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UBS - EURUSD NEUTRAL A closing break below 1.3187 would be a bearish development

UBS - "EURUSD NEUTRAL A closing break below 1.3187 would be a bearish development; exposing 1.3063 ahead of 1.2998. Resistance is at 1.3291 ahead of 1.3434.
EURGBP BULLISH The risk is for a test of the critical resistance at 0.8831 and then 0.9021. Support is at 0.8605.
EURJPY BULLISH The cross is currently consolidating and while support at 120.67 holds, there is scope for resumption of strength to 125.90 and then 127.92."

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Size Doesn’t Matter…


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EURUSD - Intraday Strategy (22 Feb 2013)

Pivot: 1.3240

Recommendation: SHORT positions below 1.3240 with 1.3170 & 1.3140 as next targets.

Alternative scenario: The upside breakout of 1.3240 will call for a rebound to 1.3270/300.

Comment: After losing the key support 1.3305, the pair becomes under strong negative pressure with further risk for more loses, breach of 1.3240 will bring some bullish momentum for retesting 1.3270/300 levels, but upside…


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EUR/USD & GOLD forecast 22.02.2013

EUR has dropped futher yesterday reaching two of three my SHORT targets. For now seems that 1.3160 has stopped the free fall and the pair enters in some profit taking mode which pulls back the price above 1.3200. However the recovery won't happen in one day. For today first the price will go to 1.3230 and then it may try to break the 1.3250 resistance. Only on clear break of 1.3250 we may go to 1.3320 and from there to start a new wave down. My advice is to enter SHORT as close as possible…


Added by Vladimir Mihaylov on February 22, 2013 at 5:58am — 8 Comments

today is friday and we love friday

ASSALAM O ALEIKUM my dear freinds 

 yesterday EU drops badly and i think GOLD changes it,s trend in H4 and also in H1 


trend is bearish still 

i think today it can might be hit 1.3290 but my trend is for long time traders 

and i think EU is making W in H4 

remember my freinds 

  1. today data may be positive 
  2. today EU may be complete W in h4 
  3. today is…

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EURJPY - GBPJPY - Waiting for breakout

Pictures speak more. …


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I am thinking "long" riiiight here-ish...

Seeing as how Quantitative Easing is continuing full force (regardless that the FOMC is now thinking of tapering it off, it is still continuing), then I expect USD to continue to drop. Europe is a mixed bag, but not in a panic, so at least the general picture there is stable. So, I expect EURUSD to incline upside. On the daily chart, the trend is still up, despite the strong recent pullback:…


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Deutsche Bank - EURUSD gentle but steady upside pressure

Deutsche Bank - "In terms of positioning we note that speculative investors may now be long the euro, as suggested by IMM data as well as plenty of anecdotal evidence. Overall, however, we continue to argue that investors remain structurally short the euro and the Eurozone. What this means, in our view, is that the risk of short-term downward corrections is high, particularly if any of the political issues mentioned in this note were to surprise negatively. This is why we would not go long into… Continue

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Has the Eur/Usd trend changed?

Hello everyone,

The eur/usd has had quite a big selloff this week and I see around the internet lots of people chattering about wether  this is a trend change or not. with a split between the 2 opinions it can be a bit confusing.  I am not going to answer this question but I am going to suggest an exercise that people can try if they want.

its quite a simple one. The aim of which is not to give you any trades but just to help you take a step back for a minute and look at the…


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HSBC - GBP Still overvalued and headed lower

HSBC - "GBP has fallen quite sharply since the beginning of the year, but would seem to have further to go. The currency faces a toxic cocktail of declining fiscal credibility and monetary policy inaction just when market attention is shifting away from the Eurozone crisis and the US fiscal cliff. The fall in GBP so far, although swift, has been relatively modest in historic terms and it remains, if anything, above ‘fair value’ levels. The external accounts are weak and the market is not…


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Goldman Sachs - Central Bank Watch March 2013

Goldman Sachs -…


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Westpac - Weekly Trading Bias and Forecast Ranges

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Dear all

Hi Guys, just would like to introduce myself, I was following this web every morning before i start my day, It's very useful comments from all of you, thanks a lot.

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$EURUSD- back to the bottom?

Currently we are at 1.3194 stalling on the Support. We are looking now for the continuation to the S6 Support @ 1.3095.  Should see a bounce there if not the end - If not look for the continuation to the double bottom @ 1.2986  area.    The current average daily trading range (ATR) is 109 pips.…


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Royal Bank of Scotland - GBP strike three you’re out

Royal Bank of Scotland - "In contrast to the effective tightening in the US, the BoE minutes generated an effective policy easing in the UK. In response the GBP has naturally fallen. But it is more than that. The shift in tone by the BoE is worse for the GBP because its shift towards countenancing more QE or perhaps a cash rate cut comes not because it is undershooting inflation. It comes entirely because it is undershooting on its desire for growth. And worse still it is forecasting…


Added by Francesc Riverola on February 21, 2013 at 12:32pm — No Comments Launches Geo-targeted Brokers List: Only view Forex brokers you can trade with

Geo-targeted Brokers List: Only view Forex brokers you can trade with!

We have improved our Brokers Listing service to make it as relevant as possible to the users. We want everyone…


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BBH - Serious technical damage on the foreign currencies being inflicted

BBH - "The euro is falling through the uptrend drawn off last July (Draghi-induced) lows.   It comes in just below $1.3200 today.  The next technical target is near $1.3070-80.  Sterling has been pushed well through our $1.53 target and is now trading at 31-month lows.  It has bounced off the $1.5130 area, but the $1.5250 area looks set to cap corrective upticks.  The Canadian dollar is no match for the greenback.  A trend line drawn off the 2011 and 2012 high comes in near CAD1.0230 now.  A…


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Over all profits from trade setups +227 pips

Hi Everyone our overall profits from the Trade Setups released on Monday worked out well and we have grossed +227 pips. The trades are still running.

EUR/AUD did not quite go up to our forecasted level. The trade is still valid as of now.

EUR/JPY is living up to our expectations and on this trade alone we have added 307 pips to our kitty.



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UBS - USDJPY Bullish trend conditions persist. GBPUSD break below 1.5193 to open 1.5125; AUDUSD focus on 1.0227

UBS - "USDJPY BULLISH Bullish trend conditions persist. Resistance is at 94.46, a break above would open 97.79. Strong support is at 92.17.
GBPUSD BEARISH The aggressive sell-off yesterday stalled just above the major retracement support at 1.5193. A break below would open 1.5125. Resistance is at 1.5322.
AUDUSD BEARISH Resistance is at 1.0375. Significantly, the pair came under pressure from this point and focus is on 1.0227, a break below this would expose 1.0149."

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