Let's share the best mobile apps we're using in this thread. It doesn't matter on operating system (android, iOS, Windows mobile, ...), just write good tips on good softs, paid or free, doesn't matter.

Ok, i started this thread, so I'll write my experiences first. I'm interested in EUR & USD market, and I'm not working with forex markets on fulltime - so I can't sit near pc whole time. So I really needed a (android) software, that would just list all forex items on my phone and I would set an alarm on items, which I'm interested in. It should also shows actual values. That's all, nothing special. So I found these 2 great softwares for android on google play store:

1. Forex Calendar Notifier

Use: Simple notifier, shows actual values (only in PRO), can filter news depending on currency, impact, etc, can set reminders.
Advantages: very user friendly, simple and very usefull. also good looking (its screen widget), great support fromd eveloper
Disadvantages: it's not trading tool, but maybe I wanna too much :D

2. Trade Interceptor Forex Mobile
Use: trading tool, shows charts from top forex brokers, etc
Advantages: very robust, good developed
Disadvantages: eats lot of data (if u have data limit u wont be happy), need registration

So I'm using these 2 softs on my mobile. What about u?

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Hi Lisa,

May I ask which smart phone your image is from?

The reason I ask is that I am looking to update my smart phone which is currently on windows 6.5 which is able to use the excellent MT4 Mobile program. Windows 7 android and IOS 6 for I phone 5 do not run this MT4 mobile prog. Android and IOS 6  have an app for MT4 which you are using the android one as stated. I know on the Ipad 2 / I Phone 5 the only chart background colour you can have is black !  I prefer a white background to view my charts. Is your smart phone the Samsung S3? Does it when using the android MT4 app have a default white chart background or have you a script or similar that allows you to change the chart background colour ?

I am amazed that Metaquotes /Apple, Microsoft and Google Android have lowered the quality from the Smart phone MT4 mobile program to the lower quality of apps available now on the world s best selling smart phones / tablets ! Seems like they are missing a massive market !

Kind Regards,


fxcm mobile


         I use MetaTrader 4 for Windows mobile. I'm running on Windows mobile 6.5 on Samsung Omnia II device. I am really satisfied with this software. This software is downloadable on mt4 sites (but I'm not sure if it is free). Anyway I download it from Alpari.co.uk which support this soft.. I'm looking forward to see more mobile platforms from others OSs. Below are some pics which I took.



I use MT4 (Fxpro) mobile to trade and Trade interceptor to analyze the charts.

I first look at trading from my mobile phone in 2008 - but at that time I was concerned about the quality on offer. I therefore stayed with a laptop and then tablet with  a 3G dongle for net access..

I now suddenly realise that I have fallen behind on the tech front and therefore should be looking at changing my blackberry and getting a more advanced smart phone to try my brokers latest phone app. Because I am 80% short term I watch every trade but there are many scalps that I leave with part stake on hoping for a swing over another hr or two and then leave it with just a stop in with 5 pips of profit  thinking while I am out for lunch or in town it might run. Its then frustrating to come back and see you have been up say 36 pips and 10 mins before you are back at your desk - you are stopped out with just the 5 pips.

This technical discussion as been useful  - so time to go and do more research and then  some shopping ;-))

Hi Guys,

I am using Trade interceptor and MT4 for android. However, most of all I like "MT4 remote". It is a very useful tool which connects to your desktop (you should have your pc running) and you can monitor your charts exactly the same. Also, you can open and close trades but I use it mainly for watching the market while away from the desktop and have open trades. Basically it is free but better donate for the good job of the developer.

Hope this helps:)



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