become a confident and profitable trader have not yielded the desired results. I think that part of the problem is that there is no quality control or accreditation process that helps retail traders identify a good quality service provider. Practically anyone with some knowledge and ability to recording videos can become a trading coach or tutor. Many people actually are just that, or should I say a majority of these trading courses…


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euro bull chart

euro bull chart

doji break for 1.3260 strong resistance and bear is looking 1.3260

bear attack at 3260 bull gonna weak…


Added by Ashish Agarwal on December 14, 2012 at 6:05pm — No Comments

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