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GOLD: Recovering But Still Vulnerable Medium Term.

GOLD: Our broader outlook on GOLD continues to point lower despite its recovery attempts the past week. We are looking for price failure to occur and turn it back down towards the 1,338/21 levels. Below here if seen will aim at the 1,300.00 level and possibly lower towards the 1,270 level. On the upside, GOLD will have to return above the 1,488.00 level to end its broader downside and then resume its recovery. Further out, resistance is seen at the 1,590.40 level followed by the 1,619…


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FeD's PoLiCy sHiFT frOm DoViSh tO NeUTraL iS CLeArLy viSibLe - mAy 27-31

It was FED FOMC minutes, followed by FED Chairman’s testimony that gave better understating about Fed’s intention towards its loose monetary policy stance, which should be more dependent on US economic recovery. But last week’s unusual behavior happened in the Japanese market, as Japan’s stock market fell like nine-pin, which was most after last major Tsunami. Offloading of stocks created demand for Yen that skyrocketed.
Though European economy is…

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UBS - This Week's Key Points: Fed tapering isn't imminent but keep favouring dollar

UBS - "Despite the volatile moves suffered by financial markets particularly the Nikkei, we think the key trend in currency markets of a rising dollar remains intact.

(...) For now the focus of the currency markets will remain on Japan. Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda will speak on Sunday and again on Wednesday. In addition the central bank will meet investors also on Wednesday to discuss the Japanese bond and equity markets. If Kuroda and his officials succeed in lowering volatilty in…


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GBP/USD Outlook May 27-31

The pound showed some movement in both directions, but ended the week with very modest losses, as GBP/USD close at 1.5122. The upcoming week is very quiet, with just four releases on the schedule. Here is an outlook of the events and an updated technical analysis for GBP/USD.

British inflation numbers, including CPI, missed their estimates, and Retail Sales looked…


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EUR/USD Forecast May 27-31

EUR/USD managed to recover an remain resilient in a week that saw a lot of turbulence. Can the euro remain stable or will the talk about the next moves of the ECB weigh on the euro? German retail sales, inflation  and employment data in Germany and the Eurozone are the main events this week . Here is an outlook on the main market-movers and an updated technical analysis for…


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Gold to fall asleep during the hot summer

First, I don't trade gold. I'm just a minor trader whose positions are mostly based on FA. Gold is the game of major funds and big big hands, who sometimes ignore all the fundamental aspects and news, pushing their own moves to burn small accounts.

But there are several things to say about TA.

My analysis is based on the swing A (Oct 2008 ~ 681.4) to B (Sep 2011 ~ 1920.8). This swing was supported by a rising trendline (green). It was then breached at the end of Apr 2012…


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Target Trading in the Forex upcoming week of May 26th ,2013


What Forex Target Traders See:  We are currently sitting @ 1.2935 after a strong bounce off the day chart trend line.  We are tentatively bullish but waiting.  A couple of different scenarios.  1:  bullish: a move to the upper day chart trend line @ 1.2996 area) and break out we will look to the R5 @ 1.3172.  2: Bearish : A break down here or at the 1.2996 area would set up a nice wave to the day chart bottom @ 1.2748.  The average (14 day) daily true range (ATR)…


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Why seems fxstreet so amateurish compared to Dukascopy...!!

Why seems fxstreet so amateurish compared to Dukascopy ..!!

I have been a customer of Dukascopy for many years .. Something that has impressed me is how they have handled the transition basis of clients , where minimum ticket was 50 K to open the account then down to 5 K and 0.1 K today.

  I went through their fxcommunity pages for the first time and was impressed with how good they are to promoting forex trading with sex, glamor, wellness, wealth and…


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USDCHF: Loses Bullish Steam, Vulnerable.

USDCHF – Having backed off higher prices to close lower the past week, there is risk of further declines in the new week. Despite this it continues to hold on to its broader upside bias suggesting the mentioned weakness is corrective. On ending it USDCHF should eventually return to the 0.9838 level, its May 2013 high where a violation will aim at the 0.9850 level. Further out, resistance resides at the 0.9900 level with a turn above here exposing the 0.9970 level. On the downside, support…


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How was January 2013 for EURUSD?!

