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I closed sell GBP/JPY order 6 at 130.52 from 131,17..+65 pips

I open again sell GBP/JPY order 6 this time at 131.20

I open again sell EUR/USD order 2 this time at 1.3265

I closed sell again GBP/JPY order 6 at 130.50 from 131.20.....+70 pips

was short like you but closed for +50 pips

Very good..Congratulation..Important is profit, not numbers of pips

I opened sell EUR/USD order 3 at 1.3339

I opened again sell GBP/JPY order 6 this time at 132.22

ok, let it fall like e rock so the countdown can begin!

Marius, I have been following your tradings since you added me. You also informed me that you provide signal service. I wonder about the service you provide. could you please inform me, for example, how do you send the signal? when? do you also send reasons for opening or closing a trade? do you provide St and TP..etc.Finally , how much it cost per month? do you provide other services, like education material?

Thank you


Only private tell about advices, signal in financial market

I closed again sell GBP/JPY order 6 at 131.30 from 132.22....+92 pips



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