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I opened again sell GBP/USD order 3, this time at 1.6098

I closed again sell GBP/USD order 3 at 1.6024 from 1.6098...+74 pips

very good again marius, i just closed my short as well from 1.6180 @1.6010. a nice 170 pips in the bag!  see you at my next take profit at 1.5850?


I closed sell GBP/USD order 2 at 1.5898 from 1.6018....+120 pips

I closed again sell GBP/JPY order 3 at 127.85 from 128.45...+60 pips

great again marius, patience pays of now! 

even i also had gbp/usd sell @ 1.6145 but i closed with loss , you have really good patience Marius.

Just discpline..Only disciplinate traders survives in forex market 

I closed first sell GBP/USD order at 1.5859 from 1.5934...+75 pips ( all short GBP/USD order closed with nicely profit)

nice Marius good trade good discipline good patience you have ;)

I closed sell GBP/JPY order 2 at 126.33 from 127.13...+80 pips



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