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I closed again sell GBP/JPY order 7 at 130.66 from 131.40...+74 pips

I closed sell again GBP/JPY order 6 at 130.44 from 131.24...+80 pips

I opened again sell GBP/JPY order 6, this time at 131.13

I closed sell EUR/USD order at 1.3091 from 1.3161...+71 pips ( all EUR/USD positions closed with nicely profit)

you are the best!

Thank you Sabbir

I closed sell again GBP/JPY order 6 at 130.25 from 131.13...+88 pips

yes he is the best of all 

i second that!

bravo Marius! 5 more to go.

Kobe, I dont want to close soon all orders..I want to win more with every retracement.

I closed sell GBP/JPY order 5 at 129.00 from 130.04...+104 pips



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