Where I can find a trader to manage my account?
tried my account many times but I've only lost money, anyone knows a good trader who manege my account please?

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Try this web site very useful.. http://www.triplethreattrading.com/


Spiro, he wants to know more about forex and i'm giving him some sites... if you have some site share it please and instead of keeping being this way, that does not  make u a professional trader or a good friend..  or why u dont share something to him as well...  just trying to help. if u think what im doing is wrong tell me, let me know.. thks!


Just want to chime in here...BarclayHedge is not a legitimate source.  Why?  Because they do not even verify the traders results.  They just ask them what they did, and then they report what they are given.

Hardly a well verified system.

And if someone is looking for a good trader to manage your account, unless you have a lot of money, its unlikely you'll find them.  Most good traders at this point with long established and audited track records are trading larger sums of money and rarely work with small accounts (not worth it to them).

Also, currensee takes a portion of your spread which means they are taking alpha off your equity curve.  It is a cheaper option, but this should be kept in mind as its in the contract they will be your IB and will make money off the spread which they add on to the one you are already getting.  This is on top of the fee you pay to the trader.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards
Chris Capre
Twitter; 2ndSkiesForex 

Hello Spiro,

Perhaps this is a language translation thing, but are you saying that your level of acceptable due diligence is that 'Incorrect information (by BarclaysHedge) will cause a bad reputation' and 'therefore, they must be getting accurate information because they don't want a bad reputation for it will affect their business'

Is this what you are saying?  

If so, I think its a pretty weak standard for due diligence.  Nobody investing any decent amount of money is going to say 'well, Barclays Hedge has been tracking their results, and since they don't want a bad reputation for putting out bad information, BarclaysHedge must be giving good info'

Anyone investing any serious amount of money will not rely upon this as their due diligence.  Barclays does no fact checking or criteria checking for the funds, whether they have an audited track record, whether they have registered CTA's, nothing. They simply ask the funds what they did and then report that.

Pretty weak if you ask me.  

In regards to Currensee, the last time I saw the signup contract for them a year ago, they have it that they will become your IB.  They actually have you fill out a form which you have to send to the broker that they will become your IB - which means they are taking IB fees for your trading, on top of success fee and the annual fee.

So its not in any link but in the contract signup itself.  Its possible they changed this over the last year, but if not, then they are taking IB fees.

Kind Regards,

also he asked  he wants to know more about forex and yes,, ur right  also he asked for a trader... well spiro, with al the respect  and please dont be rude to me... just stay away from me.... ok  and thanks for helping. if he does  not like my sites well he can tell me.. last comment.


check all the  questions  he asked please.. i'm doing the fx learning,, and you the trader broker.. thats good....  lord!!! ur like my son... cheers..

Hi Simon,


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not to be coy but if your willing to turn your money over to a supposed "professional" and cough** "PRAY" he does a good job with your hard earned money when you don't know what to do and thus will have a hard time seeing if he is doing a good job or leading you along, better to find another game to play, one that you like and/or better at such as stocks, options, real estate, business etc.... many to choose from

yes, and you don't see many profitable metal bands playing country music

dear friend as u write u lost ur money in forex market but i will tell u one thing deposit 1000usd in ur account and open one deal 25000 EUR/USD BUY POSITION ......AND RELAX....my view eur/usd low 3150 go 2 monday.....than pull back 3800....



Out of curiosity, what percentage return are you looking for and what is the amount you have invested.



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