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Westpac - US Elections: What’s the relevance for financial markets?

An excellent summary of the potential impact of US elections into the financial markets... good job Westpac!


Westpac - "President Obama re-elected: On the positive side, global markets would welcome policy continuity particularly from the Fed, which has the White House’s full support. There would be little fear of escalated trade tensions. On the negative side, there remains considerable concern over the Dodd-Frank…


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eur/usd update:downtrend is canceled.

eur/usd now is 1.2804

downtrend is canceled.

uptrend now is ahead to 1.2930

below 1.2770 then 1.2600

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6 Nov: TFL-TV's Coffee & Charts

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eur/usd forecast upodate::

eur/usd is now 1.2783

sell now at 1.2783    t/p:1.2660      s/p:1.2810

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Forex Alert - 2 Videos November 6th 2012

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UBS - USDJPY faces near term hurdles but likely to trend higher next year

UBS - "We think dollar bulls should express that view by shorting the yen. In the near term investors are worried that USDJPY will decline if President Obama is re-elected and if the Fed decides to increase outright asset purchases at the December 11-12 FOMC meeting when Operation Twist ends. But with Fed easing largely priced in already and US politicians still likely to compromise to avoid being blamed for the fiscal cliff looming at year-end, USDJPY should instead start to trend…


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RBS - Trade Idea: Buy 1m USDJPY 78.50 Digital

Royal Bank of Scotland - "Against the background of improved US data and more easing from the Bank of Japan, the focus has been on a break to the topside in USDJPY. But we believe an Obama victory should see US Treasury yields move lower – suggesting in turn that the JPY bears may have to wait a little longer. 

Trade: Buy 1m USDJPY 78.50 European Digital (payout if spot is below 78.50 at expiry)

Entry: 18.0% of USD payout [80.10…


Added by Francesc Riverola on November 6, 2012 at 9:21am — No Comments Reaches 8,500 members

Well... the title of this small post speaks by itself... 8,500 members already, and no better way to celebrate it than scrapping all-time highs last week.

The site reached 17,600 visits, just 300 visits below the all-time high of 17,900 reached in the week of July 10th to 16th 2011. In unique visitors, the site stood at 7,380, very close from the high of 7,555 reached the week of June 3rd to 9th 2012

Great numbers indeed... and these is just THANKS TO YOU…


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EUR/GBP: Euro Slumps on Greek Anxiety and Region's Manufacturing and Services Industry

In what is believed to be a key week for the financial markets, the Euro heads to a month-low versus the British pound. Concerns over Greece failing to secure needed funds add to an economic slump, as shown by recent fundamental data from the region. Things look a little better across the English Channel as manufacturing production in the UK is perceived for a rebound.

The Greek government is hoping to pass two votes through parliament, with one Greek minister telling CNBC that…


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DAX Update


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eur/usd forecast:

eur/usd forecast:

eur/usd is now:: 1.2787

buy eur/usd now at :1.2787     t/p:1.2838   s/p:1.2770

if the order did not hit  t/p and s/p…


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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 06.11.2012

USD is showing muscles these days, and all currencies including gold run from it like mice from a cat. Like i've said yesterday EUR needs a corrective move higher - it didn't happen yesterday so today will be the correction day. We need a confirmation for example H4 close above 1.2805-10 will be enough. First resistance is 1.2840-50, second and stronger is 1.2880-1.2900. That last will bounce and the prices will return to 1.2820, from where there will be two possibilities - first to attack…


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BUY/SELL LEVEL 11-06-2012



BUYSTOPS @ 1.2818 SL @ 1.2782 TG 1.2827-2835-2853-2870-2889-2907

SELLSTOPS@ 1.2782 SL@ 1.2818 TG  1.2774-2765-2747-2731-2713-2695…


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eur/usd forecast

eur/usd now is 1.2791

buy eur/usd now at 1.2791     t/p:1.2835     s/p:1.2775

if the order did not hit t/p  and s/p activated then:

sell stop at  1.2775   …


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eur/usd forecast:


eur/usd is now 1.2789

sell eur/usd now at 1.2789    t/p:1.2749     s/p:1.2810

if the order did not hit t/p and s/p activated…


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Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Quarterly Forex Forecasts

Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Forex Forecasts

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Rabobank - Latam FX Forecasts

Rabobank - "Forecasts 1mth 3mth 6mth 12mth
1.28 1.29 1.30 1.35
2.03 2.02 2.02 2.00
485 480 480 475
1810 1790 1780 1760
12.9 12.8 12.6 12.2"

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UBS - Stay bullish on the dollar

UBS - "Our core view remains bullish on the dollar. Friday's better than expected payrolls report underscores our belief that America's economy will emerge from the crisis sooner than the Eurozone, UK and Japan. As a result the Fed's current round of easing seems to be priced into markets already. In contrast, further easing by other major central banks like the BoJ and BoE is still likely to weigh on their domestic currencies over the next few months. With dollar diversification having…


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USDCHF- Rallies, Sets Up For More Upside.

USDCHF: With the pair extending its last week strength, the risk is for it to decisively break and hold above the 0.9424 level. It was testing that level at the time of this of this analysis. Above here will resume its short term uptrend towards its Sept 10'2012 high at 0.9482 followed by the 0.9606 level. Its weekly RSI is bullish and pointing higher supporting this view. Alternatively, as long as the pair remains below the 0.9424 level, there is risk of a return to the 0.9213 level. A…


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