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New York Session Review | Leap Day 2012

The European Central Bank (ECB) reported during today's London trading session that it will provide €529.5bn in 1,092-day loans to 800 banks. As I mentioned to the live class at FX Bootcamp moments after the so-called LTRO 2 announcement, the notable number here was not the 529, it was the 800. The LTRO 2 participation rate was 53 percent higher than the 523 banks who tapped LTRO 1 in December. That suggests lower…


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Here Come The Pull Backs!

Hi Folks

Finally looking like some decent pullbacks are underway. Going to be sticking with my USD bearish sentiment, therefore continue to build plans to long the Euro, Pound Aussie, short Swissy etc. 

There is some Aussie and Chinese new to digest also. Looking forward to a great session.…


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$GBPJPY – Trade Recap

Those in the live NY  training room got this trade setup today +80 pips 

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Currently we are @ 1.5938 after breaking the top @ 1.5938.   Expect a move to the resistance @ 1.6004 and then a break to the 1.618 fib Extension @ 1.6073. A break down here targets the return to the R6 support @ 1.5847.  We remain bullish on the cross.…


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FXstreet Economic Calendar Pro and 24/5 Forex News Feed Integrated Into New MahiFX.com Platform

MahiFX, the new retail foreign platform based in New Zealand which promises to deliver the speed, competitive rates and reliability normally reserved for institutional users, has just incorporated the Economic Calendar Pro and the 24/5 Forex News Feed powered by FXstreet.com into their platform.

Thanks for the trust guys!



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Gold & Silver - Daily Outlook February 29

Gold and silver changed direction and rose yesterday: silver, even more than gold, sharply increased by 4.5% and thus it completed an 8.4% rally in the past five business days. Will this silver rally continue? ECB will announce today the second LTRO, this might affect the precious metals via the Forex. Today there are several reports and news items worth mentioning including: the KOF Economic Barometer report, the Euro Area Annual Inflation, the Second U.S GDP 4Q 2011 Estimate the China…


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EURUSD 29 Feb 2012

Euro move above 1.3400 seem to be early sign for 1.3620 (weekly resistance) test. In H4 chart we may test 1,3430/1.3400 support before breaking higher, In down side break of 1.3400 and later 1.3350 is needed for 1,3250 support test ( daily support ). Be cautious  about buying Euro in high levels cause of  sharp sell off.

Good luck

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Big Day: All Eyes on LTRO, and also Bernanke

Euro dollar is on high ground on this highly important day on a special date. The second LTRO of the ECB is in the limelight: European banks will get more cash, and there’s a lot of uncertainty about the size and market reaction. “Selling the fact” seems the best option. Will Greece be let go after banks are better equipped? Later, revised US GDP and more importantly, a testimony by…


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EURUSD & Silver Outlook 29 FEB 2012

EURUSD Daily Outlook 29 Feb 2012

The EURO continued its bullish move yesterday ,bottomed at 1.3365 broke above 1.3465 after testing 1.3390 couple of times as expected before..

According to daily, yesterday we had a clear break above 1.3377 ( high & low) which I assumed a strong bullish signal to attack 1.3640…


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EurO & GoLD to TesT NeW HigHs - Feb 29

LTRO announcement will be the big even of the day and there are lot of guess work, talk and analysis about the number and possible impact on the market. The December LTRO tranche did work well in the sense that it gave some sort of stability to European banking system that helped in stabilizing the bond market to a certain extent, though Portugal and Greece CDS are still record high.   

There is lot of pressure from G-30 to put extra funds in IMF kitty and…


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News Preview: ECB LTRO 2

Tomorrow is a leap day which brings what is arguably the feature news event of the week. At around 1015 GMT, the European Central Bank (ECB) is expected to publish the results of its second long-term refinancing operation (LTRO).

According to a Reuters poll of 30 euro money market traders conducted on Monday, the consensus expectation is an allotment of €500 billion, with forecasts ranging from €200bn to €750bn.

On December 21, in its inaugural 3-year LTRO, the ECB allotted to…


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New York Session Review | February 28, 2012

The euro remained range-bound against the dollar through the early part of today's New York morning session. The Irish prime minister announced that the Emerald Isle will hold a referendum on the European Union fiscal compact, and the media reported that hedge fund manager John Paulson foresees a possible euro breakup. Both reports stirred the EUR/USD currency pair, which fell more than 40 pips after the US equity market open, then recouped its losses during an 80-pip rally.



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A different view on Debt. !

Two interesting links showing US and EU debt in a different, but clear,  way.

What a big amount.





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Currently we are @ 0.9964 after the breakdown and then bounce on the S5 @ 0.9942.   Expect a return to the S5 and then a break down to the  0.9900. A break down here targets the support @ 0.9884.  We remain bearish on the cross.

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Gold & Silver - Daily Outlook February 28

Gold and silver slightly fell on Friday after they have risen very precipitately during most of the week. There are several updates regarding the Greek debt crisis including the German vote, ECB lending policy and more. Bloomberg reports gold holdings in Exchange Traded Products increased for the fifth consecutive day to a record high. Today, the U.S Core…


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EUR/USD Stable on High Ground After S&P Selective Default Call

Euro dollar remains on high ground and is trading in a narrower range. S&P downgraded Greece to “Selective Default” and hinted that if the bond swap won’t go as planned, an outright default is on the cards. Tension is mounting towards the ECB’s LTRO. Today we have quite a few US figures.

Here’s an update on technicals, fundamentals and what’s going on in the…


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Gold and Silver Outlook for March 2012

Following the sharp gains for gold and silver during January when gold price rose by 11% and silver by 19.15%, the situation in February was much different. Gold increased by only 2.07% from the end of January; silver has added 6.49% to its value. What were the events and decisions that may have affected the direction of gold and silver during February? Part of it might have to do with the recent decision of the…


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EurO & GoLD – CaT & MouSe GamE to ContinuE

Market has been waiting for two major developments, G-20 meeting in Mexico and German parliament decision on the Greek bailout issue. Whatever may be the outcome, but one thing is for sure that the Germans will have to continue to play lead role in this whole episode. This is what my conclusion is about the G-20 meeting.  

They are well aware of the urgency and seemed willing to help Europe. Interestingly, the condition set by G-20 to support and add more IMF…


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The daily trend is still up and i got another signal to enter long on the retracement of the 1 hr. 

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