Please can somebody help me to understand how a 5% daily profit target by compounding

can increase ones equity reasonably.

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I am glad reading your piece. It is very amazing to hear someone talk to you with experience. You gave advice and encouragement. Your solution is one best bet one can USE and grow his capital. THANK YOU

Hello Joe,

I believe promoting services is against terms & conditions of forexstreet. But I agree that seeing how trades are made by experienced trader helps, and It also shatters some unrealistic expectations. Also having mentor would speed up whole learning process as when reading it's hard to grasp.

Your idea seems good good on demo. If in a real trade the market hits your wider stop 3 times it will certainly be suicidal.

Thanks for your response

This is where it comes money management in, I never put more than 5 percent of my capital to loose. Also don't see big difference between demo and real as I always setting goals and trade to the plan even when I see it goes bust, to make myself more disciplined, also feel fights going in my head, which are throwing me out of balance, but I'm getting better to resist jumping out early, or trading out of anger. I have also had some experience with stocks and real money so I know the difference between demo money and real money and feeling towards it.


Also with such a risk which you are facing while trading forex the returns should be higher, as heard some traders are happy with 10% yearly returns, but such return you can get in less risky enviroment.

Thank you for being personal and practical. In forex the opportunity to stay in the Market abounds, only psychological battle at times tends to throw us off. Your pointing out to Joe about promoting services in forexstreet being against the terms and conditions is true. But I suppose he is trying to help out through such means,not necessarily promoting any item.

Thank you so much for your good ideas which I am applying into my trade.

Great discussion my eyes on it...


This is a good site..where you can use their compound calculator for your profits.

Beside this moneymanagement. I would like to know about the trading system, which gonna provide 5% daily.:)

It is really a good site but I could not figure out what they specialize on.Anyhow I will take time to study them more,

The trading strategy is open. It is based on your own personalized strategy. Every strategy gives profit as long as the individual trader knows his system very well.



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