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Winning Trade on 27th January

USD JPY 5 Min:

Here is the first of three failed signal trades today. It has been really  rich in these recently probably indicating the volatility of the markets.

Here you see since European open price spiked down then ranged then broke out of the range to the down in…


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Winning Trade on 27th January-2

GBP USD 5 Min:

Here is the second failed signal: See how price spikes up then channels then spikes again. At the large final spike there was an inside candle. Tempting for a short but Al Brooks teaches 'never short a low 1 after a spike.' Why? because it could become a spike…


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daily technical strategist on AUDUSD

AUDUSD:  Maintains Corrective Bias

AUDUSD:  With AUDUSD turning higher on Monday and following through higher on Tuesday, it now faces the risk of further upside in the days ahead. On the downside, support resides at the 0.7850 level where a breach will aim at the 0.7800 level. Below that level will set the stage for a run at the 0.7750 level with a cut through targeting further downside towards the 0.7700 level. On the upside,…


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Most Viewed Forex Webinars, Week of January 12th-18th: Sam Seiden, Joseph Trevisani and Rob Colville

Most Viewed Webinars January 12th - 18th…


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EUR/USD, pulled back by the eur/chf!?

1.1220 supported the pair over the Asian sesion and the pair pushed strongly up this morning, braking the 38.2 fibo retracement from the ‘QE decision fall’. I cant find the resistance at that level and possible reason could be 300 pips up/down move on the EUR/CHFpair!? At this moment, technicaly it’s not clear to me to see the next possible move? After the ‘Greek election move’ down, the pair find temporary bottom at 1.1110 for the secon time and trying to…


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EURUSD Daily Forecast Jan 27 2015

Outlook in EURUSD remains on the downside as long as 1.1315 resistance holds on a daily closing basis , stability below the 1.1315 levels could mean a return to the 1.1090 levels , a cut would open 1.0950 next , further down will target the 1.0850 levels.

On the upside , resistance comes at the 1.315 levels , sustained breakout – daily closing – above the 1.1315 levels will turn outlook neutral and bring rebound towards the 1.1459/1.1539 levels before the next fall..

In all ,…


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EURUSD Could Drop Down Into Wave 5

The USD down is moving slightly down but the question is for how long as we see several corrective price action across the FX charts. On EURUSD market made a three wave bounce as expected, about we talked about yesterday when called end of an extended wave 3. Well, market retraced close to our resistance area so new bearish turn can be around the corner. We are expecting a drop down into wave 5 that can decline even to 1.1000 by the end of the week. On the upside invalidation level stands at…


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Crude Oil 27th Jan 2015

Short Crude Oil below 46.00 SL 46.50 and Target 44.60/20/43.80/50/42.80/50

Long crude above 46.50 SL 44.80 and Target 47.00

Short Crude Oil below 44.00 SL 4500 and Target 43.80/50/42.80/50

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GBPUSD 27th Jan 2015

GDP is going to be announced in about 10 min from now.

For today:

Long Above 1.5120 SL 1.5070 and Target 1.5168

Short Below 1.5070 SL 1.5120 and Target 1.5050/33/12

See you later, BOL



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Crude Oil Weekly Chart Revision (Price Action)

I hope this blog post will help us understanding the price action and importance of candle stick patterns.

  1. In my previous blog post (Crude oil in depth technical analysis) I explained the monthly, daily and hourly charts respectively. On that technical outlook I entered the short at 47.23. 50% of the position has already been closed at 44.60 giving a gain of 263 Pip sand remaining 50% is in play with now stop loss moved to break even (47.23).




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Day Trading Key Levels as on 27-1-15

Sell Limit 1.1295, TP 1.1220 SL 1.1338, Buy Stop 1.1345
Sell Near 132.75, TP 132.30 SL 133.10, Buy Stop 133.20
Sell 1282, Tp 1270/65 SL 1288, Buy Stop 1290
Sell Below 1.5095 TP 1.5050/30 SL 1.5138 BUy STop 1.5145
CRude Oil:
buy 45, TP 45.65, SL 44.65,Sell STop 44.50

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Gold Technical Analysis as on 27-1-15

Gold prices ticked down in early Asian Session, placed low 1272 and traded below the daily pivot level 1285.As I mentioned in my earlier analysis that the yellow metal is strongly consolidated below the price level 1324 and need a strong bullish force to cross this level, But this metal unable to do this and rejected by this resistance level.

Technically this metal is in bearish trend and indicating more declines. Daily pivot level is 1285, SMA100 is indicating clear bearish…


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A Glimer of Hope For The Euro

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Fibonacci On EURUSD Monthly Chart

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377.

2+3= 5. The 2, comes from the result of 1+1=2, yet the number 3 is the energy of life found around us. An energy which organize the giving for all livings forms on earth, as the miracle of life.

Fibonacci search technique in computer science is a method of searching a sorted array using a divide and conquer algorithm that narrows down possible locations with the aid of Fibonacci…


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gu trade

i saw a utube video of gu one manytimes, has to do with the way the banks close across europe. watch the 3am est 1hr bar
go long 5pips above with a stop 10 pips below the low, target 50 pips
go short 5 pips below 3hr bar low
and stop at 10+ high, 50 pip target
nice rules, but play at own risk

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GBPJPY, Gold 27 Januari 2015


Gold – Down…


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EUR/USD Daily key levels

Hi Friends,

This analysis is about the intraday key support/resistance levels for EUR/USD . These levels are identified as per technical outlook and the discerned movement till date that includes the fundamental analysis also. These levels therefore give you a high probability case for price to bounce/pull back (by 5-20 pips) when it reaches these levels for the first time in the day. So…


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10 trades challenge between: Market Ninja Tom Tony

Updates :

28/01 8:29pm Trade 3  Half close @ 25.08 & stoploss break even

27/01 8:05pm Trade 4  Half close @ 13.60

27/01 7:48pm Trade 4 SL @ break even


10 trades challenge between:…


Added by Tom on January 26, 2015 at 7:30pm — 1 Comment

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