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Societe Generale - Still selling the Euro

Societé Generale - "Good morning. Approaching a quarter end and a long weekend but still selling the Euro... Anger at the treatment of Cypriot depositors won’t abate and the damage to confidence in Europe's financial system and leadership is done. Just because markets are in ranges doesn’t mean things have improved. Eur/Usd is going to go on meandering slowly towards 1.20, and equally clearly we could see some short-covering at some stage but the back story is still awful. The data still…


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USDJPY: Recovers Higher, Threatens Further Upside

USDJPY: The pair is slowly climbing back above the 94.45 level suggesting an end to its correction. However, it will have to hold above here on a weekly closing basis to create scope for more gains towards the 96.70 level. A cut through here will call for a run at the 98.00 level where a breach will target the 99.00 level. On the downside, support resides at the 93.52 level where a reversal of roles is likely to occur and turn it higher. Further down, support stands at the 93.00 level and…


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Aud/Usd 27th March

Hi Everyone,

Today's pair is Aud/Usd. Overall strength of USD remains unclear and there is no clear direction. Current price action suggests sideways movements and mixed sentiments around USD pairs. Trade USD pairs with caution and keep a hawk’s eye.




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EURJPY 27/03/2013

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EURUSD - Intraday Strategy (27 Mar 2013)

Recommendations: SHORT positions below 1.2940 with 1.2840 & 1.2765 as next targets.

Alternative scenario: The upside breakout of 1.2940 will call for a rebound to 1.2995/1.3040.

Description: No change in my view, as long as the hourly close is below 1.2940,intraday bias is to the downside, an hourly close below 1.2829 will accelerate the downside move suggested for today towards 1.2765/35 levels,an…


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EURUSD 27/03/2013 European trade idea

Looking more down side to start europe and looking to long from 1.2820 aiming 1.2890 as first target.

If London starts bullish first area of resistance 1.2890…


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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast

EUR is again in consolidation after the Moday's drop and currently trades around 1.2840 which is below MA200. Yesterday we have reached 1.2828 and then the price reversed back to 1.2880 then pullbacked to 1.2850. Still no news from the EU, no banks in Cyprus and no money in people's pocket. On the background we have the happy dollar gaining strenght all across the markets. GOLD also is turning south because of the dollar power. Indicators on all time frames point to the downside and i expect…


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March 27th - EURUSD Analysis - Sardar Uddin

USD lost ground to AUD,NZD and CAD but remained sideways with EUR, GBP and CHF. Overall strength of USD remain unclear and there is no clear direction. Current price action suggest sideways movements and mix sentiments around USD pairs. Trade USD pairs with cautions and keep an hawk’s eye.

Outlook – Mixed Sentiments…


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AUD/CAD Trade Setup

The pair is contained in an uptrend channel and touching the lower wall of channel. 

Buy at the current price with a stop loss @1.0615…


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Forex Decrypted: A Journey With Joe

Using the story of a fictitious, frequently traveling programmer named Joe, I explain in this video some of the factors that have influenced exchange rates over the past four years.

Curt Wehrley
Twitter: @fxcoachcurt
FX Strategist
Licenses: Series 3, 34

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EURJPY: Bearish On Correction.

EURJPY- Corrective risk is now building on the 118.73 level following a sharp sell on Monday. If that level is tested and broken, further declines should follow towards its .382 Fib Ret at 117.48 level. We expect here to hold and turn the cross higher. Further down, support lies at the 117.00 level. On the upside, resistance resides at the 126.03 level in the medium term. A cut through here could pave the way for a run at the 127.70 level followed by the 128.00 level and then the 128.50 level.… Continue

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JP Morgan - EUR/USD Targets Unchanged this Month. Risk Bias to the Downside

JP Morgan - "EUR/USD targets are unchanged this month – Q2 1.32 and Q4 1.34 – despite the turmoil in Cyprus, but the risk bias is to the downside. The corresponding targets for various crossrates are EUR/JPY 128 and 131, EUR/GBP 0.895 and 0.885, EUR/CHF 1.22 and 1.21, EUR/SEK 8.40 and 8.35, EUR/PLN 4.10 and 4.00 and EUR/MXN 16.24 and 16.35.

Alternative scenarios to our base-case view

Risk bias
: Downside in Q2




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UBS - Swiss Franc shorts should buy dollars rather than euros

UBS - "The Swiss franc has been a clear beneficiary of events in Cyprus. Domestic clients in Switzerland have steadfastly refused to buy EURCHF even though the cross has traded in a more volatile manner this year above the Swiss National Bank's minimum 1.20 target floor. That view has been based on the Eurozone crisis presenting too much risk for holding long EURCHF positions. This month's events in Cyrpus will only reinforce such convictions amongst Swiss clients.

As a result EURCHF is…


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TD Securities - USD/CAD pressures short-term support, risk of more near-term weakness rises

TD Securities - "USD/CAD’s technical picture has deteriorated somewhat today, in our opinion. We still think the market is consolidating but we had highlighted the 1.0180/85 area as important support for funds and the weakness in the USD below this support zone this morning tips the balance in favour of a bit more softness in the market from here. We may be looking at a more substantial retracement of the 0.99/1.0340 rally in the next week or so, in other words—potentially towards the 1.01…


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BBH - We suspect $GBPUSD can rise toward $1.56

Brown Brothers Harriman: "We have often found that sterling leads the euro. Consider that sterling peaked on January 2, while the euro peaked on February 1. Sterling bottomed on March 12 and the euro put in the low in Q1 on March 19. The advance we anticipate in sterling in early Q2 is based more on technical considerations than fundamental analysis. Market positioning is stretched as it has discounted real and anticipated poor economic news. We suspect it can rise toward $1.56, where it may…


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California - The Cyprus of America !

If you own property in CA you should read this.

The most recent well known example is the illegal “fire tax” but there are many others already implemented and on the way.

The greed in Sacramento cannot be underestimated.

(c) Howard Taxpayers…


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Time to hunt Kiwi

I remember IMF suggested that NZD was over-valued 2 weeks ago, and that idea helped NZD/USD rapidly stepped up :)) - jk!

Anyway, I believe that the Kiwi is slightly over-valued, so it's the time to find its potential resistance. A possible pattern will be:

- Mar 06 high (the 2nd blue square) to Mar 13 low, retraced up 61.8% (Mar 15)

- Mar 13 low to Mar 15 high, retraced down 61.8% (Mar 20)

- Mar 06 high to Mar 13 low, expand up 127.2% at 0.8400x

- 0.8400 is a pshych.…


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$EURCAD- next stop?

Currently we are at 1.3126 after breaking through the bear flag. We hit our first-third targets to the pip at 1.3118.  A continuation here would target the S6 support @ 1.3015 . The current average daily trading range (ATR) is 99 pips.…


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MvM update #2 - 7 Days Away

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