First time you attend a webinar at FXStreet?

Here are the steps you have to follow:

- How to register for a Webinar

1. If you don't have a FXStreet Account: SIGN UP (this is free and fast) - If you already have one, go to step 2.

- Go to the Sign Up page
- Fill the form (take note of your username and password for your next visit)
- You will receive an email to activate your account. Check your mailbox
and click on the link we provide. You now have an account at

- Go to the Log In page
Note: If you forgot your username and/or password, click on "Forgot your password". You will receive them by email.

- Go to the Webinars homepage or the Schedule
- Click on the link of the webinar you'd like to attend.
- Click on "Register for this Webinar"
- A confirmation page will then open with that message: "Thanks! You are now registered for this Webinar"

-You will receive a confirmation of your registration in your email box.

- Why to register for a webinar

Register for a webinar is not compulsory. You can attend a webinar once it has been activated on our page, even if you didn't register for it before.
The register implies an email reminder you will receive 15 minutes before the webinar starts.

If for any reason you don't receive this email reminder
, you still can attend the webinar. Just enter the Webinars homepage from 15 minutes before the start and click on the webinars's title then on "Join the Webinar".

- How to join a webinar
Note: you can only enter a session while it is in progress meaning you see a green dot besides the webinar's title (a webinar room is open 15 minutes before its start).


15 minutes before the webinar starts and if you registered for the webinar before (see above), you will receive an email reminder. Just follow the link!

If for any reason you don't receive this email reminder, you still can attend the webinar:

1. Log In (or create an account if you still don't have one: Sign up)
2. Go to the Webinars homepage
3. Click on the webinar in progress (that is the webinar under "Upcoming Session", with a green dot next to it).
5. Click on "Join the Webinar".
6. The Webex room will open automatically.

- Change Timezone

You can see all our webinars in your local time!

1. Log In (or create an account if you still don't have one: Sign up)
2. Go to your Account settings
3. In the “Timezone” scroll, choose your timezone and then click on Update.

- Follow your Favorite Speakers' webinars

You can follow your favorite speakers!

If you want to receive an email reminder a few minutes before all the webinars of a particular speaker, just click on “Follow” on his/her author's page:

1. On the speaker's page, you will see a green button that says “Follow me”.

2. Click once to Follow that speaker. You can click again to “Unfollow”- You must be logged into be able to use this option

3. You can manage the speakers you follow in your Account settings, under the “Following” tab:

- Change your name in Webex

The name that appears on Webex is taken from your FXStreet account.

If you want to change it you have to go to your Account settings, and under the "Personal" tab, change your REAL NAME as it's the name that will appear once you are logged in a webinar on Webex.

- Webinars Archives

Did you miss a session? Do you want to watch again a webinar you liked? Go to the Archives section.
We record some of the webinars held at FXStreet (around 10 per week). You can watch these videos online for free! In the same section, you can also access the full transcripts of the chat sessions we hosted until 2007 (only text, no video).


FXStreet organizes between 45 and 50 Premium webinars per month. Ed Ponsi presents daily webinars at the US Open, and they are all Premium webinars. You have to subscribefor Premium to be able to attend them.

Since December 2011, we are RECORDINGall the Premium webinars.

You can choose between 3 options:

  • Subscribe to our live webinars only, this is PREMIUM WEBINARS

  • Subscribe to the recordings only, this is PREMIUM ARCHIVES

  • Enjoy both, at an interesting price. This is the PREMIUM PACKAGE

More information


Please feel free to contact us and send any suggestions, questions or doubts you may have.

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