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great trade

I closed sell EUR/USD sell order 3 at 1.3261 from  1.3339...+78 pips

I opened again sell EUR/USD order 3, this time at 1.3360

i also opened a sell order at 1.3372,what should be the take profit?

great trades Marius.Many here post dual trades both long and short.if it goes up they say that they already said if it goes down they say that they already said.but your trades are really good


If you want to be a succesful trader, need to have patience and control better risk

I openeed again sell GBP/JPY order 6 , this time at 131.24

Whats your TP for EURUSD Sell @ 1.336

I not public my TP but i will put when i closed position

I opened again sell GBP/JPY order 7, this time at 132.94

it will be a 100+ trade i think! good one!

Hi Marius


How are you ?

I have noticed that you have been extremely short the GBP JPY...but it has been trading higher.

I have a question for you which I hope you can share your opinion.

If you are bearish the GBP JPY, you are bearish the USD JPY component or the GBP USD component ?




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