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Thanks Lisa

i'm going to call you supermarius! it is super trading indeed, sometimes heavy exposure, but always closing with profits, you do a really good job here marius, and a million thanks for sharing your trades with us!

Thank you Kobe

indeed Marius u r really one of a kind trader no one never loses but it seems you can do it !!

Marius can I know ur opinion on Gold now did we see the bottom in hopes of QE3 or the downtrend isn not finished yet?


I dont think in QE3 for now..maybe next year and Gold i think will fall bellow 1500

Thanks a lot for your feedback

I opened sell again GBP/JPY order 2 , this time at 126.07

wats ur target on this order, Marius?

I closed again sell GBP/JPY order 2 at 125.37 from 126.07....+70 pips

I closed sell first order GBP/JPY at 124.53 from 124.93...+40 pips..( all GBPJPY orders are closed with more than 2000 pips in last 90 days)

Superb Marius, you did a great job!!!

You deserve it and many thanks for posting your trades.

Thanks Kobe..I just show how make alot money with small risk 



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