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EUR/USD Outlook July 2-6

Euro/dollar closed the month with a bang, rising from the abyss to high levels as hope from the EU Summit took over any doubts. Are we set for more gains? Or will the rally fade out as in past summits. The rate decision is the main event of this week. Will the ECB finally cut rates?Here is an outlook for the upcoming events and an updated technical analysis for EUR/USD.



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EuRo & GoLD tO tEsT nEw hIGhS - July 2-6

Measures announced by the European leaders after the summit in Brussels proved to be boon for Bulls waiting for their turn to respond to the ongoing Bearish spell and they returned to hit back the market with vengeance.

European announcement gave boost to the crude oil prices that surged by nearly 9.5 pct, global stock market jumped by 1.4 pct to 6.4 pct, gold gained by over 3 pct and Euro enjoyed 2 pct bull run during the…


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Target Trading in the Forex upcoming week of July 1,2012


What ProAct Forex Target Traders See:  We are currently sitting @ 1.2655 just under the day chart trendline @ 1.2685.  There is no real trend established and the latest move was fundamental in nature not technical.  If we break the top we are bullish to the R5 @ 1.2784 and then the -0.618 fib extension @ 1.2871.  A breakdown will target a move back to the .786 Fibo/ R1 @ 1.2468.  We need a pullback to establish the uptrend so expect that to be built before a break of…


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Pride goes before a fall.

As a trader I always keep reminding myself to be humble .

If you are too proud and overconfident, you will make mistakes leading to your defeat.

There is always another day to trade.

Be humble , patient and discipline = SUCCESS


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$GBPUSD- Breakdown?

Currently the pair is @ 1.5653 after the strong reversal last night.  Today is week end, month end and quarter end so this could be a big day as traders try and pad their clients’ accounts before squaring up.  BE CAREFUL!  Look for the move to go to the resistance @ 1.5703 and maybe the  R4 @1.5719.…


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EUR/USD Leaps on EU Summit Decisions as Quarter Ends

EUR/USD leaped around 200 pips on the announcements made in the EU Summit. The decision to give an equal status to the bailout funds and avoid the scenario of the Greek subordination is definitely good news. The direct bank recapitalization decision is still full of holes, big ones. There are quite a few indicators on the agenda, but the EU Summit digestion and another topic rule…


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Forget All The Crap and Just Follow Me... The New Forex Guru of the 21st Century

Do you really want to make money in Foreign Exchange? really really?

Then forget all the crap around our industry - gurus, EAs, indicators, education, discipline, risk management.... forget it all!!!!

You just have to follow me... that's it!... guaranteed!!

I'm the best trader in the world, even though I have not placed a single trade in my life... how do I do it?

I just travel from time to time with my family... so the only thing you have to do is to follow…


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Spanish 10 year govt bond yield 6.565%, off 37.5 bps

Italian 10 year govt bond yield 5.905%, off 29 bps

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What forex trading style suits you?

Once again, MahiFX.com doing a great job with infographics.... this company has brought fresh air to the Retail Forex industry with its informal way of doing things but at the same time extremely modern design.... this infographic shows different kind of trading styles and talks about a famous trader for each style covered .... as I said.... refreshing.

enjoy it…


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Charles Henri Sabet, Founder of Synthesis Bank Now Leading New Retail FX Broker JFX.com

Charles-Henri Sabet, founder of Synthesis Bank and acquired by Saxo Bank, is now leading this new Retail Forex Broker and he knows the industry extremely good, so be prepared to hear more about this firm: JFX.com.



JFX.com‐ Jiffix Markets Ltd. In Cyprus strengthens its capital base and its Board of Directors.

Charles‐Henri Sabet, the founder of Synthesis Bank Geneva, at the…


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Gold & Silver - Daily Outlook June 28

Gold and silver didn't do much yesterday as gold edged up while silver slipped. The rise in U.S pending home sales index and U.S core durable goods as indicated in their respective reports, may have contributed to the rise in stocks and commodities prices. The EU Summit will start today. If there will be big headlines coming out of the Summit, it could affect forex and commodities markets. I suspect it will…


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EUR, AUD, GBP EW Shorts In Progress

EURUSD has been in the downtrend since we projected on Jun 21st, the end of Elliotwave 4W correction and the breach below 200 Day MA. However, the downside momentum has been modest due to the Volume at the lowest Distribution level.

The downside projection continues with the final Elliot Wave corrective measure:…


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$USDCAD- Higher?

Currently the pair is @ 1.0286 after bouncing on the trend wall.  Look for the move to go to the R3@1.0303 and then the.385 Fibo area @1.0335.  

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EUR/USD Slumps as EU Summit Expectations Fade

EUR/USD broke out of yesterday’s (June 27th) narrow range, as the market mood soured prior to today’s EU Summit. The European leaders have plenty of pressing topics to discuss, starting with the alarming fiscal crises in Greece and Spain. As with other grandiose meetings, there is a lot of skepticism if any concrete measures will be announced. There was more bad news as German CPI…


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Forex Price Action Setups - AUD/USD Squeeze Happening? June 27th


After bouncing and continuing higher from the pin bar we mentioned yesterday, the 1hr chart on the Aussie looks like the bulls are squeezing out the bears trying to take out the short term resistance at 1.0089.  Although the bounce off the oversold lows the other day has the presence of being more…


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Eur Usd 4 Hour

Hi Guys - this is my first post - please feel free to comment on my chart, and i'd like to see your charts as well please - i took the trade short at 1.2508, with a stop at 1.2535, and exited near support at 1.2448, there seems to be strong support there on the 4 hour so i took off …


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$DJIA, $SPX, GBP, AUD--Just Charts For Review

Potential Shorts on all charts below: Picture Speaks Louder Than Words.




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Gulf Region Forex industry doubling annually, says Dubai's Alpari CEO

if this is true, that's a fast growing market indeed!




GCC Forex industry doubling annually, says Dubai's Alpari ME DMCC

by AMEinfo.com

The online Forex and currency trading industry in the Middle East will continue its meteoric rise and grow at an exponential rate, doubling year on year said Iskandar Najjar, CEO of…


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$GBPUSD- Breakdown?

Currently the pair is @ 1.5598  after breaking down from the wedge.  Look for the move to go to the S4 @1.5546 and then the support area @1.5527.  

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ProShares Launches First -1X Euro ETF

For those of you who trade FX with ETF's.

ProShares, a premier provider of alternative exchange traded funds (ETFs), announced today the launch of ProShares Short Euro (NYSE: EUFX).…


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