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hi mr ghisea, do you think gbp/jpy could reverse?....12 green candle in the 4H chart...quite strong trend. target best regard


 Mhiro any order open or closed will see here.. Dont worry about that.Just look :) Goodluck

:))))) I need it.. good luck to you

RSI (7)  92 needs to go down

I opened sell GBP/JPY order 2 at 126.30

Here is my take on Geppy.. Firstly it was  great buy on that earlier breakout and it seems so far to be a free ride. Currently at supp, but chances it bounces off hitting tgts to 127.50-60....

anyways.......... this is a 8 hrs chart and see how it goes from here...

Thanks Marius for adding me as a friend. I am new here and I am excited about following this site and learning my way through following what the other experienced traders are doing. I hope one day I can post my trading ideas too :)

Good luck with your trading.

I opened sell EUR/USD order at 1.3239

I closed sell GBP/JPY order 2 at 125.80 from 126.30...+50 pips

do you think is going up GBP/JPY in the next few days?

Yes, but i will sell again until all my orders closed with profits..i will sell any rise..

In finnally will drop at 123 next week or next month

today I was looking for 1.2535 and maybe to reenter at my price but...grrr...

I dont know how to trade with 10 thousand I'm afraid open another,I had a scalp sell at 1.2650 but i was afraid to leave it opened...1 lotto is already too much with this account but micro lotto..pfff...could you give me a suggestion?



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