How can i get US dollar index chart and Japanes index/ future chart for MT 4 ?

I am actually looking for a complete chart for the US dollar index and the Japanes index / future on mt4, which is realtime and can have loaded other indicators like moving averages, trend lines, possibly other sorts of indicators loaded. It is quiet discomfort to go to the websites who offer US DXY as chart, and do not provide that flexibility of loading the indicators which is what MT4 is superior at.

Does anyone know how I can get those charts on my mt4 trading platform, need not be tradeable but good for tracking the charts ??

With the older Version of the Meta Trader you could add the US dollar index on your MT4 Trader in the following way: " go to your mt4 option, server. then delete current server name and replace with then close mt4, and restart, open new account. now add new chart, you will forex2 was created and will find usdx".

But with the Meta Trader 4 it seems that it is no more possible. Thats why I was asking may be some one has another trick to add usdx on MT4.


Thanks for your help already in advance.


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