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Big Day: All Eyes on LTRO, and also Bernanke

Euro dollar is on high ground on this highly important day on a special date. The second LTRO of the ECB is in the limelight: European banks will get more cash, and there’s a lot of uncertainty about the size and market reaction. “Selling the fact” seems the best option. Will Greece be let go after banks are better equipped? Later, revised US GDP and more importantly, a testimony by…


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EURUSD & Silver Outlook 29 FEB 2012

EURUSD Daily Outlook 29 Feb 2012

The EURO continued its bullish move yesterday ,bottomed at 1.3365 broke above 1.3465 after testing 1.3390 couple of times as expected before..

According to daily, yesterday we had a clear break above 1.3377 ( high &…


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EurO & GoLD to TesT NeW HigHs - Feb 29

LTRO announcement will be the big even of the day and there are lot of guess work, talk and analysis about the number and possible impact on the market. The December LTRO tranche did work well in the sense that it gave some sort of stability to European banking system that helped in stabilizing the bond market to a certain extent, though Portugal and Greece CDS are still record high.   

There is lot of pressure from G-30 to put extra funds in IMF kitty and…


Added by asad rizvi on February 29, 2012 at 3:00am — 48 Comments

A different view on Debt. !

Two interesting links showing US and EU debt in a different, but clear,  way.

What a big amount.





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Gold and Silver Outlook for March 2012

Following the sharp gains for gold and silver during January when gold price rose by 11% and silver by 19.15%, the situation in February was much different. Gold increased by only 2.07% from the end of January; silver has added 6.49% to its value. What were the events and decisions that may have affected the direction of gold and silver during February? Part of it might have to do with the recent decision of the…


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4 Keys To Improving Your Trading Process

In a constant effort to refine the trading and educational process in helping traders become profitable, I have put together this article which will give you five keys to improving your trading and particularly help with the learning process to becoming a successful trader.


Key #1:  The Zone of Proximal Development


This is the idea that learning works best when you the trader tackle something that is just beyond your current…


Added by 2ndSkiesForex on February 27, 2012 at 11:28pm — 12 Comments

EUR/USD In Range as Optimism Fades

Euro dollar is in the same high range, unconvinced from the Greek deal, but not going anywhere fast. Mixed purchasing managers’ indices don’t help the pair pick a direction. As long as the Greek deal doesn’t fall apart (which certainly isn’t certain), the next big event is the ECB’s LTRO. Today the US joins with the important existing home sales figure.

Here’s an…


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EURUSD & Silver Outlook 22 FEB 2012

EURUSD Daily Outlook 22 Feb 2012

As shown on the 4 hour chart above , the pair found resistance at 1.3292, a test to 1.3260 is suggested before the next fall,today we may go down towards 1.3180/100, another 4 hour close below 1.3120 is going to take us towards…


Added by Haitham653 on February 22, 2012 at 8:16am — 11 Comments

How Many Patterns Do You See Here? A Forex Trading Quiz - Chris Capre

I have been working really hard lately on my upcoming book 'Trading Price Action' which I am seriously looking forward to finish and deliver to the world at large.  Currently I am dissecting a chapter on pattern recognition and came across this interesting chart.  In trading, we often look for fixed patterns we are trained to see, such as;…


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EU n DX - DX to shed some light

EURO looks to be heading to minimum to around 3210 and if can start basing within 3180-83 have potential to try out 3245-53 for today..

However my concern is the DX.. It is rt at resis intially and if breaks higher has quite a room to run.........

DX 2 hrs kinda prefers it to fall south side.. DX 4 hrs wants it to creep higher..

ASIA would be interested unless we see some big news event to clear the fog out........



Added by Tahir Khan on February 19, 2012 at 10:32pm — 117 Comments

EURUSD Daily Outlook 20 FEB 2012

EURUSD Daily Outlook 20 FEB 2012

Hello everyone,

According to RSI on daily chart, the pair is in downtrend, but an upward move is suggested before possible topping?!!

Anyway, we have 2 important pivots that need to be watched: 1.2930 & 1.3235 on…


Added by Haitham653 on February 19, 2012 at 10:26pm — 7 Comments

Oil– Weekly Outlook February 20-24

Oil continued its rally and increased during the week.  The premium of Brent is still around the $18 mark, as the tensions between Iran and Europe remains high. The recent news from this front is that Iran will stop selling oil to British and French companies. Will oil continue its rally during the upcoming week? Let's examine the oil market the main financial reports, which will come out next…


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FXstreet.com Forex Best Awards 2012 FULL Nominees List Released

Congratulations to all nominees for the great job done in 2011.

Well done guys!


FXstreet.com's Forex Best Awards…


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EUR/USD Capped Under Higher Resistance as Greek Deal Awaited

Euro dollar is capped under higher resistance as the market awaits Monday – the day that the Greek deal is expected to kick start. The euro was cheered up by the preparations made by the ECB towards a bond swap in Greece. While its participation isn’t clear, it took steps to avoid being included in the PSI. US figures continue pointing to the upside, especially regarding employment.…


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EURUSD & Silver Outlook 17 FEB 2012

EURUSD Daily Outlook 17 Feb 2012

Hello everyone

As shown on the daily chart above , the pair was unable to close below 1.3044, on the contrary, it moved up and closed above EMA 50 1.3100, today we need to watch the daily close , If we have a close…


Added by Haitham653 on February 17, 2012 at 8:47am — 12 Comments

EurUsd, GbpUsd, NzdUsd: update on today's analysis and what is comming next

All three analysis ware almost 100% accurate. Well some of you will say, yes you put some arrows up and down and it will definitely go one way or another. Well yes this is true, but in Forex you always have the IF and a THEN ...


went from monthly…


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Gold & Silver - Daily Outlook February 16

Gold and silver continue to shift from gains to losses on daily basis. Yesterday precious metals ended slightly above Tuesday's price levels. Today, there are many reports to be published including: U.S. Housing Starts, U.S. jobless claims, U.S. Producer Price Index and Philly Fed Manufacturing Index.        

See here for the rest of the gold and silver daily…


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Ode to The 4hr Charts...

I want to share with you some results and tell me if you think these would be considered professional grade, or highly impressive to say the least;

110% gain for 2011

124 Trades, 74 winners, 50 Losses

59.67% Accuracy Rate

Largest Win: $14,360

Largest Loss: $8,180

Max Win = 43% larger than Max Loss

Max Consec. Wins: 16



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Currently we are @ 0.9226 after breaking the trend wall.  Should see a stall or small pullback before resumption to the 1.270 Fibo @ 0.9244 then the 1.618 Fibo @ 0.9283.  Overall target is the resistance @ 0.9305.  …


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EUR/USD Rising in Downtrend Channel on Milder Recession

Euro dollar is trading in a downtrend channel as the pressure on Greece continues. A video conference replaces today’s planned Eurogroup meeting, and the second bailout is expected to be approved only on Monday. Initial GDP figures for the euro-zone came out better than expected and helped the pair stabilize. Today we’ll get to see the tendency towards QE3 in the…


Added by Yohay Elam on February 15, 2012 at 10:08am — No Comments


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