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pendant trading dicussion

Hello everyone,

I haven't been too busy on here lately so thought it may be time come in and talk about what I am working on atm and a few other  general trading things. I actually was in Peters blog earlier today so that i could log…


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Goldman Sachs - Central Bank Watch

Goldman Sachs -

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TD Securities - Upcoming Week: The Big Three - Central banks, PMIs and the UK Budget to dominate

TD Securities - "Upcoming Week:


1. 2013-14 Budget (Wed 20 Mar): We expect the OBR’s

forecasts to judge that most of the weakness in the UK

economy is cyclical but expect the PSNCR forecast for

2013/14 to be revised up from £161bn to £163.3bn.

2. BoE Minutes (Wed 20 Mar)

3. Retail Sales (Thurs 21 Mar)

Remaining Europe

1. Italian Politics (ongoing)

2. Flash PMIs (Thurs 21 Mar)

3. EU Leaders’ Summit (Thurs-Fri…


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$GBPJPY –continuation

Currently we are at 145.65 @ the .214 Fibo.   The overall target is the R7 @ 147.74.  Expect a pullback and then a move above 145.85.  A good target for today (triple witching day) would be the 146.00 before the square up.  The ATR (Average True Range) for the pair currently is 155 pips.…


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Rabobank - GBP Enough is enough?

Rabobank - "BoE Governor King may have had a preference for more QE at last month’s policy meeting but his remarks yesterday suggest that he has become unsettled by the extent of sterling’s drop this year and potentially by the accusation that he has specifically tried to weaken the pound. If the MPC do judge that the falls in sterling in recent weeks have been ‘too far too fast’ there is reason to expect that the committee may collectively decide to delay further policy stimulus. This…


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Westpac - EM Asia: USD/KRW, USD/SGD & INR/IDR

Westpac - "EM Asia: USD/KRW: Risks to USD/KRW still appear skewed to the upside and while we should see more selling interest emerge in the pair on moves above 1120, it certainly doesn't fell like we have reached a top yet.

USD/SGD: We maintain our bias to buy dips in USD/SGD. Data momentum remains soft and if next week's inflation data is benign, we see scope for easier policy at the April MAS meeting. We would look to…


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Forex Specs

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EUR/USD Edging Higher as Markets Eye Key US Data

EUR/USD has edged higher in Friday trading, as the pair moved back above the pivotal 1.30 level. The EU Economic Summit continues and the Eurogroup Finance Ministers are also meeting today. The markets are waiting for the release of Eurozone inflation numbers. The trading week wraps up with a string of US data, including two major releases – Core CPI and UoM Consumer…


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BTMU - USD/JPY will find it difficult to sustain these levels once the BOJ takes its first monetary steps

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi - "Our view is unchanged – we suspect yen weakness can carry on over the coming weeks into the first meeting, possibly through the second meeting but beyond then we expect the yen to correct stronger. Our three-month USD/JPY forecast is currently 92.00. With little sign of any major shift in risk appetite amongst Japanese households and with Life Insurance Companies more likely to reduce hedging ratios only gradually by buying on dips, we suspect USD/JPY will find it…


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Gold 15th March

Hello All,

Metals pairs are slowly trying to get out of lows of 2012, but still struggling. Overall trend remains Bullish but momentum is not there to break strong resistance levels. 

Expect to gain against USD.

Posting a snapshot of the trade taken as per our analysis. Will post the out come end of day. So stay tuned.




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Societe Generale - Three themes, one king

Societé Generale - "The FX markets are now under the influence of a trilogy of themes: the American economic revival, diverging monetary policy expectations and the (unfinished) euro area (EA) crisis.

Those themes all point in the same direction: a stronger dollar. Dollar strength is now far less dependent on risk conditions; the US economic outperformance and the fears of a not-too-distant Fed exit imply that the dollar is no longer a funding currency of choice in the carry trade. The…


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JP Morgan - American energy independence and the dollar

JP Morgan - "The multi-year boom in US oil and gas production has spawned bold forecasts, such as eventual American energy independence and long-term dollar appreciation. The logic is simple and powerful: since America’s energy trade deficit has accounted for 30% to 50% of the country's overall trade deficit over the past decade, becoming a net energy exporter could improve the current account substantially and transform the dollar from a generally counter-cyclical asset like the yen to a…


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UBS - EURUSD Focus is on the support at 1.2876; USDJPY Scope for further strength in the near-term

UBS - "EURUSD BEARISH Bearish trend conditions persist. Focus is on the support at 1.2876, a break below would expose 1.2662. Resistance is at 1.3074 ahead of 1.3134.

USDJPY BULLISH There is scope for further strength in the near-term. A break above 96.71 would open 97.79 and then 99.875. Support is at 95.45 ahead of 94.48.

GBPUSD BEARISH Yesterday's sharp advance does not change the broader bearish picture. Important resistance is at 1.5199. Support is at 1.4912 ahead of…

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GBP/USD My plan 15/03/2013

If the price gets to DPP longo to 1.5150

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EUR/USD 15/03/2013

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EUR/USD My plan for Friday 15/03/2013

The EU bounced a bit earlier than my target at 1.2880. It might try the mission today. However my paln at leat for London session will be looking for buy at 1.2970 target 1.3050. If London opens at 1.3050 I will short to 1.2970

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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 15.03.2013

EUR has dropped to 1.2910 yesterday but was unable to reach MA200, then the risk reverted and the pair reached 1.3030 in late amercan session following the better tnah expected jobless claims report. This 120 pips reverse move may be the beginning of the long waited correction move. The price this morning moves just below the resistance 1.3020-30. We have formed something like inverted H&S on H4 with 1.3025 neck line. It's quite possible today the move higher to continue. Immediate…


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Kuroda's Othello Challenge

As reported here, former Asian Development Bank president Haruhiko Kuroda has been approved to become the next Bank of Japan (BOJ) governor.

Mr. Kuroda takes over a central bank that has been historically hesitant to pursue aggressive policy easing measures. Mizuho Securities chief market economist…


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EURUSD - Looking for test of supply before the next leg up

So the imminent drop in EURUSD I spoke of in the last post happened beautifully and was stopped at a predictable level which was an area of previous strength. The upmove we're seeing now is not temporary like the last couple in the past week. It is clear that the reversal at today's bottom is an absorption of supply (yellow square).

What might not be so clear to those that haven't studied VSA is that the blue bar in the chart, the huge up bar from last hour, is a…


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Breaking news - 15/03/2013

Hello all,

Euro is weakening and there is reasons to believe that eur/usd will go down tomorrow (at least 100 drop pips).

USD is powering and depending on fundamental data tomorrow it just push lower the european currency.

Some Breaking News for 15/03


14-15 March EU Leaders Hold Summit in Brussels

10:30 Italian Parliament Reconvenes

12:00 ECB Announces 3-Year LTRO…


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