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I closed sell again GBP/JPY order 3 with TP limit yesterday at 127.20 from 128.47...+127 pips

nice 1 marius!

I opened again sell GBP/JPY order 3, this time at 128.46

GBP/JPY: What's ur target plz?

I not public my TP but will see when i closed position

I opened sell GBP/USD order at 1.5934

I opened again sell GBP/JPY order 4, this time at 130.08

I opened sell GBP/USD order 2 at 1.6018

R u still holding ur 4 sell orders on GBP/JPY? Cheers.

Yes..Still open order 4

I opened again sell GBP/JPY order 5, this time at 130.83

Your conviction on Shorting GBP/JPY is fascinating!!! You must be seeing something that others can't! Textbook: Never add to your losses. But it would be interesting to see the outcome of your 5 Sell GBP/JPY!!!!



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