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great Marius ! happy easter!

Hello Marius,I am new to this forum and began to monitor you trades from this page about a week ago and I must say I am really impressed with what I have seen so far. Please accept my compliments. I doff my hat. Please keep it up!

Thank you very much!

I closed sell GBP/JPY order 4 at 128.63 from 129.33.....+70 pips

‎2225 pips won in 90 last days only with sell EUR/USD, sell GBP/JPY trades and counting go on.:) !

perfect marius, and i think it aint over yet!!


I closed sell GBP/JPY order 3 at 127.95 from 128.70.....+75 pips

I opened again sell GBP/JPY order 3, this time at 128.47

I opened sell GBP/USD at 1.5894

I closed sell GBP/USD order at 1.5830 from 1.5894...+64 pips

great marius, i was with you on that one, entered .5914 closed .5825 thanks for sharing your trades with us! 

gbpjpy is heading south too, so i will expect soon a reply that you closed order 3 again! pips keep on coming for you marius, you deserve it!



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