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FX Set-up:Waiting-TD: Morning FX Outlook, 21 October 2013

"(...)The markets are rather calm at the start of the week.  The USD has been under a fair degree of pressure over the past few weeks and the accumulation of short positions is being pared back modestly ahead of the payroll report tomorrow.  Although most think the Fed is sidelined…


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Only minor forecast changes due to Washington-J.P.Morgan

"(...)We are only changing a handful of forecasts this month despite the twin interest rate shocks from a

dovish Fed in September and a government shutdown this month. For EUR/USD, the Q4 target has been

raised to 1.37 but the early 2014 forecast remains at 1.33. The AUD/USD forecast has been raised for the

next four quarters but still shows a return to the low 0.90s. The NZD/USD forecast has been raised from an average of about 0.80 to about 0.83. Year-end forecasts which are…


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This favors carry trade strategies, risk assets, including emerging markets, commodities and equities-BBH

"We outline the investment climate for this week in seven points:

1.        Long-term interest rates may have bottomed several months ago, but rates will remain low for several more months  

2.        For good reason, many observers and…


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EUR/USD Oct. 21 – Quiet Start As Markets Await US Housing Data

After climbing to eight-month highs last week,EUR/USD is showing very little movement as we start the new trading week. The pair is trading in the mid-1.36 range in Monday’s European session. With the crisis in Washington over, the markets can focus on economic releases.  On Monday, German PPI posted a gain of 0.3%, beating the estimate. Today’s highlight is the US Existing Home Sales. The markets will also be keeping a…


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Central banks in view-Rabobank FX

"Expectations that the Federal Reserve may not taper the size of its monthly asset purchases are currently providing direction across assets classes.  While the Fed and the US economy are set to remain the centre of attention in the week ahead other central banks will be jostling for some of the headlines.

The BoE will release…


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US outflows slow-DB Cross-Border M&A Monitor

"The trend of US outflows appears to be slowing somewhat, totaling USD -12bn over the last three months versus -43bn YTD. Moderate outflows from Japan continue - outflows stand at USD -23 bn, the second highest outflows of any G10 country. However outflows from Japan have slowed compared to 2012. The trend of inflows into the Eurozone and the United Kingdom continues with USD 10 bn of inflows into the Eurozone and USD 8…


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Forex Oracle of the Week Contest - Place Your Calls For EURUSD Friday's London Open Price


1. Remember to place here you calls for EURUSD price for Friday October 25 - 2013 London Open at 7:00AM GMT or 8:00AM BST (British Summer Time).

2. Just place ONE forecast. example: EURUSD at 1.3710

3. All forecasts must be…


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Elliott Wave Analysis For USDCHF- Corrective Recovery Appears Complete

USDCHF reversed significantly to the downside last week from 0.9173 where a complex double zigzag correction from 0.8966 low appears complete. The reason is impulsive reaction lower and a daily close beneath channel support line as well as below wave X) swing low. With that in mind, we believe that USDCHF is going to revisit the lows from early October while pair is trading beneath 0.9173. Meanwhile any upside reaction should be just a temporary pull-back within…


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EURUSD-Low risk trading strategy-BBH technical outlook

"(...)The euro approached the year's high, set in early February near $1.3710, though stopped just shy of it.  Assuming this is breached next week, the next target is near $1.40.  The main caveat from our technical analysis is that the euro closed above the top of its Bollinger Band (two standard deviations above the 20-day moving average) for two consecutive sessions at…


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Fitting The Fiscal Pieces- UBS FX Perspectives

"Focus: unsynchronised fiscal tightening is affecting the outlook for G3 currencies.

The Eurozone's austerity, America's budget battles and Japan's impending sales tax rise have led to fiscal policy being tightened at different times in the G3 economies over the last few years. This is affecting the

outlook for currencies as the major central banks accommodate budgetary consolidation by expanding their balance sheets. Textbook economics suggests fiscal tightening combined with…


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Countering Dollar Weakness-UBS Fx comment

"The dollar has sold off sharply following Washington's deal to re-open the government to January 15 and to lift the debt ceiling to February 7. The economic impact from the shutdown, delay to Fed tapering, fear of ratings downgrades and worries that fiscal risks will re-emerge again early next year have pushed the greenback down to this year's low of 1.37 against the euro.

In the very near term, the greenback is set to stay on the defensive. Investors will assess upcoming delayed…


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Near term the USD is most vulnerable against the EUR of any major-DB Fx Daily

"The dollar is down against every actively traded currency since the US budget deal last week. From a risk appetite perspective this may be justified, but we believe the Washington deal’s implications for Fed policy warrants a degree of caution for some currency pairs, notably USD/JPY and the riskiest EM

currencies. The FX market’s recent price action is consistent with three consensus


1) The short-term nature of the deal will leave ongoing fiscal uncertainties,…


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Weekly Forex & Futures Outlook

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EURUSD Trading Strategy-TD Securities

"EUR/USD retains a positive technical profile. Trend momentum in particular is bullishly aligned across a range of short, medium and longer-term timeframes—a situation that we usually view as conducive to a sustained directional move that will see limited pull backs and a grinding bid—essentially what we have seen in spot since the early September rebound. If there is a concern, it is that the market remains capped below the 1.37 area (see below) and that the daily slow stochastic oscillator…


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Daily forcast for Eu session as on 21-10-2013


EUR/USD: Sell Below 1.3680,TP1.3650/20,SL1.3705,BOB1.3715

GBP/USD: Sell below 1.6175,TP1.6150/23,SL1.6200,BOB1.6210

GOLD: Buy above1318,TP1327/33,SL1315,BOS1313

CL: Buy above 100.60,TP101/101.23,SL100.30,BOS100.23

USD/JPY: Buy above 98,TP98.25/40,SL97.73,BOS 97.65

Important News; US Existing Home Sales at 7pm, German Buba Monthly report tentative.

BOB stand for break out buy and BOS stands for Break out sell. When a…


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GBPJPY (Weekly Chart) targets 160.00 , Support 154.71 !

The GBPJPY maintained a bullish momentum last week, printed a new support at the 154.71 levels, this development leaves the pair targeting the 160.00 levels the upcoming weeks where a breach will turn focus  on the 163.06, further out will aim the 165.05, sustained break above the 165.05 levels will have large bullish implication towards the 179.18 levels.

On the downside, support comes at the 154.71 levels, stability above this level will keep strong pressure on the 160.00 levels,…


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ussie Has Double Top at 9680..

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