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EURUSD- 4 Hour Chart;Further Downside Risks below 1.3017 towards 1.2875-1.2735 !

The EURUSD continued to maintain its bearish momentum the past few days after rejection from 1.3318 levels, pressure now will be on the key support 1.3017 ,EURUSD will have to hold below 1.3017 on a 4 hour closing basis to push the market for further downside loses  if seen this scenario could push the market further lower towards the 1.2875  levels, where a breach will turn focus on the 1.2735 levels, at this point I'd expect downside to be contained above 1.2735 levels to bring another…


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EUR/USD back to 1,3410 as a corr wave

I see EUR ready for long from here with  a tiny stop lose , as the double bottom have to set here , anyway , this correction wave have to take us at least to 1.3410 , take care there because the big guys will short from our target , wishing u all a happy trade , good…


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Crude has broken out of 7 day balance area it has been into.

currently sitting at 91.675 as I am wiritng this post, which is a key point – Due to last week´s beahaviour

I´m working towards the scenario of a big move in either direction.

To the downside, I´m looking into $91.50, followed by $91, $89.95, $89.75 & $89.30

To the upside, I would like to see $92.75 regained. Then, I will be looking into $92.90, $93.15 &…


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HSBC - USDJPY Decision Tree... A Brilliant Piece of Analysis

You can agree or disagree with their conclusions..., but for me, this is a brilliant piece of analysis... Bravo for HSBC!


Added by Francesc Riverola on February 28, 2013 at 7:30pm — 3 Comments

Gold update * Feb. 28

1595 & 1590 as important points for price to recover.

For longs I would be starting to become wary below 1586-85, being 1581-1580 another important spot – the closer price gets there (without appropriate buying response), the closer the sellers are to push price lower. 1575. 1572, 1569 as another key point I´ll be watching.

Might sound like a tautology, but that it is what I am seeing now.…


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€uro update * Feb. 28

Still contained within the boundaries pointed yesterday.

1.3020-1.3000 as key price point, followed by 1.2940

Above, 1.3160-1.3140

Waiting game, here.


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Is trading Mental or Mathematical?

I was discussing this topic with a fellow trader and wondered if I could get some feedback here.  I trade a mathematical system and I have recently automated it so for me and my trading, emotion no longer has anything to do with it.  On the other hand most people do not use automation yet which means they are forced to wrestle with the psychological side.  So my question is this:  Does having a mathematical edge that is automated really alleviate the psychological side of trading?     

Added by Derek Frey on February 28, 2013 at 3:46pm — 22 Comments

$AUDUSD- continuation?

Currently we are at 1.0250  after a nice correction. We are looking now for the continuation to the support  @ 1.0221  (chance of inverse head and shoulder there) with further targets at the second wave S4 @ 1.0145  area.  The current average daily trading range (ATR) is 76 pips.…


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USDJPY Approaching Former Swing Lows That May Reach As A Resistance

USDJPY gapped higher on Sunday and then reversed sharply lower on Monday during the US hours when stock market fell. As such, wave (v) was a little short but still valid because pair reached new high at 94.53 and completed black wave 3. As such, we suspect that pair is now in a three wave retracement lower in wave 4 that may reach 90.00 level. One possibility is also a flat in wave four if rally from 90.92 will be in five waves.

If wave count below is correct, then pair should reverse…


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Deutsche Bank - Exchange Rate Perspectives: The Dollar is Back

Deutsche Bank - "Almost all currencies appeared to have peaked against the dollar, and the more recent rise in USD/JPY suggest the broad dollar is embarking on a multi-year uptrend. Superior US growth should support the rotation from bonds to equities that will help the dollar. Abenomics shows the scope central banks outside of the US have to weaken their currencies against the dollar. China rebalancing away from investment provides a downside risk to the China-linked currencies that have…


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ANZ - Thursday Trifecta Signals Buy Aussie

"• A trifecta of factors suggests the bottom of the range is likely in for AUD/USD
• These are: positive CAPEX data; RBA indifference around current AUD levels; large reserve managers holding AUD in their portfolios
• We are long AUD/NZD to reflect this view"

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The Sterling Pound 28th Feb

The USD remained enigmatic in NY session but Asian session pulled it down indicating weakening USD.

Expect the Dollar to show some weakness in Asian and London session , while NY will decide…


Added by Sardar Uddin on February 28, 2013 at 12:12pm — No Comments

AUDUSD: Vulnerable Despite Attempts On The Upside.

AUDUSD: Despite its attempt on the upside, AUDUSD continues to look vulnerable to the downside medium term. Support lies at the 1.0182 level followed by the 1.0150 level and next the 1.0100 level. We expect this level to hold if tested thus turning the pair lower. Conversely, AUDUSD will have to take out the 1.0374 level to reassert its corrective recovery possibly towards the 1.0457 level. Further out, resistance comes in at the 1.0598 level. All in all, the pair continues to…


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EUR/USD Feb 28 – Steady, But Market Jitters Continue

EUR/USD remains under pressure, but is steady in Thursday trading. The markets continue to be nervous about the political stalemate gripping Italy. With no clear winner in this week’s parliamentary elections, there are fears that a prolonged deadlock could lead to a new crisis in the Eurozone. There was some good news as investors showed a strong demand for 10-year Italian bonds. In the…


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Price Action Lesson - Market Fractals

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RBS - EURUSD 1.3040 – 1.3300 range awaits

Royal Bank of Scotland - "EUR/USD: Tuesdays piece commented on the fact that this level at 1.3040 should be supportive and I’m further buoyed by yesterday’s price action that was a good solid positive day following the reversal pattern witnessed on Tuesday. I think this opens up a short term move back to the trend line break area around 1.3275 and the important Fibonacci retracement level above there at 1.3296. Note too that the fairly distinct head and shoulders pattern looks like it had…


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Forex Trend Forecast 28.2.2013

FTF 2822013

In graf above you can see what trend is downtrend or uptrend.



Intraday: If the price will keep under 1.3260 we can say that eur/usd is in downtrend.

Day: The resistance level is 1.3260 after cross this level it will continue in uptrend.



Intraday: Here we have two resistance levels first is 1.5270…


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The Two Goldfish Method of Trading

A rule, any rule is better than no rule at all when trading. 


This is a stupid example but it has a point…


In my office I have two gold fish, Bubbles and Jaws.  Each day I feed the fish and if Bubbles takes the first spec of food I buy the dollar but if Jaws takes the first spec of food I sell the dollar. 


I then wait until the next day and after buying the dollar the day before, I look for Jaws to feed first, so I can exit my trade.  If he…


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AUDUSD Corrective Reversal Could Reach 1.0360/80 Swing

AUDUSD hit new low few sessions back and reversed quite impulsively from 1.0181 low which suggests that pair has reached a temporary low. In fact, recent price action in 1.0220-1.0370 range could be labeled as a triangle in fourth wave so reversal that we are seeing is actually not a surprise because we know that move after the triangle was a final leg of a larger trend. In our case that was wave 5 that completed a five wave decline in wave 1). With that said, current rally is probably part…


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