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I closed buy EUR/USD order 1 at 1.2638 from 1.2578...+60 pips
remain open order 2 from 1.2613

so Marius Ghisea your way of prediction and trade is good. so do you think it will go to 1.2670. and is it true that Monday will be the difficult day for euro 1.2660 or 1.2651 in enough high now it will go to near 1.250 or 70.

Ossbwy, My opinion, Euro will rise above 1.28 soon

You got ballz man holding over the greekend lol that romanian gypsy fortune teller you keep in your closet must really be fantastic! lol 

Marius, what i respect about you is that u have the 'cool' to wait things out !

this says a lot about yo personality. sorted !! on many important levels !!!

really impressive...i salute you


I will watch and see I have never met a martingale strategy I did not like or one that did not get hit by a black swan at some point ;) But who knows maybe your inside info gives you the ultimate edge, you are going to tell me you never lose a trade? I will just call you Marius-aDamUS :P 

I closed EUR/USD order 2 at 1.2713 from 1.2613.....+100 pips
All EUR/USD are closed with big profit.
EUR/USD order 1 is closed by Friday

great again Marius! thanks for your posts, they are a good guidance.


Well Done Marius - I could see you had left your trades on for  higher . I bought at 2702 but only for a scalp - even though 2800 would not surprise me in next couple of hrs - I plan to stay safe ;-)

Have a good week 



I opened sell EUR/USD order at 1.2608

Marius weher is your TP

Thank you



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