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BoursajeeClub : S&P.

S&P: The index confirmed  negatively price closing @ price below the level of 2000.00, which form the main support as long as the ascending channel, so expect more attempts corrective negative during the coming period and the price starts to target some levels starting from 1945.00.

55 SMA passive supports, its stability on the breached support level and a major impediment to any positive prompt to stay awaiting the arrival of the previously announced price of the…


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BoursajeeClub : Gold

Gold: price of gold traded on the sides of the narrow path and stable since the morning near the pivotal support of 1193.40, while we are still waiting for confirmation of the point of the next price break through the mentioned support or penetration resistance 1207.90, with reference to the discrepancy between the technical indicators provides another reason for neutrality.

Gold: expected trading range for today is between support and resistance 1172. & 1242.

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BoursajeeClub : Oil

OIL-FEB: price of oil made a new test of the 50 moving average and bouncing down, while Stochastic provides a negative crossover support the continuation of the main bearish wave, waiting for a break of 54.45 to confirm continued decline towards 53.00.

We recall that the proposed bearishness requires stability below 57.30.

Expected trading range for today is between: support 53.00 and resistance 57.30

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USD/JPY: The pair attempts after the price succeeded touching the main awaited target at 115.55 as we pointed out recently,  being re testing pivotal resistance 117.35  which represent the keys select the next trend, where breaching 115.55 will confirm along the downside correction to target 113.55 levels, while penetration resistance will open the door to stop the downward correction mentioned and then restore the general bullish trend.

USD/JPY:: expected trading range for today is…


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Daily Technical Strategist On EURUSD

EURUSD: Vulnerable On Price Failure

EURUSD: Having taken back some of its intra day gains on Tuesday and weakening during Wednesday trading session, further weakness is envisaged. On the upside, resistance lies at the 1.2569 level where a violation will aim at the 1.2600 level where a break will aim at the 1.2650 level, its psycho level followed by the 1.2700 level. Further out, resistance comes in at the 1.2750 level. Conversely, support is seen at 1.2450 level with a cut through…


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BoursajeeClub : EUR/USD.

EUR/USD: traded passively this morning to test the intraday ascending channel support resides at 1.2455, which represents the first positive factor expectations for the day, where we still reserve the scenario bullish intraday trend targeting 1.2785 areas, with the reminder provided stability above the mentioned level and above 1.2430 to achieve the proposed objective.

It is necessary to pay attention to the time of the interest rate decision of the US dollar on the open committee…


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Winning Trade on 17th December

EUR JPY 5 Min:

The market was slow today as expected with the FOMC data due for release much later on in the evening. Price had channeled up over night (red parallel lines) and then fallen from open reaching a measured…


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Inside the Currency Market: Fed Funds, All You need to Know


 All you need to know about Fed Funds. Current 0.25, Effective Fed Funds or fancy Implied Fed Funds is the rate traded in the markets. The range is 0.00 - 0.25 based on the benchmark price. Effective rates move currency prices daily because it changes daily, may send Euro up, CHF down one day or Euro down, CHF up the next. Yesterday Fed Funds Effective closed 0.11%, saw 0.07 lows, and high 5 /16. What's 5 /16, 0.3125 or 31.25%. To understand short term Effective rates, direction and…


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FX Light - Eye Of The Storm

Free Margin95%

So the Russian’s are beginning to coordinate their actions. The central bank is using Dollar reserves to buy the Ruble (only $2bn) , the Federal government is looking to use $7bn in forex…


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EURUSD Daily Forecast Dec 17 2014

Outlook in EURUSD remains on the upside as long as support 1.2485 holds on a daily closing basis , resistance comes at the 1.2570 levels , a break would open 1.2630 next , a halt is likely but a breach will pave the way towards the 1.2725/1.2770 levels.

On the downside , a failure to hold gains above the 1.2570 levels could mean a return to the 1.2485 levels , a halt is in sight , but losing the 1.2485 levels on a daily closing basis should weaken the current bullish run and open…


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SELL EUR AUD AT  1.5320  STOP LOSS 1.5479  TP  1.5000


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buy aud nzd at 1.0545 sl 1.0505 tp 1.0689


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GBP/USD DAILY as of Wednesday, 17 December, 2014

*** Intra-Daily Trading Strategy: BUY British Pound / US Dollar

Buy Target: 1.5811

Buy Stop:   1.5537 

Enter New BUY on OPEN and exit BUY positions at Target price or at Stop price.

(NOTE: Adjust Stop Loss Price according to your trading risk.)

Do not reverse after exiting. This is a recommendation for INTRA-DAY TRADING…


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GOLD Technical Analysis as on 17-12-2014

A great match was played between buyers and sellers yesterday, the yellow metal placed low 1187 and high 1223 but at the end sellers win. This metal is supported near 1182 and consolidated below the resistance level 1218. Since Asian Session this metal is moving between small gain and losses.

Technically this metal is in side wave and not indicating a clear trend.SMA100 and 200 are indicating bearish trend in h1 graph but locked between both SMA in h4 graph. In daily graph a strong…


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After Reaching Supp 1187 Gold Resting A Bit Before The Next Move

Yesterday we saw 3 falling hours on Gold chart where price went from 1220 passing the psycho level 1200 and stopped at supp…


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GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCHF, Gold 17 Desember 2014


EURUSD – Down…


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EUR/USD Daily Key Levels

Hi Friends,

This analysis is about the intraday key support/resistance levels for EUR/USD . These levels are identified as per technical outlook and the discerned movement till date that includes the fundamental analysis also. These levels therefore give you a high probability case for price to bounce/pull back (by 5-20 pips) when it reaches these levels for the first time in the day. So follow these levels and make better trade set ups!

Monday's high 1.2568, low…


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AUDUSD Extremely Oversold On Monthly Chart Getting Closer & Closer To Supp 0.805

AUDUSD did reach the the RSI line of extremely oversold on monthly chart where in 2013 did bounce up after reaching it... & currently AUDUSD might damage 0.805 strong supp from 2010 before correcting up or might correct before touching it...

Correction is needed on AUDUSD to  decrease the current…


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15 Trades Table Covering All Scenarios When We Use 30 Pips Sl & 50 Pips Tp

Only For Educational Purposes 

Where if you lost 9 trades & won 6 trades from 15 consecutive trades, you will stay a winner with +30 pips!... Risk Management Is Your Only Strategy To Protect Your Forex Investment.…


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Hi to all mambers

Good evening all, I'd like to also say hi as a new member. I'm finding it very interesting hearing other traders positions and the patterns they may have seen. Stopping the losing trades is my hardest discipline after studying a particular pair (note to self stop moving the SL). Best wishes SteveTK

Added by Stevetk on December 16, 2014 at 10:53pm — 1 Comment

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