User Guidelines



1) Please be polite, respectful, and professional. Inappropriate conduct or harassment towards chat participants will not be tolerated.


2) No Vulgar language. Vulgar or abusive language, masked with symbols, characters or variations of slang or cursing will not be tolerated.


3) No racist remark, sexually oriented remark, or religious persecution will be tolerated.


4) Actions that seem specifically designed to test the limits of what is not offensive and to serve no other purpose will not be tolerated.


5) Any other action that shall, at the sole discretion of ForexStreet administrators, be deemed offensive will not be tolerated.


6) Spamming, self-promoting and URL pasting is not allowed without the Chat Room Moderator's permission. Public e-mail listing is not allowed, nor publicizing other users' addresses, phone numbers or any contact information.


7) Trading-related topics are favored in the room. Other topics when markets are thin can be discussed, but lack of interest in talking about trading won't be welcome.


8) Remember that the chat room is free, therefore lets help the growing number of happy people using it.


9) We are responsible for this room as a community, it is up to us to make it a place where folks want to be. If you find something being said offensive, please copy the text from the room or even better a pic of the chat with the Print Screen button on your keyboard and send it to fxretracer , via the Inbox feature in this forum so it can be reviewed and we are made aware of whats going on. If warranted and we can determine for sure who was the offender, action will be taken. We all know Mods/Admins have a life like everyone, and cant always respond right away. Thats why the community as a whole has to be active and be sure to communicate with the moderators via the email Inbox available to everyone as Members of To email a moderator just click on their name and go to their profile page and click "send a message" on the left side of the page of their profile. You have to be friends with a moderator to send messages to them, so if your not already a friend then send a request.


10) Anyone violating the conduct rules above will be warned and/or suspended from ForexStreet at the sole discretion of the administrators.


Enjoy and participate as much as you can.


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