Recently I have been studying currency pairs’ behaviors in different months and Im trying to see if there are any significant difference, decency and some other weird things ;) between the months in FX Market. Here Im simply considering EURUSD daily return in the month of January during 2002 - 2013. It should be added that daily return is counted base on the difference between Close Price Day2 and Day1, then Average of whole month, plus Standard Deviation (as the risk measure) and…


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EUR/USD, anomalies and December effect

Anomalies in financial markets are interesting subjects which have been studied by practitioners and researchers in different markets. Same story exist for currencies and I tried to replicate the effect of December (last month of the year) on EurUsd pair, base on January 2002- November 2012 daily market rates.

During the last decade daily fluctuations of EurUsd in December sometimes has been less than the rest of the year and sometimes it has been higher. To compare December…


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Neither Buy Nor Sell, Damn Currencies

Have you ever wondered if average price of currency pairs may be indicative? Is it a right estimator?

   To apply some classic trading strategies in Retail Forex I have been working on 4 major pairs, EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF and GBPUSD since last year. Due to my work I found some characteristics about currencies which might be useful for day trading in retail Forex.

One of these characteristics is about having zero mean (average) in 4H time frame. I studied 4 majors during Jan…


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Gold and Silver Outlook for May 24

Precious metals changed direction and rallied on Thursday following the decline in the U.S equity markets. The sharp drop in the Japanese equity markets may have dragged down along with it the Japanese yen and other equity markets. In the U.S: new home sales slightly rose by 2.3% in April compared to March;…


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Goldman Sachs - We Remain Bearish on the AUD

Goldman Sachs - "One of our key FX themes for 2013 remains a bearish view on the AUD. We now expect the cross to trade at 0.97, 0.96 and 0.90 in 3, 6 and 12 months. Our view remains predicated on Australia’s deteriorating fundamentals, prospects for lower commodity prices, slower Chinese activity and the likelihood that the search for yield will decline as global growth sustainably recovers. We chose to express that view in a Top Trade recommendation vs the Norwegian Kroner, given they are…


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OPEN SELL US30@15230...

OPEN SELL US30@15230...


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Elliott Wave Intraday Analysis for AUD/JPY 24-May-2013 19:10 IST

Aud.Jpy is on the path as mentioned on yesterday comment. Things are on the way to hit our 1st target @ 97, we can have second target 96.50 – 96.20 area. my recommendation is to book 80% @ 97 and leave 20% for 96.20. If you are in both trades, your avg entry will be 100.325, and so you should have more than 332 pips in profit @ 97.…


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Danske Bank - Buy USD/CAD and sell Nymex crude

Danske Bank - "USD/CAD - Above 1.0446 would confirm a major reversal
Strategy Summary - Stay long or buy dips for gains to 1.0854, ahead of 1.1236 and then 1.1668. Suggest placing a stop under .9815.

NYMEX Crude - A potential double top formation warns of a decline
Strategy Summary - Look to sell for a decline towards the 87.07/85.61 region. Place a stop loss above 97.17."

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$USDJPY- Wedge breakout?

Currently we are at 101.41 in  a breakout of the rising wedge which is bearish..  We are looking for a move down to the 0.618 Fibo @ 100.56  then a bounce.    The current average daily trading range (ATR) is 102  pips.…


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Rabobank - Central banks and EUR/USD

Rabobank - "Over the past few years the ‘resilience’ of EUR/USD has surprised many investors. Even as the Eurozone crisis raged, the weakest level that EUR/USD achieved was a brief dip to 1.1877 back in June 2010. One of the most obvious explanations for this ‘resilience’ has been the weakness of the USD. In 2012 the USD was the second weakest performing G10 currency after the JPY. Insofar as the Fed stepped up QE towards the end of 2012, this is perhaps not surprising. (...), it is…


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M&G Investments - Japanese investors are not buying foreign bonds, they’re selling

M&G Investments - "One of the stories that has driven global financial markets higher for the past few months has been about how Japanese investors are piling, or will pile, into foreign assets. Surely a rational Japanese investor would dump Japanese assets in an attempt to escape the exploding yen and the ravages of domestic inflation, or at the very least seek out a bigger yield than the puny returns available on the artificially suppressed domestic government bonds?

Well, they…


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