Hi everybody. I sent an email to the liquidators late last year and they just referred me back to the website: www.crownforex.info saying any new information would be updated there.
What can I do? I have more than $10,000 USD with Crown Forex.
Any useful suggestions?

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we are just in same "waiting" boat unfortunately...
I have the same problem, they didn't answer to any mail and they haven't publish any information since May last year. This is a shame.
as far as I know, there is nothing else to do but wait for news from liquidators

Well, I'm wondering....have you sought any legal assistance? What has your lawyer advised? This particular liquidation is a bit popular because it's been in the news (Reuters did cover it at one point) but the question is "Will this process be wrapped up soon enough before it's swept under the carpet and forgotten?" because I have heard of bad liquidation cases in which the liquidators kept all the clients' money for themselves after claiming that there were no funds left after settling the bankrupt company's debts which is something that must be done before we, the affected clients, are refunded our own money.

I just can speak for myself... we decided not to go for hiring a lawyers to represent us after speaking to some people that discouraged us from getting any success. Maybe the advise we got was wrong, but it came from trusted sources so we decided to let the liquidators do their job.

If things do not change, we clearly made a mistake



Those liquidators are officially appointed by the authorities to do their job, so they must do it according to the law. One day this painful process will come to an end, but indeed, we should live long enough to see the end of this story.



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