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Currently @0.9863.  The cross  has continued to produce higher highs as it took out the R4 target @ 0.9904. It is currently sitting on support and we are looking for a move to the 1.270 Fib extension @ 0.9969.  Overall target is the R5 @ 1.0048.  Should it break to the south look for 0.9800 (R2 and .500 fibo) as the target down.…


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Ranges, lack of definition...SUMMER!

Majors had been up and down since the start of the week, with no much of a longer term definition, despite dollar highs. Ther is something of bipolar behaviour lately when it comes to market sentiment, as risk aversion switchs no risk appetite back and foward, sometimes more than a couple times a session.  Still,  is not that easy as blaming it on summer: investors are running out of safe havens, and my bet goes for gold, and a recovery there, as when it comes to currency, record highs in…


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EUR/USD Losing Some Gains As Tension Mounts

Euro dollar is losing some ground as the tension mounts towards the Greek votes in the parliament. The gains made earlier came on the hope that there is some Grand Plan B for Greece to save the day. European indicators have been mixed. Will we see a break out? We have some US figures ahead.

Here’s a quick update on technicals, fundamentals and what’s going on in the…


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EUR/USD Daily Outlook 28 Jun 2011

The EUR/USD flew off yesterday affected by the positivity of the multiple bullish divergence(s) on 4 hour chart as shown on the chart posted above , and stopped around the neckline 1.4305 , so far we don't have a real breakout yet , we need at least a 4 hour close above the neckline 1.4305 , then the pair will test…


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Pump and dump moves are seen

EURO made the rise towards close of yesterday US session to open nominally high.

japanese session swing and slide move is seen in EURO and GBP.

They are expected to swing and drop during early European session .late european session some volatile moves may be seen.

swing and slide moves are expected during US session.

now majors are showing nominal negative net change and commodity pairs are showing nominal positive net change.This contrarian move is to handle the…


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EUR/USD forecast 28.06.2011

A very strong bullish move yesterday raised EUR almost 200 pips fo a day with no pullback to the down border of Daily Ichimocu and Daily MA(14). If one of these two is breached today (it's very possible) we are going to test 1.4450 where we have failed last week. All depends on  Greece again, as the maket doesn't care about the real situation in Europe. Greece cannot be saved and there is nothing to do about it, it's just matter of time. Eurozone is going to die, but France and Germany will…


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Breakout GAP on #USDx

Breakout GAP on #USDx

There is a breakout gap on USDx from the great accelaration it received on 23.06. The bottom of the gap is precisely at the 77.74 level.Therefore, price will  cover that gap thus completing the bear MACD…

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FOREX VIDEO | New York Session Review | June 27, 2011

The euro found firmer footing today against multiple major currencies as the market awaits Wednesday's vote by Greek Parliament on that country's latest austerity package. The EUR/USD currency pair rose more than 120 pips from its New York session low before the end of the European trading day.

Curt Wehrley

FX Bootcamp's Quantitative… Continue

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Rich Norway

Below the USD against the NOK (Norwegian Krona)

This is an oil rich country and almost no debt !

It has trade agreemenets with the Eurozone country's  but don't pay to Brussels.

Two interesting links from the Financial Times, if you like to have more fundemenl analyses.


select the movie on the right.



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Gold Furthers Bearish Correction Off Trendline Breakdown

Gold (daily chart) as of Monday (6/27/2011) has continued the bearish correction that was prompted on the breakdown below the steep bullish support trendline extending back to the January low just above 1300. This occurs within the context of an overall bullish trend for gold that continues to remain…


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EURAUD Kumo Breakout Trade 6-27-11

Alright traders were starting the week off on the right foot. Last week I had mentioned that the EURAUD could be a good trade once it gets to the Kumo. Well that time has come and I entered a long trade based on a Kumo Breakout. If you look at the above pic you will see that I have marked the main…


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handling crosses

majors are showing positive net changes - a contrarian move and the commodity pairs are showing negative net changes- again a contrarian move.These net changes indicate the crosses are being handled now become the next USD gaining moves in majors.



Added by Dr. Sivaraman on June 27, 2011 at 3:16pm — 6 Comments

USD/JPY Pushes to the Upside

USD/JPY (4-hour chart) as of Monday (6/27/2011) has broken out of a symmetrical triangle consolidation pattern extending back to the end-of-May high, which resides within a larger consolidation that has been in place for the last two months. The current triangle consolidation breakout has not been…


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Currently @1 .4199.  The cross  is in the 5th wave to the downside and has bounced to the top of the trend wall.  If we do NOT break to the upside , we are then  looking for a continuation to the bottom @ 1.4065.  Should it break to the north look for 1.4301 (s3 and .382 fibo) as the target up.…


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Either way moves

EURO and GBP made the volatile and slide moves for week end.

For week beginning they are expected to make either way moves .

A drop during Japanese session.

Swing and rise moves till mid european session and slide towards close.US session is expected to show initial firming up and slide again towards close of the session.

This is a week where in the current month gets over and the new month starts.So either way volatile moves are expected.More Lower highs and lower lows are… Continue

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#USDx and #EURUSD Update

#USDx and #EURUSD Update

As the MACD divergences posted earlier came into play, both USDx and Euro changed the main move of the day.

This is just a temporary delay for an imminent break that most likely is is about to occur during this week.
Visit my blog…

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EUR/USD Recovering As Private Sector Agrees On Greek Restructuring

Euro dollar is now on the rise ahead of the critical votes in the Greek parliament, that have been postponed. A banking conference in Rome is discussing “volunteering” of the private sector to restructure Greek debt, while some leaders begin playing down the impact of a Greek default. We have a few US indicators to start the week. Here’s a quick update on technicals, fundamentals…


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EUR/USD Outlook (27Jun - 01Jul 2011)

The EUR/USD kept falling last week and closed around 1.4180 affected by the negativity of the hidden bearish divergence of OsMA indicator which happened at the beginning of this month..

The pair is trading inside the neutral zone , add to that it looks like it's gonna form a triangle , MACD and…


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EUR/USD forecast 27.06.2011

A high volatile week has passed and EUR going in just one direction through the day became luxury. Going up and down then up and again down and... this was eveyday as big players try to hit any stops placed. Now EUR is trading @ 1.4130, and in early Asian session it reached 1.41 then bounced a little. There will be important news from Grece tomorrow, so watch the news.There are many LONG positions opened in the area between 1.4060 and 1.4100, their SL are below 1.40. Today we have the…


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EUR/USD Outlook – June 27 – July 1

The complications in the Greek crisis continue weighing on euro dollar, which lost ground to the greenback for a third week in a row. The upcoming week consists of many important indicators towards the rate decision, as well as a critical vote in the Greek parliament. Here is an outlook for the European events, and an updated technical analysis for EUR/USD.



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