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I suggest you do not trade like a scalper if you want to make money in forex market

yeah but i should put more money on the account or play with micro lottos...ty mr. ghisea...appreciated

I opened sell EUR/USD order 2 at 1.3320

great! let it fall like a rock!

I opened again sell GBP/JPY order 2, this time at 127.13

lets hope we don't have to go to order 6 this time..

I opened sell EUR/USD order 3 at 1.3410

I opened sell GBP/JPY order 4 at 127.98

i think you mean order 3, marius. or maybe you opened one without posting it?

First order is open from 17 February..find here :) 

i know marius, but you opened then second, closed it for 50 pips, opened order 2 again around 127.13 and now third order open @127.98, not order 4 as you wrote it. 

Yes..and what not understud?..are fourth orders



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